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In recent years there has been talk amongst those in the NHL about placing advertisements directly onto teams’ jerseys, as seen in soccer and the WNBA. A small ad, either at the top corner of the jersey or the bottom of the jersey (either on the front or back), would be the best way to go about having ads on jerseys if the NHL decides to go that route. One thing that they absolutely should NOT do, is go full-soccer style and have a company logo sprawled across the jersey with the team logo in the top right corner.
Whether it’s the winged “P” of the Flyers, the winged wheel of the Red Wings, the “B” inside a wheel of the Bruins, the Maple Leaf, or any other jersey, it doesn’t matter. The tradition of teams coming out with their logo proudly displayed across their jersey is one that the NHL should leave alone.
In anticipation of the Cavaliers’ matchup with the sharp-shooting Golden State Warriors, I began to marvel about how efficiently Kyrie Irving shoots the basketball from three-point range.
Stephen Curry, meanwhile, comes to Cleveland ranked second behind only Kyle Korver at 45.2 percent. Turns out, Price appeared in 67 games as a rookie for the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 1986-87 season. In 18.2 minutes per game that year, Price converted 23 of 70 attempts from three-point range.
Price averaged 16 points in his second season and converted 72 of 148 three-point attempts in 80 games.
Through his first 85 games overall, however, Price made 36 of 90 three-pointers specifically. That includes the 23-70 as a rookie in addition to going 13-20 from three in his first 18 games of year two.
Following his second season, Price would go on to become one of the premier three-point shooters in NBA history. As a member of the Cavs, in particular, Price shot over 40 percent on the season five times. While it obviously remains to be seen if Irving will break out into the 45-percent plus territory from deep, or even maintain his current rate for the decade-long run that Price did, it's relatively interesting to know that Irving is on pace with the greatest three-point shooter in Cavaliers franchise history so far. ShareTweetThis Sunday, WWE will present Summerslam from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. When I did my five things to watch for at NXT Takeover and Summerslam one of the things I mentioned was we were getting new Tag Champions.
This match was made once Apollo Crews won a triple threat match on Smackdown Live with Kalisto and Baron Corbin.
One of the biggest parts of this match is you have three of the best mic talkers in Enzo, Chris Jericho, and Kevin Owens. This feud looked like it was going to happen when the WWE Draft happen, and both Sheamus and Cesaro were drafted to RAW and were both unhappy with the decision. After Dean Ambrose was able to retain the WWE Championship at Battleground, RAW was left without a title. Although the build for this card has been very weak, if you look at the matches alone this looks like it has the potential to be a great card. If you look at both incidents as separate wrestlers, I see Paige returning, and I see Alberto Del Rio finding work in other wrestling promotions. Once the Red Sox won the World Series, I don't think there was any surprise to anyone that David Ortiz was named the World Series MVP. For Tom Brady, this has to be a similar feeling to his wedding day or birth of his children or winning the Super Bowl 4 times or maybe all three combined! Louis Cardinals third baseman Zack Cox tosses a baseball while he practices taking grounders during spring training baseball Sunday, Feb.
While it’s not surprising at all that the NHL wants to increase revenue by having even more ads than they already do – on the ice and along the boards – there is a certain fine line as to how ads on jerseys would work in the NHL. The boards are lined with ads, there are ads on the ice, and even ads on parts of the glass in some arenas.

For example, when the Philadelphia Flyers go on the power play during home games, an announcement is made that they are going on the “PECO Power Play” (sponsored by PECO, a local energy company in the Philadelphia area). There are so many ads on those jerseys that it almost looks like someone wore it and had people throw ads at it non-stop for 5 minutes. Putting ads on jerseys will probably happen over time, but that does not mean that the NHL needs to sell out and ditch tradition in the name of making a few extra bucks. I am also a content strategist and social media manager with Electronic Merchant Systems in Cleveland.
On paper, this looks like one of the better wrestling cards in recent months and has the potential to be better than Wrestlemania 32.
This feud was being advertised as being a “Dream Feud” as you had the face of WWE go up against the face of TNA. While the New Day have had a great run with the tag belts from which they won at last years Summerslam, you need new people with the belts. Although it was unannounced where this feud will lead to, I see it that we will see either Sheamus or Cesaro on Smackdown Live.
For some reason, WWE decided to give us this match for free to close out RAW this past Monday and Reigns won.
What I find interesting about this match is Dolph Ziggler was on the Pre-Show for Money in the Bank, Payback, and Battleground. However, on the first RAW post-WWE draft, WWE decided to have them fight for the title and had Sasha Banks win the belt.
So Stephanie McMahon and RAW General Manager Mick Foley decided to create a title and created the WWE Universal Title. It seems that both Alberto Del Rio and Paige who are a couple in real life were both suspended today after they both violated the WWE’s Wellness Programs for the first time.
Since they are dating and made it clear that they hated being put on different brands, I am curious to see what happens with Paige. Our Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots will be recognized again as the world champions. He has bested competition at the AHL level and is more than deserving of an NHL role, at least in a backup capacity. And that’s not even taking into consideration the ads around other parts of the arena and ads on the arena itself for whoever owns the naming rights. Knowing the NHL, and their desire to bring in more money, having ads on the jerseys is all but inevitable. One thing the NHL has that the NBA, NFL, and MLB doesn’t necessarily have is the aura, legacy, and tradition of coming out to play with the team’s logo proudly displayed in the middle of the jersey. Since Smackdown Live does not currently have a Woman’s title, this makes sense for them to fight right now. Each wrestler has one win a piece as AJ Styles got the win at Money in the Bank and John Cena got the win at Battleground. I hope that when Anderson and Gallows win the belts, they end up moving on from the New Day. I will admit I am not the biggest Miz fan, but I feel he has done some of his best work with this current IC title run.
I see this happening because I could see Enzo and Big Cass getting a push and I don’t see Jericho and Owens being around that long. I see Rusev retaining the US title as he is continuing to return to his Monster Heel days before Wrestlemania 31. What has he done other than winning a match that would justify going from a preshow match to being one of the main events of the second biggest card in WWE? I, however, don’t see this being the end of the feud, if you look at the Woman wrestlers on RAW after Sasha Banks and Charlotte you have Nia Jax, Dana Brooke, Paige (Suspended), Alicia Fox, Lana and Summer Rae. Seth Rollins was put in the match right off the back, and Finn Balor needed to go through several wrestlers to get this opportunity.

Once she made her unannounced main roster debut on the night after Wrestlemania 30, she made history in becoming the youngest woman’s champion as she defeated AJ Lee. If reports are any indication of how this match will be going, I see the heels winning this match.
Normally, you would see John Cena get the win and take the feud however I don’t see that being the case.
When it is all set and done, the Club may have a great night with AJ, Anderson, Gallows, and Balor all winning on Sunday night.
To allow this feud to continue, I see Miz getting the win by cheating or something that will gain heat for him. If Anderson and Gallows win the belts against New Day, Enzo and Big Cass could be the Club’s first feud with the belts.
The only reason I could see Reigns winning this match and the title is that Rusev will be off of TV for a few weeks in September, they may want the belt on someone who will be on TV. He came back to WWE in October of 2015 to win the United States Championship from John Cena at Hell in the Cell and has not done anything memorable. Even though they have talented women between Raw and Smackdown, she could be on the woman with a major part in the Raw side. Our QB, Tom Brady, will be on the field at Gillette Stadium for the season opener of football.
Louis is up in the air considering Miller and Brian Elliott are in the final year of their current contract.
Many reports are indicating that there is a strong possibility Eva Marie will be getting the title. If Randy Orton does win, then I figure it makes him the #1 contender for the WWE Championship. He was put in the failed faction known as League of Nations with Sheamus, Rusev, and Wade Barrett. If you look at the top 3 women wrestlers right now on RAW, you have Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and then in a way distance third you can say, Nia Jax. However, I see her doing something that we don’t see actually get into the match and thus screwing Alexa Bliss and Natalya out of a win. If that is true, what is wrong with having AJ Styles getting a clean win over John Cena and taking this feud.
Although this match has two wrestlers who have been in the industry for a while and came into the business the same time, I can see a lot of great spots in this match. It’s been reported recently that Alberto Del Rio and Triple H are having issues backstage.
Her last match was on June 27th when she would tag with Sasha Banks against Charlotte and Dana Brooke. With the likelihood that Eva Marie won’t be in this match, I can see WWE doing a handicap match or have the Heels recruit a new member. It has gotten to the point that Triple H is telling Vince McMahon not to resign him once his contract is up in the Fall.
The only other Heel diva on Smackdown roster is Maryse, but she has not wrestled in many years. I can see them getting someone from NXT but they are limited right now in the woman wrestling.

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