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Early in the season, the Cardinals navigated around the loss of key players Chris Carpenter, Jason Motte, Rafael Furcal and Jaime Garcia due to season-ending injuries.
Holding off fierce competition from the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates, the Cardinals clinched the division crown as each team won at least 90 games. The 2006 World Series, the 102nd edition of Major League Baseball's championship series, began on October 21 and ended on October 27, and matched the American League champion Detroit Tigers against the National League champion St. It was only the fifth time in 40 years that the Series featured two teams that had both remained in the same city since the formation of the American League in 1901, the last time being the 2004 World Series between St. The Cardinals, who moved into Busch Stadium in April, became the fourth team to win the Series in their home stadium's debut season, joining the 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates (Forbes Field), 1912 Boston Red Sox (Fenway Park) and 1923 New York Yankees (Yankee Stadium (I)). Every city has its admirable, diehard fans, but baseball fandom really is a whole different animal in St. How Cardinals fans are regarded, though, has become one of the key battles of this postseason. Rany Jazayerli spoke for many on my Twitter feed, anyway, when he wrote this in Grantland: "Believe me, I get it. Not that this is a playoff thing; when I arrived back in August, the game was on in the shuttle, the driver living and dying with each pitch. When I went for a run in Citygarden, the number of people (not just kids) wearing Cardinals attire was overwhelming. I've been to Citi Field as a Mets fan, cringing enough times when David Wright or Jose Reyes or Carlos Beltran received this treatment from the home crowd, to know what it feels like from the inside.
So as a result, you feel the importance of playoff baseball at Busch Stadium, without the contrast between cheer and boo. Really, the problem here is that we've come to assume arrogance of fans goes hand-in-hand with team success. But if we're trying to actually determine whether there's any merit to the idea that Cardinals fans really do stand out, what is better than the huge sample size of an actual crowd at Busch Stadium? The Budweiser Clydesdales marched in lockstep around the warning track, prior to Game 1 of the NLCS.
There was a time in baseball history where Matt Moore was ranked above Bryce Harper and Mike Trout on prospect lists.
On Monday, Major League Baseball announced the game times for the 2013 Postseason though Friday, October 4, with coverage primarily by TBS with MLB Network. Yes, about a week before the end of regular season I was wishing Holliday would out-OPS the second baseman. The Pirates are good and have a lot of popular support in Pittsburg and elsewhere around the country.
PRIVACY POLICY Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Guidelines. This is the second-worst record ever for a league champion (the 1973 New York Mets finished 82–79) and the worst record ever for a World Series champion.
Louis, Game 3 of the World Series will begin with the essential definition of the Cardinals largely determined by public opinion.
On our site, Will Leitch has battled for them valiantly -- but Will is one of them, thus his arguments are rapidly dismissed by many, in the same way no anthropologist would be taken at face value about his own people. I've seen too many people, normally lucid, just declaring that they hate the Cardinals and their fans, and they can't even say why. To accept it, we really have to work hard to separate perception from reality, and I'm just not sure we can. Louis is a better overall fan experience personally, as some kind of referendum on their own fanaticism about their own team.

In 2009, the rental car saleswoman expressed disappointment I wouldn't get to see the Cardinals play, since they were out of town.
It happens through cheering only, a monochromatic sound that stands out more than it otherwise would, once you've gone to other venues.
They don't generally walk around -- again, in my experience -- putting down other fan bases.
And why on earth should the fact that the Cardinals are winning a lot change anything about how we regard this behavior by their fans?
And Thursday night, he reminded us that he still has it in him to be that pitcher when he pitched a near no-no. Hopefully you called his bluff, killed the man holding your friend hostage and walked away alive. Louis, Missouri, the 122nd season in the National League (NL), and the eighth at Busch Stadium III.
They opened the playoffs by defeating the Pirates in five games in the NL Division Series (NLDS).
Previously the 1987 Minnesota Twins finished 85–77 and defeated the Cardinals in the 1987 World Series.
They are a model organization which has produced, as measured by most metrics, oodles of talent. I'm as tired as anyone of their golly-gee-whiz-we-just-can't-help-being-great-fans shtick, and I'm as exasperated as anyone that their shtick actually works. If a fan maintains what we might call "the Cardinals fan ideal" for a team that makes fans really suffer, is that fan more impressive, individually, than the mass of fans who stick with the Cardinals through thick and slightly less thick?
Covering the NLCS, Dodger Stadium was picturesque and lovely, filled with thousands of Dodger partisans. We've met enough put-upon fans who finally win and unleash their anger on us -- or front-running fans who root to be part of the winning side -- to assign that behavior to Cardinals fans prematurely.
A sea of red-clad fans were standing at their seats, clapping in time to the music, giving extended standing ovations to, let's face it, some horsies. On Opening Day, April 1, the Cardinals played the 20,000th game in franchise history against the Arizona Diamondbacks, dating back to the start of their American Association (AA) play in 1882. In a May game against the Colorado Rockies, rookie starting pitcher Shelby Miller set an all-time franchise record for a nine-inning game score of 98. Advancing to their third straight National League Championship Series, they defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in six games for their 19th NL pennant. This was the third Series meeting between the Tigers and the Cardinals, the first in 38 years. Louis also won their 10th Fall Classic, the most of any National League franchise, and second to only the Yankees' 27 (then 26) titles, and their first since 1982.
Louis several times this year for Sports on Earth, and several times over the past few years as well. We're trying to get at two key ideas here, "different" and "more," and both in the aggregate. I mean, my shuttle driver from the airport, first thing, asked me if I had "Cardinals fever" last week. I loved seeing baseball matter to them, just as I did seeing it matter to the Cardinal faithful. A woman I met last weekend didn't tell her daughter to move her wedding to November because obviously, the Cardinals were going to win. Then again, I root for a team who had a fan arrested this week for threatening players and management of the team he roots for.

The "Best Fans" argument, it seems to me, boils down to this: Those who show up do so often, and they support their team unfailingly, while acting in a civil way toward opponents -- not universally, mind you, but to a greater extent than at other stadiums.
I'd like the Mets to beat them every time they play, but Cardinals fans will receive no hate from me -- not even if the Cardinals are in the playoffs for the next 1,000 years. Starter Adam Wainwright accumulated a franchise-record 34 2⁄3 innings (IP) before issuing his first walk on April 23 and earned NL Pitcher of the Month honors in June. Rookie Michael Wacha, who had nearly no-hit the Washington Nationals late in September, continued his dominance throughout the postseason as he allowed no runs against the Dodgers in 13 IP, earning the NLCS MVP.
Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, who won the 1989 World Series title with the Athletics, became the second manager in history to lead teams in both leagues to championships, joining Sparky Anderson. When I checked in at the hotel earlier this season and mentioned I'd be returning in October, the woman at the desk said to me, "Better book now, the playoffs are coming here.
Louis back in 2011, a few weeks after the season, and asked the shuttle driver how she was doing, her response to me was this: "Oh, fine. What she said was, "I asked her to move her wedding, just in case the Cardinals go to the World Series.
I don't believe Mets fans would view him, or the many other disturbing things Twitter has to offer from Mets fans, as representative. Cover will only last so long under heavy sustained gunfire, with it being chipped away as each round tears a chunk off. It was the second straight NLCS appearance to which manager Mike Matheny guided the Cardinals, who became the first manager to appear in an LCS in his first two seasons. Louis won the first in 1934, and Detroit won the second in 1968; each went the full seven games. Tigers manager Jim Leyland, who won the 1997 World Series title with the Marlins, also could have became the second manager in history to lead teams in both leagues to championships, had the Tigers won the series. The Cardinals, to this anecdotal observer, seem to mean more to more people than other teams do in other cities.
This is an active choice made by a crowd 50,000 strong, again and again, to cheer their own and treat opponents with civility, noticeably. Rookie closer Trevor Rosenthal extended a 20-inning postseason scoreless streak that started in the 2012 NLDS.
I could no sooner root for the Cardinals, or anyone other than the team I've supported since childhood, than I could accept an argument that Carlos Beltran is soft.
And if the players who actually play in front of these fans feel that it's different, for easily discernible reasons, exactly how is that perception different than the reality?
Second baseman Matt Carpenter, playing his first season at the position since turning professional, earned an All-Star selection as he led the Major Leagues in hits (199), runs scored (126), and doubles (55). The Cardinals met the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, only to lose the series in six games. Loved the "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", though.) My point is, this isn't somehow localized within the ballpark. Asking a fan base -- fan short for fanatical -- to be humble to the point of self-deprecation is awfully silly. In all, 20 rookies appeared in a game and the Cardinals collected 36 victories from their rookie pitchers.

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