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BetDSI "Diamond Sportsbook" is one of the most reliable sportsbook options on the web today. Whether your passion is sports, politics, entertainment, horse racing or casino action, look no further than BetOnline for the most exciting and enjoyable experience on the web. Dimes is the gold standard in online gaming, dedicated to provide its customers with a rewarding, exciting and secure environment for online wagering. Sportbet is dedicated to provide its customers with a rewarding, exciting and secure environment for online wagering. So in the end, Chicago, which enters the weekend three points back of the Colorado Avalanche for home ice advantage in the series that those two will play in the first round, really doesn't have all that much to play for at the moment anyway. The Blues are going to wrap up the Central Division title this weekend, and they are likely four wins on the NHL gambling lines in their last six games away from winning the top seed in the Western Conference. Keep a really close eye on the goaltending situation with the Blues on Saturday against the Colorado Avalanche.
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Success obviously has a lot to do with just how popular sports teams become and it also has a lot to do with how hated teams become.

The Bruins, who won the 2011 title and played in the Stanley Cup Finals again in 2013, are hated all over the country, but the state of Florida seems to especially dislike them.
Reddit did the same with the NFL, showing the NewEngland Patriots, San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks are among the most hated teams in the league. Louis Blues ( 52-17-7, 111 Points ) are going to go to battle against the NHL lines with the Chicago Blackhawks ( 43-19-15, 101 Points ) on Sunday, April 6thfrom the United Center in Chicago, IL.
ETfor this one on NBC and TSN2, so sit back, relax, and take in our analysis of this match-up. RW Patrick Kane and C Jonathan Toews have both essentially been taken out of the lineup until the playoffs in the name of rest ( or, as you'll see on hockey injury reports, a knee injury and an upper body injury, respectively ), and with those two guys out, this club just doesn't look good. That's putting a lot of pressure on the defense and G Corey Crawford, neither of which are really rising to the challenge. They'll have to outduel the Boston Bruins for the Presidents' Trophy, as these two teams are level at 111 points apiece going into Friday night.
It'll be interesting to see whether G Ryan Miller is used in that game or reserved for this one. Chicago as a team looks like it has given up any hope of being anything more than the de facto fifth seed in the Western Conference playoffs, and it isn't going to be all that interested in this one either.

That’s why it is no surprise elite NHL franchises like the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Kings and Pittsburgh Penguins are among the most hated teams in the league according to a reddit survey. The Chicago Blackhawks, who have won two of the last five championships are the most hated team in the midwest while the Detroit Red Wings are hated in both the midwest and the part of the west. In the NBA, nearly everyone in the country hates either the Los Angeles Lakers or Miami Heat (that will probably die down now that the game’s best player, LeBron James has left the Heat in favor of a return to the Cleveland Cavaliers). The team had lost three straight games before knocking off the Minnesota Wild in overtime on Thursday night to snare two points on the NHL betting lines, though it doesn't look like this is a trend which is going to continue.
In fact, the Los Angeles Clippers, who drew hate from the southeast, the Chicago Bulls, who are hated in the midwest and the Oklahoma City Thunder, who are hated in northwest because the Supersonics moved to Oklahoma City from Seattle are the only other teams on the list.
If he does play on Saturday, we'll have to monitor this situation before placing our bets on the NHL wagering lines. The state of California isn’t fond of the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings, probably because they eliminated both the Ducks and the San Jose Sharks from the postseason in 2014.

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