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The Premier Replica Jersey is engineered and constructed to duplicate the look of on-ice team designs. After a week's worth of Stadium Series concepts, the Winter Classic is probably a good subject for this Outdoor Saturday. It may not be based on anything specific from Minnesota's hockey history, but it definitely has that retro feel.
This Winter Classic Weekend takes us to the Mile High City for an outdoor match-up between the Colorado Avalanche and the St. Next week, we're taking a brief break from the Waddells to look at a different Winter Classic concept, but they'll be back in two weeks.

Matt Madore wants to see the 2016 Winter Classic in Minnesota where he has the Wild hosting the Blues.
I like the attempt at a white-free design, but I'm afraid Marshall Dunlap has created a patchwork quilt more than a hockey sweater.
The Waddell Brothers have created 30 fauxback style jerseys a€”A one for every NHL team a€”A and we're taking a look at them, two at a time, every Saturday. So if you want to choose which two teams will be up at that point, be first to comment on this post! It's been gone since the late '90s, but Mark Mozdziez is looking to bring it back with his concept.

Performance polyester engineered interlock or striped knit collar, with NHL shield logo patch sewn to bottom of front collar fabric insert. Shoulder crests (where applicable) feature single layer screen printed tackle twill sewn directly to the jersey.

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