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Parayko is one of the few bright spots for the Blues this season with his emergence as a solid defensemen in his rookie season. Ott crashed into the boards during the first period of the Blues’ game against Toronto on Saturday, Dec. Gaines suffered a season-ending Lisfranc foot injury in the second practice of the first week of training camp.
Saffold left the Rams’ preseason opener against the Raiders with a left shoulder injury. Gurley was a Heisman favorite at the University of Georgia before a torn ACL in his knee finished his college career. Here’s to a great season ahead and well-wishes for all of our favorite Rams still recovering.
This season has seen more than our fair (or unfair) share of Redbirds hitting the disabled list. Walden first experienced inflammation in his right bicep and stiffness in his right shoulder in early May. The Cardinals placed Belisle on the 15-day disabled list on June 30th with elbow inflammation. From all of us at Orthopedic Associates, we wish quick and complete healing to all the injured Cardinal players.
We’re one month into the 2016 MLB season and our Cards are in a fight for the NL Central again.
The Cardinals’ star shortstop suffered a torn ligament in his left thumb in the middle of spring training. Harris began the 2016 season on the disabled list due to nerve compression in his right (throwing) elbow. Walden injured his right rotator cuff last July and spent spring training trying to recover.
Peña slipped in the dugout during an exhibition game in spring training and injured his left knee. Yes, other important position players are recovering from injuries, but this is Yadi - will he be healthy for Opening Day?
The Cardinals discovered soreness and weakness in Cooney’s throwing shoulder early in spring training. Rowland is a non-roster invitee to spring training as part of the Palm Beach Cardinals (Single A Advanced). The 26-year-old Waldron is dealing with shoulder impingement and was shut down indefinitely. Walden injured his right rotator cuff last July and has not faced a live batter since his injury.
Hefner underwent his second Tommy John surgery after the 2014 season with the New York Mets. If you like a little art with your bipedal adventures, make a trip to Laumeier Sculpture Park. Missouri Botanical Garden is so rich with educational resources, people often forget that there are 79 acres of splendid earth that you can leverage as a forum for your physical activity of choice. A 3.2 mile loop through a wooded park that acts as a refuge for elk, deer, bison, and other fuzzy friends.
Whether you’re driving to the zoo or out for an evening jog, Forest Park is the place to be for St.
According to ESPN, Elliott was injured after Sharks forward Logan Couture scored a power-play goal in the first period, which resulted in a pile-up of bodies in front of the St. The Blues did not have much choice with Elliott injured, and now Allen could be in line to start on Thursday against the Rangers if Elliott can't play. Elliott started in place of Allen while he was out with an injury, and he helped the Blues go 12-3-2 during Allen's absence.
On a team that is on a serious hot streak, coming off a downswing in production and play, or even on a team that is struggling, it is tempting to urge players to come back before they are ready. Most readers will remember the Sidney Crosby jaw injury cage from 2013 when Crosby’s jaw got between a puck and the net. While he was lauded for his drive, such decisions can often shorten players’ overall careers. Professional athletes, however, are notorious in the medical community for having a high pain tolerance and maybe, occasionally, not making the best decisions when it comes to the choice to recover or the choice to play.
Bleedin’ Blue editor Kate Cimini spoke with a various medical experts and professional athletes to learn more about the difficulties athletes and medical professionals encounter when treating a professional athlete. Price works with injured athletes for a living and was willing to answer some general questions on injury and recovery time when it comes to professional athletes, and even athletes who exercise for health and fun, not for a living. Kate Cimini: What are the difficulties an athlete might face who did not take the proper time to recover further down the road?
Justin Price: The body will protect an injured area, or body part that is still recovering from injury, by creating musculoskeletal compensation patterns that take stress off the affected area.
Justin Price: Professional athletes typically cut recovery time short as their livelihood depends on their ability to play [or] compete. While Price reminds us that athletes can run the risk of developing a new injury if they come back too quickly, for a doctor, dealing with the original injury is a priority. Although this is a minor injury and a relatively frequent occurrence for Schwartz, there remains the likelihood that frequent small injuries will shorten his time with the NHL, and the Blues. CW44Station Bio- WTOG-TV first began operations on November 4, 1968, broadcasting on UHF channel 44. In our previous installment of the NHL Injury Report, Bleedin’ Blue editor Kate Cimini spoke with biomechanics expert Justin Price, about general drawbacks athletes can encounter when they do not follow a proper recovery plan or give themselves enough time to come back slowly. However as we saw in the case of Daniel Carcillo, the NHL doesn’t always take precautions to protect their players. KC: For our background knowledge, can you explain your duties as a team physician as they relate to players coming back from injury?
KC: Have you treated athletes who were more concerned about getting back on the ice as quickly as possible, rather than the long-term effects not rehabbing properly could have? I say this because on the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Jaromir Jagr, who has had an incredibly long, productive career.
Even if he doesn’t re-injure himself, can constant injuries such as these have an effect on the length of his career? Louis Blues are feeling a little black-and-blue after a string of injuries to start the 2015-2016 NHL season.
Bates suffered a sprained MCL and is expected to return for the Ram’s regular season opener. Louis Cardinals hold the best record in major league baseball as we race towards the All-Star break.

He underwent surgery on May 30th to repair a torn right quadriceps and is expected to miss the remainder of the 2015 season. Thankfully he is expected to return in mid-July, most likely after the All-Star break, but possibly sooner.
The Cardinals decided to shut him down for a few short weeks leading up to the All-Star break. With the Cubs and Pirates gaining steam, Cardinals fans are looking to the injury report to see who we can expect to kickstart a winning streak heading into summer. He underwent surgery on March 10th and participated in fielding drills on Sunday, May 1st for the first time since his surgery.
He is currently working through extended spring training assignments in hope of building his arm strength up for the big leagues.
He developed a Grade 2 lat strain in early April and all signs point to him missing at least two months to make a full recovery.
He underwent knee surgery on April 5th to remove loose cartilage, but he is expected to serve as Yadier Molina’s backup starting in mid-May. He will miss the entire 2016 season and is expected to make a full recovery by Opening Day 2017.
He is expected to start a rehab assignment in early May and rejoin the major league roster before Memorial Day. Some of our favorite Redbirds are still recovering from serious injuries and surgeries from last season until now. Yadi suffered a torn ligament in his left thumb (catching hand) and underwent surgery in December. Additional testing revealed no structural damage and Cooney will begin a modified throwing program.
His elbow continues to recover well and he has an opportunity to gain a roster spot with the Cardinals for this season. There is an outstanding 1 mile loop through the woods that is lined with art-installations both big and small.
Go for a walk through this National Historic Landmark to get your heart pumping while you learn the distinguishing features of different types of grasses. If you’d like to enjoy a beautiful wildlife oasis and get up close and personal with a deer or two, this is the place to do it. Louis, Pere Marquette State Park is home to approximately 12 miles of marked trails perfect for both beginners and experienced hikers. Originally owned by the Lemp family, the 134 acre park will give you a run for your money if you’re up to it.
Hawn State Park has camping space so that you can get a little shut-eye in between walking the scenic Pickle Creek trail (just under a mile) and hiking the 10 miles of dirt on Whispering Pines Trail. The Chubb is a seven-mile dirt and gravel trail (that’s right, 14 miles round trip) full of challenging hills and nice flat stretches. Getting out on a trail gives you a chance to soak up a little Vitamin D and explore parts of your city you’ve never seen before.
Orthopedic Associates specializes in getting our patients away from pain and back to truly enjoying life. Louis Blues looks to make a save against the San Jose Sharks at the Scottrade Center on February 22, 2016 in St. Louis Blues goalie Jake Allen replaced Brian Elliott on Monday night after Elliott was forced to leave the game against the San Jose Sharks with an injury.
The Blues are expected to evaluate Elliott Thursday, and CBS Sports reports that he is considered "day-to-day" with the injury. The Blues are currently 35-18-9 on the season with 79 points, good for third place in the Central division standings. Louis Blues forward Jaden Schwartz took a puck to the mouth late in the first, only a month after Blues captain David Backes missed a few games after catching a puck with his face.
While he was able to return in the second period (and score an goal, even) it forces the question: is it a good idea to play while injured? After all, their performance could mean the difference between a playoff cup berth and a season ending early. Not only did he require immediate surgery on his jaw along with dental reconstruction, but he was restricted to a mostly-liquid diet by doctors. It’s important that players get time to rest and recuperate before returning to work, as those who do on average have long, productive careers.
She first talked to Justin Price, biomechanics expert and creator of The Biomechanics Method pain relief exercise programs. For example, if an athlete has an injured ankle, knee or hip on the right side of their body they will naturally shift more of their body weight to the left side of their body to get their weight off the injured side. They also understand that their ability to generate income revolves around their ability to continue to perform [or] play on a regular basis.
Larger, more dramatic injuries, such as the one suffered by Chris Porter against Colorado in late December, occupy an entirely different category.
Orr Limpisvati tomorrow as we probe into specific injury cases across the NHL from major to minor, and typical problems hockey players face. He has the size to compete in the NHL, and will likely be seeing some ice-time as the Blues round out the regular season, giving the veteran’s some time to rest up for the playoffs.
Orr Limpisvasti, Orthopedic Surgeon at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles and Anaheim Ducks physician to discuss specific questions we had about player injury and recovery time. Limpisvasti pointed out, there are so many factors that determine how an injury is handled. They have tightened up since the retirement of Ducks captain and forward Paul Kariya, which he credited to too many hits to the head, such as the one below. Are you the first responder, so to speak, or do you deal with their injury from start to finish, outside consultations aside? I understand it’s gotten more stringent over the past decade, though maybe that relates solely to concussions. He suffered only one major injury on the ice, a dislocated shoulder during playoffs with the Rangers in 2006.
He took approximately one month off and returned to the ice with a cage on his jaw to prevent further incidents.
Louis Blues forward David Backes (42) is injured during the third period against Winnipeg Jets at MTS Centre. He had a concussion in October from a hit by Trevor Daley of the Dallas Stars, took a puck to the mouth in December, and all this was on top of his pretty dramatic concussion in April from a hit by Chicago Blackhawks defender Brent Seabrook.
With the Blues currently flirting around the third-place position in the Western Conference, we’re thirty games into the season with an eye towards a strong finish in 2015. He will be re-evaluated by team doctors around early February to determine whether he can return to the ice this season.

The twelve-year veteran suffered an undisclosed injury in late October where he was day-to-day for availability. Gaines underwent surgery to repair a set of small bones on the top of his foot and is expected to make a full recovery.
He did not play a single snap in any of the four preseason games as the Rams continue to monitor his progress. He recently began strengthening exercises at the end of May and throwing sessions in mid-June.
He is making a strong recovery and is expected to resume reliever duties after the All-Star break. He is expected to start his rehab assignment in late May and rejoin the Cardinals for major league action by early to mid-June.
Here is a detailed look at who’s on the mend and when we might expect to hear their name echo through Busch Stadium this year. He is expected to miss most of spring training but it’s likely he will return for Opening Day. He made six starts for the Cardinals last year and is in position to battle for a backend rotation spot.
The trail is fairly flat, making it perfect for everything from biking and running to rollerblading and cross country skiing. It is home to an expansive cemetery, a museum, countless events, a golf course, several sports fields, and a delightful 2.7 mile paved trail. Perfect for hiking and snapping photos, don’t forget your bug spray to keep away those unwanted new pals. Approachable and populated, Forest Park has a 6 mile perimeter with an endless number of possible variations using their inner trail system (asphalt, grass, and gravel paths available). After finishing your outdoor exercise, you can head inside to their interpretive center to exercise your kids’ minds as well.
Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Orthopedic Associates team members today. Allen had just been activated from injured reserve on Sunday after being out since January with a lower-body injury. Louis Blues left wing Jaden Schwartz (17) is congratulated by teammates after scoring a goal against the Edmonton Oilers during the second period at Scottrade Center. One would think that such an injury would also mean a delay in return to play, but Crosby was back on the ice approximately one month later. In just one or two days of training this new pattern is learned by the nervous system and feels normal for the athlete. As such, while it is not recommended that professional athletes return to the competitive arena so quickly, it is typical practice in the professional sporting realm. Louis Blues center David Backes (42) yells at Edmonton Oilers left wing Taylor Hall (not pictured) as linesman Andy McElman (90) hold him back during the third period at Scottrade Center.
It usually takes serious concerns with significant discussion before a player backs off of the push to return to play with the injury. A broken finger here, frequent small sprains there, such as Penguins player Beau Bennett has suffered.
Loss of game time and opportunities to progress or continue a hockey career are of utmost importance to players.
What kind of stress does that place on the body, both continuing to heal a relatively serious injury and play a very physically taxing, tough game?
Upshall seems to have recovered from his injury and is contributing to a growing Blues attack heading into the new year.
Fortunately, it appears Saffold is making a quick recovery and is expected back before the Rams’ regular season opener. Coach Jeff Fisher’s initial prognosis was that Gurley will miss the season opener against Seattle.
They’re not invincible, and their bodies wear down over a grueling season from February to late October.
If you want to learn more about Tommy John surgery and how to prevent young pitchers from experiencing the same damage, our Orthopedic Associates team created a new resource on Tommy John surgery for you to download.
The trail itself is well maintained and has several challenging hills, making it ideal for runners and bikers. Definitely worth the commute, there’s also 20 miles of equestrian trails for those who prefer horsing around. If you want a quick break from your daily grind without leaving the confines of the city, Forest Park is your (and the rest of St. If you’re up for pushing yourself, grab a partner and get to adventuring and experiencing. According to CBS Sports, the team had not planned on playing Allen for a few more days since he had not played a game in over a month while dealing with the injury. Before coming back on Monday, Allen had been 18-10-3 with a 2.17 goals-against average for the Blues. Louis Blues Welcome Jaden Schwartz Back for Friday Night Showdown with Florida Panthers Arch AuthorityHobbling to a Finish: Breaking Down All the Injuries that the St.
As a result, over time placing more weight on the “good” side to protect the injured side can lead to overuse injuries on the once “good” side. Louis Blues left wing Chris Porter (32) off the ice after being injured against the Colorado Avalanche during the second period at Scottrade Center. Louis Blues scores a goal against the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Scottrade Center on November 12, 2011 in St.
The player’s age, fitness level, and previous injuries all go into how each new one is handled. At what point do you, as a physician, step back and say that these continued injuries are going to speed up this players’ retirement? The only saving grace is that they are on skates so that their knees are relatively spared compared to running sports. Those feeling a little more curious can veer off the path and explore other parts of the park on foot, reading historical markers and visiting the gift shop while enjoying some of South County’s most breathtaking views. Therefore, if injuries are not addressed [or] fully recovered before returning to training, the athlete can experience multiple subsequent problems as a result of not addressing the initial injury properly. We talked Kariya, Crosby, Backes and more, as almost all players in the NHL have or will suffer injury that affects their game negatively.

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