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I was happy though that my home state of New Jersey was able to pull off the Superbowl without a hitch – except for the Secaucus train debacle, that is. Ashton Fitzwater takes the term diehard fan to a new level when he paints his house, yard in Seahawks' blue and green.
Ashtin Fitzwater, a 28-year-old real estate developer by trade, took his fanhood to a whole new level by spending this past weekend painting an official Seahawks logo in his yard and spraying his house down with team colors. Growing up in Silverdale, Wash., Fitzwater coupled his lifelong Seahawks fandom and eye for creativity to finish his latest piece of work.
While Fitzwater is planning to watch Super Bowl 49 from his living room, he’s leaving out hope that he’ll be able to find tickets to the big game before Sunday’s kickoff. Phone numbers will not be kept, stored, or used for anything other than delivering the download link.

Features a front and back design and focuses on the championship won in Arizona and the four championship trophies gained by New England. Prior to the game I didn’t think that I had a chance of hitting that 5, but after that ridiculous safety in the first few seconds, I had hope! I’ve spoken to a few people who went, and they all said is was a good experience and a well produced event.
And for all you Seahawks fans out there, Finish Line has a nice selection of Superbowl Champs gear, including t-shirts and sweatshirts. At the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl, Nike showed off their Nike Vapor Jet gloves which looked incredible on the field. Its sole purpose is to enable the individual wearing it to express the message contained on it.

And all the Broncos needed to do was play a normal game, the way they have been playing all season, to get the 7.
They have even selected a lot of other gear (shoes, socks and hats) that are in the Seahawks colors of College Navy and Action Green if you really want to rep your team. If you haven’t had a chance to catch all 32 teams Vapor Jet gloves, you can do so here. The gloves looked great, but that was not the only gear that Nike rolled out at the Pro Bowl.

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