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The Bay Area is home to some of the most successful startups and tech firms in the country, yet there are still many families feeling the pinch this holiday season, and their holiday toy budget is often the first casualty. Project Night Night provides Night Night Packages containing a blanket, a book, and a stuffed animal to homeless children 12 and under, promoting literacy and a sense of security at a time of stress and upheaval. Old objects find new lives at SCRAP, the Bay Area’s first re-use center for creative education. The Salvation Army Family Store and Donation Trailer in San Francisco accepts donations such as books and children’s clothing. BANANAS provides affordable child care, workshops, classes and support groups for families in Northern Alameda County. The Salvation Army Family Store and Donation Trailer in Alameda accepts donations such as books and children’s clothing.
If your local organization does not accept stuffed animals, ship them to The Teddy Bear Brigade.
Run by InnVision Shelter Network, Villa provides interim shelter and services for 55 women and children.
Parca helps people with development disabilities and their families at all stages of their lives, from children’s services to independent residential programs to respite care.
The Edgewood Center for Children and Families provides treatment and prevention programs to children, youth, and families that have experienced traumatic stress. Want More San Francisco Adventures?Let us help you be the rock star mom (or dad) we know you are! We got off the shuttle from the Westin San Francisco Airport at the International terminal. We checked our bags and scuba gear and received our first class boarding passes and an invitation to the Silver Kris lounge. Matthew reviewed the Silver Kris Lounge previously, so like my visit here, my commentary will be brief. It was crowded enough I didn't want to bug people too much with me taking photos while they were milling about.

After a little while, and as the room got a bit more crowded, we decided to head over to the United Global First lounge.
Food and drink selection is significantly better than what is on offer in the United Clubs. Buffet looks a little tired, but with 3 full meals on my upcoming flight, I wasn't concerned. As boarding time approached, we gathered our stuff and headed back upstairs to the concourse level and then to our gate.
Well-known holiday gifting programs such as Toys for Tots and the Family Giving Tree accept donations of new toys and gifts for the underprivileged, but it can be challenging to find places that accept used toy donations. Many of these organizations have changing needs and limited space, so call or check online to make sure they are still accepting used toys.
Their Adopt A Night Night Package program provides the opportunity to help out by assembling Night Night Packages. Donations of art supplies, craft supplies, toys, textiles, office supplies, are sorted, stored, and made available to the community for educational programs and creative projects in the classroom and at home. Their BANANAS Boutique provides low-income parents with free books, toys, and equipment for their children. Their nonprofit partners gather donations of usable clothing and household items, sells them to Thrift Town, and uses the proceeds to fund programs and services that benefit the local community.
Stuffed animals are given to children around the world who could use a lovie to help them get through traumatic events such as war, abandonment, a natural disaster, or sickness. Donated items are sold in the Family Store, and the proceeds are used to fund the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers. Through a partnership with Saver’s Stores, Parca turns used clothing and household item donations into funds that suppor their programs. Their wish list includes art supplies, personal care items, sports equipment, household items in new or excellent condition.
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For maximum holiday magic, make sure the toys you donate are clean and in good working order; in other words, donate toys that any child would be proud to call their own. Donated items are sold in Goodwill stores, and the proceeds are used to fund programs that help disadvantaged individuals learn competitive job skills and find employment.
Your donations of clean and gently used toys, books, puzzles, games, children’s clothing, and maternity wear keep the boutique stocked up. Examples of allowable items include toys, games, books, sports equipment, electronics, and clothing. Requested items include toys, games, puzzles, stuffed Animals, bicycles, and sports equipment, as well as clothes and household items. Books, dolls, dollhouses, puppets, toy trucks, and games in new or excellent condition are also welcome. Volunteers are asked to fill each tote bag with a new blanket, a new or like-new stuffed animal, and a new or like-new children’s book. Check online for a full list of accepted materials, and call ahead to ensure that they have enough storage space to accept your donation. Donors can schedule a donation pick over the phone and online, or drop off donations at Saver’s Thrift Store in Redwood City or Milpitas, during store hours. Due to limited space, the BANANAS Boutique occasionally reaches storage capacity, so call 510-658-7353 before heading over.
Nonprofit partners are located throughout the East Bay, check online to find your closest donation site.

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