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With Super Bowl 50 fast approaching, we find ourselves pondering just how the marquee event of professional football is being staged closer to Stanford University than to the actual city of San Francisco. The city of Santa Clara has spent decades building a sustainable infrastructure suitable for the technology sector behemoths it is home to.
The landscape of San Francisco has undertaken a dynamic change over the course of the past two decades. Ms Russo has been following her son's growing celebrity status from the stands at football matches but longs for a deeper relationship with him and often comments on his Twitter profile. As he grew up, the Kaepernicks sent Ms Russo pictures of Colin until contact fell away when he was around seven years old. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. After trying for over two decades to construct a new stadium within the city, the 49ers turned to their long held backup plan of Santa Clara.
Former owner Eddie DeBartolo made it a priority and achieved voter approval in both 1987 and again in 1989 to build. The potential for brand partnership between tech firms and one of the NFL’s most iconic franchises practically ensures the rich advertising dollars that fuel the game’s entire existence. So many who now populate the city come from out of state or simply are not the core 49ers fan base.

After getting his first NFL start against the Chicago Bears during Monday Night Football last month, Kaepernick scored two touchdowns, massacring the Bears' tough defense and drawing high praise from the 49ers head coach. She regularly congratulates him on his success on the football field and even bizarrely on his diminishing body fat. The NBA’s Golden State Warriors are the latest professional sports franchise to try and navigate the social and political jungle that is the city of San Francisco and attempting to find the balance which allows the local tax payers, government officials and fans to all welcome as positives to the community.
Compare this to it’s two closest major cities, Oakland and San Jose with 78 and 180 square miles of land respectively. A back and forth ensued revolving around the city’s wish to have the stadium built on a polluted shipyard site.
When she initially emailed him as an adult, the footballer sent a few messages asking about his father with whom Ms Russo has had no contact since her son's birth. Thus far, Major League Baseball’s San Francisco Giants have proven to be the only franchise capable of accomplishing this feat. The land issue is compounded by the fact the city sits on a peninsula, with potential expansion limited to the city’s south. According to the major players involved which included former Mayor Gavin Newsome, Representative Nancy Pelosi, 49ers President Carmen Policy and DeBartolo, all sides wished to keep the team in San Francisco.
She met with the Kaepernick family three months ago when the Niners played the Denver Broncos but has had little interaction since.

A city closely identified by its unconventional cultural identity, San Francisco continues to pose major issues to the greater Bay Area’s professional sports teams wishing to build new stadiums within the city. The land south of San Francisco is all too familiar to those who’ve experienced Candlestick Park on a weekday evening.
San Francisco is so much more than a sports town, and yet it can continue to boast a thriving baseball franchise and soon a thriving basketball franchise.
Ms Russo, who now has an eight-year-old son, told Mercury News: 'If and when he changes his mind - he may never change his mind - I'll watch him from home. The winds that swept through that stadium can still be felt in the bones of Giants fans even today as they enjoy the comforts of AT&T Park. Keep workin' hard Colin!' Although she has had contact with Colin in the past, her son seems reluctant to build a relationship.

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