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It's too perfect--perhaps it's a good thing the Koenigsegg deal feel through because, while that brand does share Saab's Swedish motherland, it a lowly supercar builder wasn't ready for brand "Born from Jets." Spyker, the Dutch builder of equally outrageous boutique sports cars, got its start as both a automobile and aircraft company just as both industries were beginning to take shape. Despite that tie-in, when we heard the rumor of Spyker expressing interest in Saab yesterday, we dismissed it as a silly rumor. However risky and possibly fatal for both brands as this deal could prove to be, we can't hide our excitement about this possible deal. I just had my E90 335xi in for a scheduled service overnight and the dealer was out of 328 loaners.
Whatever occasional minor niggling complaints I might have about my E90, they faded away that day.
My 1995 M3 with an unreliable passenger door handle, and odd nonsensical warning messages on the OBC will never be as quirky as my SAAB was. I worked four years in an investment casting foundry and can speak with some knowledge in this area. I hate the newer Saabs but the SPG and the earlier 99 and 900 Turbo models I thought were ultra coool. Het SID heeft als bedoeling de bestuurder het oog op de weg te houden, ik snap niet waarom ze deze zoude weglaten . Positief vind ik: de chromen strip rond het daschboard, die volgens mij toch een beetje een herdenking aan de C900 is.
911: Only negatives with this are maintaining an aging german car, and possibly that I may feel a little pretentious picking kids up from school in it.
What I think is bizarre is that you suggest that the GTI fits the image of a young person, but imply by your choices that cars like the Mini, Mustang, GTO, Camaro, and 350z don't. Or if you really want something that despite still having a youthful glow is generally overlooked by younger people, how about a volvo C30?
If I was somehow looking for my car to reflect my job as a designer, I would be looking at a Mini (though I likely wouldn't buy one) and the cars I suggested (depending on your budget and how much of an old guy you want to be portrayed as). Out of your two choices, I'd pick the GTO but also think the G8 would be much more fitting for transporting any clients. The only people that a Mini appears more grown up than a GTI to would be VWVortex members, IMO. Recognition themes for your gifts - recognition themes at, Recognition themes for gifts reward exceptional teamwork, employees and individuals.
52 volunteer appreciation ideas ebook - baudville, The importance of volunteer appreci ation if you have volunteers working for your organization, you understand the important role they play in your mission and your. Volunteer positions - ottawa little theatre, Major objective actors breathe life into the characters written by the playwright. Outline of chess - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to chess: chess is a two-player board game played on a chessboard (a square-checkered board with.
Like a Christmas miracle, we can finally check off an entry on our et to-do list - find a Saab feature car. The 900 Turbo Coupe and Cabrio sported intercooled turbochargers, so when Aaron turned 17, the high school student picked up a '87 900 Turbo Cabrio. With 89k miles on the odometer, the car was in great mechanical shape but its creature comforts and appearance had seen better days. Since it was Aaron's first car, he wasn't experienced with the art of wrenching or fabrication.
Because of a relative lack of parts and tuners, there were few bolt-on kits or accessories readily available. Some of the rare additions included a leather shift knob and boot, which were factory options on the 900, plus a Fittipaldi steering wheel from a Saab rally car.

Before Aaron could sign off on the exterior, he rebuilt the convertible top and resprayed the body its original Edwardian grey.
While the project was ongoing, Aaron rolled on 15" eight-spoke Saab wheels but recently modernized to a set of affordable 18x7.5" Sportmax wheels, modifying the center bore to retain his Saab center caps. He started messing with the automatic performance controller, which tweaked the knock sensors and boost level. From there, new parts flowed into the family's workshop - uprated injectors, equal-length headers, 3" downpipe, TiAL external wastegate and Precision front-mount intercooler were among the major components for the 16v.
Custom cams helped the motor attain a higher redline, but the valvetrain couldn't keep pace.
With a conservative tune, Aaron strapped his Saab on the dyno and put down 335whp and 330 ft-lb. A Swedish Dynamics clutch and Sachs pressure plate were finally installed to handle the power. Chassis upgrades were just as difficult to source, but Aaron fitted Koni dampeners, Intrax springs and new bushings. BMW will get jealous of all the airplane influence and, based on its own past up in the sky, will buy up both Saab and Spyker. No photos, news stories, graphics, or logos may be used or reproduced without written permission.
The older ones were actually pretty fun to drive, although they were always derided for their notchy shifters. It broke down constantly, the cooling system hated me, and the synchros didnt like to work. It was real fun to drive, and one of the first aerodynamically designed cars (yes, using a wind tunnel as they did for their jets). All though my friend has one and i keep on telling him what a great car and blablabla about it and every time i ride with him i hit my knee against the glove box all the time. My father bought a SAAB 99 in 1972, long before fuel injection was the norm on any car---the SAAB had it and it ran like a champ. While on a test drive, I was on a 4 lane road, downshifted into 2nd, and at readline, shiffted quickly to 3rd. But, if you're really going to be transporting clients a lot, I really would not get a two-door, either. The slogan coined by Saab has been used to sell its cars to the world by marketing its aircraft heritage. He has European cars in his blood but, unlike his friends, the 26 year-old didn't seek a ride with hundreds of tuning options or high social status. The motor was toast, so Aaron rebuilt the block, boring it .040 over for a set of forged Mahle pistons, new rods and Total Seal rings. This was considered a tremendous feat considering nobody has previously attempted what he'd accomplished with that combination of parts.
And for the gearing, Aaron retrofitted autobahn gears, which were never available in the US. The brakes calipers were rebuilt and the original rotors ditched for slotted and drilled versions. He's shown there's potential in these maligned automobiles, even the older ones that cost virtually nothing. It's hard to say, but we should know soon since GM dropped an end-of-the-month deadline for Saab's second chance. Unlike GM, Spyker is in touch with and quite gifted in the art of carrying aeronautical influence into automotive design.

It was a pretty car inside and out and I thought, "This should be a fun change of pace for a day." What a reminder of why I bought the Bimmer! But even with the Bilsteins and heavy sway bars keeping BBS 18" wheels with Dunlop Direzzas flat on the ground I can't keep up in the turns. Gets me so mad, just like the BMW 5 series allways him my leg or my knee when getting in or out.
And while US buyers don't really have the Saab brand on its high-performance radar, its engineers continued to produce sleek, sporty vehicles. Once installed, it was too conservative so he began a mission to locate an OE Airflow kit, which was never sold in North America.
According to Aaron, there's probably another 50whp to come but he's reined it in for drivability. As a result, he's on his fifth transmission; however he's reinforced it with a limited-slip differential, steel diff cover, stronger case and shift forks plus a larger pinion bearing. This allowed a 175mph top speed, better distribution of power in each gear and more fuel economy.
See our brief Saab tuning guide elsewhere in this issue for an idea of what models to look for and what you can expect them to produce. However, we have heard some additional rumors that the threat of closing Saab played a big role in yesterday's resignation of GM CEO Fritz Henderson.
The cockpit feel and execution of propeller shapes here and there, along with airplane-like toggles, was a thrill to experience. There are varying degrees of 'stainless' depending on what elements you chuck in the pot with the iron. Cars like the 250hp 9-3 Aero V6 Turbo made headlines since it was a relatively quick sedan with plenty of luxury and class. Most of the earlier problems apparently came from the casing flexing, but the new components have made the drivetrain almost bulletproof. Spyker currently relies on Audi to provide the engines for its supercars, so having a mainstream company like Saab to share components with might make the brand both more profitable and more accessible, thanks to lower costs. Some will stand up well to highly corrosive human skin (yep, it's awful stuff, like road salt) and some which will not.
A high-po version of the 9-3 Aero's slick V6 would be a wonderful fit for a future Spyker, while the Aileron's space frame would be a great basis for a Saab Aero X-inspired sports car. My experience brought into sharp relief why the 3-series has won almost every Car and Driver comparison it's been in. And we aren't going to lie and say the 9-3 and upcoming 9-5 couldn't use a little of Spyker's interior influence. That makes them suitable for tuning, and there's a small band of enthusiastic US tuning shops ready to help you find big power. This time two weeks ago we assumed Koenigsegg would be grabbing the keys to Saab headquarters any time now. Switched to bimmer (this is my first) when I saw what GM was doing to the company, and am very happy that I did.
But the stock seats remain better than BMW's stock, which is mostly why I got the sport package.

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