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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Manchester United transfer news and rumours After the Manchester Evening News earlier this week reported that Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal was hoping to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, the Dutchman will now know how much he must pay if he is to lure the Portuguese back to Old Trafford six years after he joined Real Madrid. United, finally, are understood to be ready to go head-to-head with Chelsea in a battle to sign Everton defender John Stones. Having powered a fairly limited Portugal to the final, the stage was set for Ronaldo to go a-leaping over that one remaining hurdle and get his hands on the trophy he so fervently craves. Cristiano may not be the easiest person to love, but nobody would wish that kind of heartbreak on the chap. Damn shame, and having an unruly moth sup on his tears in front of an audience of millions was just adding salt to the wound..
And the fact it takes the player fouling Bale to come out and say before people believe must piss Bale off. Having seen the replay about a hundred times now, I have not seen one angle that suggests that Maloney make anywhere near enough contact for Bale to go down.
If their thighs touched (ooh-er) it was because Bale cut across Maloney, who tried to get out of the way, which cannot in any logical world be a foul.
I think in this instance there maybe have been a smidgen of contact that caused bale to kick his own heels, therefore its a pen.
Not qualifying seems fairly unlikely at the moment, although stranger things have happened.
I think marajonna was trying to put logic to your lack of understanding that when someones legs are clipped at high speed they will fall over.

Funny when they blatantly dive, tragic when they’re not given decisions due to their previous.
This is exactly why every striker is taught from a young age to cut across defenders paths.
Les performances de son ailier droit ne sont pas sans lui rappeler celles d'un autre Portugais ayant porté le maillot de Manchester United.
Auteur de 9 buts et 13 passes décisives, le Portugais est actuellement le meilleur passeur de Premier League. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Euro 2016 final came to a wincing, tear-strewn, moth-faced ended in the 25th minute after a knee injury forced him off the field prematurely.
He knew what he was doing, decided to cheat, and once again a clueless official fell for it. A little shove that would do nothing to you standing still will make you fall over when running full out. Watch the way bales legs just instantaneously collapse – fair enough some contact may have knocked him off balance, but even his standing leg flies up into the air. Maloney might have brushed him but he clearly flung himself down all on his own (and with a little flourish that makes me embarrassed to watch). However, it doesn’t change or cloud my opinion of him, he has turned into a complete pansy, clearly believes in all the hype around him and is just a cocky twat really. Maloney did make a little contact, but you can clearly see the split second where Bale was about to put his leg back down to continue the run, then lifted it back up again after he realised. He spotted the corner of the box, cut across the Scottish guy and kicked himself as he threw himself to the ground.

Then, because of the contact, said right foot hits the back of Bale’s left leg, which causes him to fall. He knew exactly what he was doing and he’s making a very good living out of it in the Premiership.
HD Wallpaper and background images in the Manchester United club tagged: manchester united fans family manchester united football.
Diving will never be cut out of the game, simply because there are so many people who want to defend this kind of cheating. C'est un joueur qui nous fait gagner des matches, il fait marquer, et marque lui-même des buts.
He is a cheat full stop and i cant be arsed with footy with this chat starting to dominate the game.
If I push you while you’re running, your body will move in the direction of the contact. I appreciate that even mentioning the word physics will most likely confuse you, but it’s a pretty basic concept. That jarred with what has become the politically cute response of previous Real coaches, who habitually lauded him as the planet's greatest, mindful of his special status at the club.

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