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INDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP, Michigan - A former New England Patriots wide receiver is accused of chasing a newspaper carrier and pointing a gun at him. INDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP, Michigan -- A former New England Patriots wide receiver is accused of chasing a newspaper carrier and pointing a gun at him. Ricky Bryant, 27, of Clarkston was charged with two felonies this week after an Oakland Press carrier claimed Bryant started following him on his route about 3 a.m. When the carrier sped away at 80 mph on Sashabaw, he told police that Bryant briefly caught up to him and pointed a gun at him. Oakland County Sheriff's deputies answering the carrier's 911 call soon caught up with Bryant near a gas station and found an unloaded .40-caliber Glock pistol inside his car and two spent casings. Police said Bryant appeared to be very intoxicated and investigators are still unsure why he was allegedly chasing the 23-year-old carrier. The carrier told police that he had never seen Bryant before and had no idea why he had followed him.
Bryant was arraigned Tuesday on charges of felonious assault, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony and possession of a felony under the influence. Police said Bryant has no known criminal record and has a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon.
The Patriots signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2004 but released him before the 2004 season. The Seattle Seahawks have one of the NFL’s best defensive lines, but that group could take a big hit with Michael Bennett and Tony McDaniel set to hit free agency, as well as the reported release of veteran Red Bryant. Bryant wouldn’t have even been in consideration as a cap casualty on the vast majority of teams, so the 29-year-old will likely sign somewhere soon. University alumnus Ricky Bryant experienced the rush during the biggest game in football as a member of the New England Patriots. But while winning the Super Bowl was comparable to heaven for many players, the struggle and temptation leading up to the big game remained as another obstacle. With a devout religious background growing up in the Pentecostal church in Detroit, Mich., Bryant understood the blessing of talent could land him in jeopardy in a millisecond. Donald Bryant was an All-American in high school and received a scholarship from Michigan State University for track. He committed to Ohio State University, which was a satisfying distance from home, under the coaching of John Cooper. But when Ohio State fired Cooper in 2001 that severed the bond Bryant shared with the school, leading Bryant to transfer to the University to contribute to the Pride’s offensive attack.

Bryant was also one of five players who were invited to a tryout in May 2004 for a New England Patriots mini-camp. Scouts described Bryant as a quick, elusive pass-catcher who fitted best as a slot receiver. The rollercoaster ride can put a strain on the average player, but Bryant understood that business is never personal.
After officially signing with the Patriots, Bryant scored his first NFL touchdown in a preseason game, ironically, against the Philadelphia Eagles. To sharpen his skills, Bryant is scheduled to play football in the NFL Europe league for the Hamburg Seagulls of Germany. Bryant shouldn’t have a problem adjusting to the gladiator sport called football under the guidance of receivers David Patten and Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch. Silverback Capital Group is an investment company and business advisory firm that manages direct investments on behalf of its shareholders and accords select clients broad financial opportunity, ranging from local and regional relationships to multinational alliances. He was later signed to the practice squad and spent the 2005 season with in the now-defunct NFL Europe league playing for the Hamburg Sea Devils. Bryant carried a cap hit of $5.5 million from the five-year, $35 million deal he signed with the team in 2012, so the money that the Seahawks will save by releasing him should allow them to re-sign elite DE Bennett.
They could use another defensive tackle, and ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss reminds us that the Patriots had interest in Bryant back in 2012 before he signed that huge contract to stay with the Seahawks.
Super Bowl XXXIX commanded players to pull up their socks for a once in a lifetime chance for glory. Bryant’s description of practice leading to the game sounded similar to a mild form of boot camp. But Bryant continued to shine while striving to overpower any barrier that towered in his way. The youngest of two brothers, Donald and Kevin , Ricky found his calling to football in the third grade. Subsequently, Kevin Bryant was also an All-American in high school for football and attended the University of Michigan.
During his stay at Harrison he helped his school win the Michigan state football title consecutively in 1998 and 1999, respectively.
The departure forced Bryant to adjust from the slow, quiet atmosphere of Columbus to the grind and grit of the New York metropolitan area. Both [Columbus and New York] cities are different because of the faster pace and the cost of living because I lived off campus,” Bryant said, slowly choosing his words.

The Patriots would later sign him to a free agent contract along with another player who attended the camp.
Bryant also had the ability to beat his defender while possessing good hands when catching the ball in mid air with great extension.
Then New England released him in July, but resigned Bryant a month later only to release him in September.
This marks the first time he will play overseas as New England has to send at least six players for the European league.
This guy plugs up holes almost at will, so any team in need of a three or five-tech who can dominate in run defense should give him a call. With Vince Wilfork coming off of an Achilles’ tear and some questions at the position, the Patriots could look into him.
His brothers’ success in high school also influenced him, but pressure lurked around the corner as expectation followed.
The success from them meant well to the naked eye, but the achievements had also cast a burden to their younger brother. Bryant’s yardage after the pass also impressed scouts with juke moves leaving defenders scrambling for tackles.
I think there are better options for the Patriots specifically, even if Bryant is so good that someone should snap him up quickly. He currently ranks ninth on the Pride’s all-time career reception list with 127 and tenth in receiving yards. The downside of his game is his inability to stretch the field to leave other receivers open with the lack of deep speed.
The Patriots need to go for someone who can push the pocket and stuff the run, instead of trying to snag someone who is only good at one of those two. I doubt that happens, though, and the Patriots don’t have much cap flexibility as it is, especially with Julian Edelman and Aqib Talib set to hit the free agent waters.

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