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Also, the Just Cause video game cover referances the image, but is not the Che Guevara image itself. It’s good that you think so because I seriously doubt the academic world, or anybody other than your cadre of the equally shallow and intellectually infirm, would agree.
I’d be willing to bet that you get down on your knees every Sunday to pay lip service to your God, too.
While I do admit, I am disappointed that you feel such fervent offense at my article, I would like to thank you for pointing out the lack of sources – I am as we speak updating it with sseveral scholarly sources whom, though it would no doubt upset you further, do in fact agree with my assessment of Che Guevara as a murdering racist thug.
Lol Che hated capitalism because he knew the United States would stop at nothing to spread it. If I may ask, did you notice any of the sources within the article, including one to Che’s stated bigotry and racist views of non-white minorities?
Communism is as dead as Che Guevara’s rotting corpse, and everyone outside of North Korea knows it by know.
Please, tell us where the Che wrote the quotes on the second pic, or when and where he said it.
Now, the reason I did not write about Batista here was because it has nothing to do with the topic of the article, ie, the hero worship of the mass murdering Marxist thug Che Guevara, largely by people that know next to nothing about the man. Moving on to your next point, Che’s bloodlust and merciless treatment of both his enemies and non-combatant civilians is also well-known and documented, and Guevara admits to it many times in his writings. I hope this answers some of your questions, and if you have any more, please feel free to ask.
Okay, I will take a look to them ?? but, how can you be so sure about what people say about him? From what I know, the reasons of his failure in Congo were mainly the fact that the popolation wasn’t organized, and there was a lot of argues inside the popolation itself. About his bloodlust, yeah, it surely was true, but not pointlessly – a Revolution was what Cuba needed in that period, and intimidating the enemy was the only way he got to do it. And obviously, I don’t really base on good things said about him, but mainly in his diaries. For the most part, because the sources I rely upon are widely respected academic accounts about the man, that come as close as possible to highlighting who Che Guevara really was. Whether his bigotry was rooted in cultural views or not is irrelevant, that would be true if he were from Latin America or the American South.

The need for change does not justify massacres, especially since it does far more damage to the credibility of one’s own cause than it damages enemy morale.
So, do you agree to the fact that we mustn’t rely on spoken words if we want to have a serious discussion? As for his begging for his life seeming out of character, plenty of historical sadists proved to be cowards when their own time came. These filthy bohemian beatniks are one of the few groups that can earn nearly universal disgust from any group at or off campus, and they mostly bring that upon themselves through their attitudes.
Hell, normally something like Che Guevara t-shirts would give me great joy, seeing capitalism top communism once again. His supporters aside, historians rightfully view him as an egotistical executioner that left millions dead in his wake. Besides, it’s hard not to get sent off into an angry rant seeing a bunch of idiots glorify a war criminal. Are we completely forgetting that the communist regime in Che helped create STOPPED racism in the area, provided education for all, this rising literacy in the state.
It’s a biased account written in support of capitalism, with nonreference to how many people capitalist governments have killed. You provided no scholarly sources (other than a reference to a Wikipedia article which *does not* corroborate your assessment of Che) and in addition to your statements being factually incorrect, you provide little proof of anything other than that you are a product of the propagandized American educational system.
We don’t need to paint the man as a killer, he was more than capable of it on his own.
At the very least, that’s more than Che Guevara could comfort himself with when he was executed by the Bolivians.
Communism will live forever and the jewish attempts to control the world just won`t happen. As for Che living on in your soul, you certainly have his sexism, homophobia and antisemitism, so there is that. Among Che’s many disgusting qualities, the fact he was an open bigot was one of his biggest sins.
That said, the Batista government was a corrupt kleptocracy that abused both Cuba and the Cuban people, and rightfully overthrown. All of them are academically recognized books about Guevara, including the Jon Lee Anderson tome often held to be the definitive text about Che’s life.
The man was an unrepentant butcher, who while gleefully causing the deaths of thousands or hoping for the deaths of thousands more, was himself a craven, who contrary to myth, died begging for his own life. Odds are good once both Castros kick the bucket, we’ll see efforts to idolize him cease.
If it really was like this, everything that any widely respected source says would be the truth – and most of the times academic sources are respected just because of ignorance.
Starting from the fact that all their sources are people that was and is against Guevara, as I told you there also are plenty of books by people that fought and lived with him that doesn’t say anything against him.
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They seen particularly adept at getting me to dislike them, today drawing my ire upon seeing a herd of them wearing the all too familiar Che Guevara T-shirts. No, this disgust has everything to do with a bunch of unwashed trust-fund-dependent junkies glorifying one of the twentieth centuries greatest monsters. The more knowledgeable like myself however know he was an unrepentant butcher who, more often than not, killed merely for the sake of killing, to the point of gleefully calling for nuclear war. He pushed education in Cuba, along with Fidel, and the result today is a country in which education is taken very seriously, more so than in the US or UK.
I am not condoling communism, im just saying do your research before making an unjustified rant because a few kids are wearing a t-shirt which miraculously makes your blood boil. If you can give a valid piece of evidence for all this maybe i will start believing you, but at the moment you sound really stupid and ignorant. His ignorance of local customs, language and even geography also cost him dearly – among other things, it nearly got him killed by dysentery. We must look for WRITTEN things that prove it, everyone could say anything speaking but you will never be able to verify it. I promise you'll be back for more of our funny shirts… So, order a few now and SAVE BIG ON SHIPPING! Leave it to the hipsters to idolize a war criminal whom likely would have had them placed against a wall and shot just as soon as give them the time of day. Wearing Che Guevara T-shirts should be as disgusting to any thinking person as if someone whore a T-shirt of Reinhard Heydrich, and I’ll tell you why. Oh, and also the colossal industrial boom the regime caused which created jobs for thousands. America wants him to look bad because he saw through the evils of capitalism and American imperialism, just look at what U.S. They wanted to free Cuba from a fascist government that was bullying the whole island, you can read about it online or in any book if you don’t trust me. Che would have gleefully seen Cuba turned into pavement in a nuclear war on the off chance that it would kill millions of Americans and other capitalists. About his dying words, by knowing him, his diaries and how he was, it’s really hard to think he died begging for his life. It’s a stupid fad, and one that carries all the good taste of someone wearing shirt bearing the image of Joe Stalin, Chairman Mao or Reinhard Heydrich, and should be viewed just as negatively by day-to-day society.
He never killed just for the sake of doing it, even opponents troops can tell you that more than some times he (past of let) em go his prisoneers (a big mistake, because they just gave informations about him). The idea that Guevara could die begging for his life after having killed so many who had done the same is not only possible, but likely given historical precedent for other figures like him – plus again, the only people who DID see him die all claim he begged. If you got other not-only-told sources, but for example from his diaries (about his racism i mean), tell me!

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