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Hopefully at this stage you are doodling your winning Soapbox on every scrap of paper you came across. You can stay up to speed on announcements through the official event page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and don’t forget to use #SoapboxRace. What really happened when VWa€™s Polo R WRC took on the Kamaz Master at Rally Finland's biggest jump? From the outside, the World Rally-winning Volkswagen Polo R WRC and the Dakar-conquering Kamaz Master 4326 don't have much in common. What both have in common is the fact that they are thoroughbred four-wheel drive off-road machines that have dominated their respective fields in the World Rally Championship and Dakar. Latvala and Mardeev both swapped vehicles, taking the wheel of each other's massively different machines, as well as becoming acquainted with their co-driver's seats for the first time.
Mardeev was the first to sample the Polo R WRC: a car that is only about as high as one wheel of his truck. The result of this crazy idea is one of the most stunning comparison films ever shot, in truly stunning forest scenery. The scenes in the film are based on true stories of my life but Peter (Hamblin) has crafted them into almost fictional tales, if you know what I mean. The AMA motocross star tells us about the highs and lows hea€™s had on his way to glory this year. Most championship seasons consist mainly of highs, but even one as sensational as Ken Roczen's amazing run to the AMA Motocross 450 National Championship has had its lows. The freshly-crowned two-time champ told us about the waves he's ridden, both good and bad, during this most incredible of campaigns.
Just one week after suffering his first real loss of the season at Southwick, Roczen destroyed the competition at Spring Creek.

Just like at Spring Creek, Roczen came back full of fury in Unadilla, New York after losing to Eli Tomac the previous week at Washougal.
When Roczen parted ways with the legendary motocross trainer Aldon Baker, many shook their heads, saying it was a huge mistake.
After coming into the 2015 season of AMA motocross with a serious back injury, Roczen saw Ryan Dungey run away with the championship. You might think losing one of your closest competitors would be a good thing, but when Dungey crashed out of the season at the third round, Roczen didn't see it as a positive. When Roczen finally lost a race straight-up, there were plenty of fans who started shouting loudly that Eli Tomac was finally dialled, spelling the end of Roczen's winning ways.
By: Virginia JohnsonWilbur Munro Leaf is best known for his beloved book, The Story of Ferdinand. Besides these two books, Munro Leaf also wrote quite a number of volumes that taught good manners to children, such as Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun…And Lots of Other Good Ideas for How to Grow Up Healthy, Strong, and Smart and a series of cartoons called The Watchbirds, which also taught proper behavior. One last note: Fox Studios (Ice Age) is set to adapt The Story of Ferdinand in the near future as a full-length feature. CRRL does not disclose, give, sell or transfer any personal information about our visitors.
But as we celebrated our National Holiday last week and Easter this weekend, we thought you might appreciate a little extra time to pen that final drawing of your dream Soapbox. However, we won’t be doing this again so make sure to use the extra time wisely and get your application into us by the deadline either by email or by post (must be post marked 31st March at the latest)! The Polo R WRC is based on a family hatchback that can carry five people and their shopping, whereas the Kamaz is based on a workhorse that can transport more than 5000kg of cargo, plus two drivers and a bed in the back of the cabin for whoever isn't driving.
The 920-horsepower Kamaz takes around 10 seconds to cover the same 0–100 sprint and heads on to a maximum speed of 163kph.

The race truck weighs 10,200kg (including 1000 litres of diesel) while the rally car weighs in at just 1,230kg – one of the key elements that make it so competitive over the rollercoaster crests of Finland.
For a competition driver, handing over control is the very hardest thing you can do – yet both were incredibly impressed with each other's driving and machinery.
As they soared over Ouninpohja's famous crests, Latvala concluded that his Russian counterpart was a natural (as you'd expect from the recent Silk Way Rally winner): in fact, only a bit more practice would be needed to turn him into a fully-fledged WRC driver. From the very beginning, both Latvala and the film crew were fascinated by the technicalities of the Russian beast: could it really be made to fly over famous crests?
Latvala was stunned by its capabilities, and if he ever does the Dakar after his WRC career is over, then it's likely to be in a truck rather than a car. But one year later he yanked it back by clinching the 450 AMA National Championship for the second time in his career. The malfunction ruined what would have been another perfect day, but surprisingly, Roczen doesn't look at it negatively.
It’s the tale of a peaceful yet rebellious bull that would rather enjoy the flowers in his meadow than fight in an arena.
Munro Leaf and his friend, award-winning artist and writer Robert Lawson, had been talking about the kind of book they would want to write if they could get past the publisher’s ideas of what made a good book. With Lawson’s illustrations, the beatific bull was on his way to becoming internationally famous for his peaceful message in 1936--a time when the world was coming apart in war. To help him decide, he spends a year with each set of relatives where he learns some important things that will make his final choice much easier.

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