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Supporting her team: The Australian actress wore a large Rangers jersey as a show of support, meanwhile assistant film director Tom donned a capThe couple looked to be big Rangers fans, with Margot wearing a large blue and red jersey emblazoned with the team's logo, meanwhile Tom wore a matching cap. The Queensland-born beauty looked heavily invested in the game, throwing her hands up and looking disappointed when they weren't doing so well, and fist-pumping triumphantly when they scored.After laughing and sharing kisses throughout the match, the couple's night ended on a high when the Rangers beat the Flyers 2 - 0. Glamour: Margot knocked it out of the park when she attended Stakes Day in Melbourne this month.
NHL - The National Hockey League is divided in two: Eastern Conference and Western Conference, each of these Conferences are divided in three divisions.

Each week we will have logos from one division that belongs to Eastern Conference and one division that belongs to Western Conference. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. This is the Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins home jersey for the 2011-2012 NHL hockey season. The NHL season officially starts tonight, and what better way to get prepared than decking out your computer with a sweet new wallpaper with your team's logo?

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