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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Philadelphia Eagles bring this grey juniors t-shirt with a vintage team logo in high quality green flock print. The Philadelphia Eagles bring this black long sleeve, featuring a vintage team logo in authentic distressed green and white print. Todd Herremans is a good run blocker, but lets just say that Foles won’t do many rollouts to the right. Vick is gone, for some reason Kelly just couldn’t get behind a guy who would have made Oregon a legend in the Pac-Whatever as long as he stayed.
Zach Ertz is the tight end, but if you missed him last year, might want to pay attention this year- he scored 4 TDs with only 36 catches, as he becomes more of a target, those numbers could get scary. Fletcher Cox and Cedric Thornton are on the outside, and Cox was the 12th overall pick in 2012, and really took to the switch to 3-4 like a duck to water, but Thorton didn’t preform as well,  much like Logan, he did well vs the rush but not so well against the pass.
Conner Barwin and Trent Cole are the outside guys, and even though they combined for 13 more sacks than I had by myself, but the Eagles have Marcus Smith (first rounder) and Brandon Graham (Experience in 3-4) are waiting in the wings. Demeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks are in the inside, but say it with me now, were much better against the run than the pass.
Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher are the corners, but Branden Boykin gets a lot of play, and the Eagles really need to find a way to give him a role and put him out there more. Malcom Jenkins comes over from the Saints, and much like Darren Sproles, could make a monster impact.
Earl Wolff did a fine job last year before he got hurt, and if he’s not back 100% then Nate Allen can be a serviceable replacement. Kicking is a problem- with former draft pick Alex Henery losing all confidence from the coaching staff. The Eagles had some serious secondary issues, and the round one pick wont start- after that is some serious carpet bombing on the WR position, and other than Jaylen Watkins- who could force his way into the secondary, I don’t see much help coming from this rookie crop. I can see 5-1 in the NFC East, since they normally drop a game against a lesser team every year.

EJ: The Philadelphia Eagles, and their quirky college coach, with this break neck speed of an offense took some folks by surprise last season. Feel the excitement of your team's slap shot in this orange 100% cotton tee with a semi-transparent print of the Philadelphia Flyers logo on the front. Philadelphia 76ers fans can support their team in style with this sky blue tee in a soft 100% cotton.
Foles is in a contract year, and with an eye-popping 27-2 TD to INT ratio that has only been seen when I play Madden, he could be in for either a major payday or a major fall.
The Eagles did drop a second and third round pick on the position, so this is gonna be fun for Nick Foles to try and make one of these guys make us forget Jackson.
Cox could also get a few more sacks, and I think with more help from Thornton and Logan, Cox could be a star. Ryans has lost a step, but he’s not going to be replaced since he is rarely out of position on early downs.
If the O-Line can do a repeat of last year, and with that defense, they have to, and McCoy stays 100% then the sky is the limit here. If they play the Seahawks, Niners or Panthers, teams that can slow them down and pound the rock against that solid run defense, they are going to have problems.
With the basketball team's name and logo in a crackle print and flocked lettering, the aged look of this shirt will only improve the more you wear it.
There is a ton of film on him now, and with a new QB coach and his top target gone, this could be interesting.
Chip Kelly has always spent a lot of time on his coverage and return units, and this Eagles team is no different. They play the Colts in week 2, so I can see a loss there while they work on the secondary and get the rookies going.
They play all 3 of these teams- 2 of them at home, so it could be interesting to see what changes they make for the rematch.
As David mentioned Malcom Jenkins should make an impact for his new team and I do like Barwin and Cole at linebacker.

I still have a questions, since the NFL is a lot more restrictive when it comes to the Salary Cap than the NCAA. If that’s not enough, Darren Sproles comes over from the Saints just because the Eagles need someone that is just awesome in space and can catch the ball in stride. Lets not play our best corner all the time, even though he got 6 picks, and play these two other guys who aren’t as good, but we have more confidence in. Kelly lead the Eagles to a 10-6 record, and now he is totally sunk into Nick Foles being a good QB and dumped DeSean Jackson. I seriously think part of this deal was just to make sure the Cowboys get the snot kicked out of them twice a year so they wont ever, EVER talk to Sean Peyton again. I live in New York, I see the Eagles at least three times a season, and I can’t pick these guys out of a lineup. The NFC East won’t pose much of a challenge, and neither will the AFC South but this Eagles team face off against some good defenses in the NFC West and there are games against the Packers and Panthers as well. Then again, with an offense that can put up big points, and tons of yardage you don’t really need a defense full of huge names. You just need one that is good enough to stop the other team from putting up points and turning the game into a shootout. Yeah, the Eagles go into that game off of a bye, but for some reason I like the Cards in that game.
The NFC East is so shabby, they don’t get long stretches of toughness- but do play the Panthers and Packers and if you add in the Texans before that, Foles might be a little tired. At the end of the day I think the Eagles will win the NFC East but I can’t go any higher than 9-7 for this team.

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