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Before you try and add him to your fantasy baseball team, the multi-record holder has nothing but confidence coming into the 2014 NFL season.
While he didn’t win the Super Bowl last season, Manning is never the type to let a team down. Only four teams have better odds: the Packers (6 to 1), Patriots (7 to 1), 49ers (7 to 1) and Saints (8 to 1). Tebow is interesting because although his quarterbacking skills are not in the same universe as Manning's, he has a large and avid fan base, due at least in part to his strong Christian faith.
Which means that he may not stick in Denver but that teams such as Jacksonville and Miami may be interested because Tebow puts fans in the seats and drives television ratings. It may be March Madness time in college basketball, but the madness that is professional football knows no season. After many horrible, horrible weeks that did not feature any real football, this weekend we will finally get what we all crave: Actual NFL games. In recent years, the Eagles have been relatively successful on the first week of the season.
Considering that two of those seasons ended up as huge disappointments, it seems likely that their success has mostly been due to their scheduled opponents. If you’re paying attention, this is not a particularly good omen for Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley.
When the Eagles played the Jaguars in week two of the 2010 season, the team was undergoing a bit of a change. Hoping to find a franchise quarterback, the Jaguars drafted Blake Bortles with the third pick of the 2014 draft.
Perhaps the reason the Jaguars have struggled is because they  keep spending early picks on guys who sound like they should be starring for the local prep school. If you’re looking for other familiar names on the Jaguars offense, you will be out of luck. After a few solid years in Buffalo, Posluszny headed to a warmer climate by signing with the Jaguars before the 2011 season.
It seems that the Eagles may have to rely on the blitz if they want to get any pressure on opposing quarterbacks. In the AFC, the Broncos have loaded up for a final run behind Peyton Manning but the MVP may be due for a bit of a down year.
The Broncos signed a few big name players to bolster their defense, but as the 2011 Eagles proved, signing big name free agents is no guarantee of success. Despite those possibilities, heading into the season, it seems like a safe pick to say that the Eagles win the division.

But in week one, the Eagles appear to be the superior team, and the final score will reflect that. Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara this year will feature the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.
Both teams were able to move on from Championship Sunday with wins over two really good teams in the Patriots and Cardinals. In the AFC Championship game it was a game dominated by the Denver defense in which they attacked Tom Brady more than many of us have ever seen. Peyton Manning continued to look like a shell of the once prolific passer we all knew, but the experience and intelligence of the future first ballot hall of famer came into play as he made smart decisions and didn’t turn the football over.
The Broncos make it two the Super Bowl for the second time in three years as they lost to the Seattle Seahawks two years ago at Metlife Stadium. The NFC Championship game featured the high powered offense of the Panthers that really just kept churning along all game long.
Cam Newton’s MVP season was cemented with the great individual performance that helped lead his team to their second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history. The Carolina defense also showed up big as they forced seven turnovers from the Cardinals and essentially left the often exciting Arizona offense be reduced to a lack luster product on Sunday.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive ESPN 99.1 MVP Club contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. Manning spent his time away from the gridiron visiting Derek Jeter during his Farewell Tour and visiting college campuses.
For the first time since January, the Eagles will be back in action when they host the Jacksonville Jaguars.
They followed that up with a meltdown of a season that resulted in the firing of head coach Mike Shanahan.
Most people were correct, and coach (and current Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur) was fired after the season.
Louis Rams (2-14) – Many people predicted the Rams to be a dark horse contender that season. Starting quarterback Kevin Kolb had suffered a concussion the week before, and Michael Vick was filling in for him.
The final score was 28-3, and the performance convinced Andy Reid to name Vick the starter for the remainder of the season.
Just like the Eagles under Chip Kelly, the Jaguars were able to improve their record in 2013, although in their case the improvement was much more modest.

This is Henne’s second season with the Jags, and he actually performed better than you would have expected in 2013 after taking over for the frequently injured and ineffective Gabbert.
Longtime running back Maurice Jones-Drew has left town, and will be replaced by Toby Gerhart. Since arriving in Jacksonville, he’s been a solid, if unspectacular player who excels at shutting down the running game.
Between LeSean McCoy, Darren Sproles, and (if he’s actually healthy) Chris Polk, Nick Foles should be handing the ball off quite a bit on Sunday. Keep in mind that a down year for Manning would be a good year for just about anyone else, but I think he’s not going to come close to his 2013 numbers. The league apparently disliked how the Seahawks played defense last year, as the stricter enforcement of defensive holding makes it appear that they’re determined to prevent a repeat. With the rules skewed to help offenses, I figure that one of the best offensive teams in the league should be able to take advantage. Aside from the Eagles, the division’s teams look like they could be among the absolute worst in the league.
I mean, if Robert Griffin can figure out how to play well without getting hurt, the Redskins could do some damage. The Jags will likely improve as the season progresses, and will be a much more difficult opponent at the end of the season.
The Broncos were first in the AFC West Division with Peyton as their starting quarterback and made it all the way to the Big Game in 2013.
The Jaguars are apparently hoping that after serving as Adrian Peterson‘s backup for four years, some of his greatness rubbed off. Between a strong defense and an underrated quarterback in Andy Dalton, the Bengals will surprise people this season. The Cowboys have talent on offense that might be enough to overcome a defense that looks awful.
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And considering that he’s already lucked his way into two Super Bowls, it would probably be foolish to rule out Eli Manning and the Giants.

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