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The initial orders are in, and it's time to start booth sales.  Are your girls working booth sales to go for the top prizes? The company’s design of a white shirt with “young aspiring artist” printed on is not sitting well with some people.
Some art enthusiasts say they are offended by the design of the shirt because it teaches kids at a young age that art has no value.
Old Navy says it apologizes for the design and plans to pull the shirt off store shelves and no longer sell it online.

This latest design controversy is just one of the many this year that major retailers have faced backlash for like Target and even the Children’s Place.
The shirt has a line through the word artist and is replaced with other professions like astronaut or president. These tees include vintage Girl Scout logos and the infamous Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Samoa cookie characters.
Old Navy is a great booth sale location, with high foot-traffic and lots of families shopping there.

The Love crusher tee features and a patriotic Americana inspired screen print, a slightly fitted, feminine cut for a flattering fit.
This crusher tee offers a slightly fitted, feminine cut for a flattering fit and screen print graphics.

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