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Cam Newton wasn't celebrating after his 10-28 performance against the Saints last night. By Rich WinterIs it insane for me to watch the Carolina Panthers every week and expect something different from this team? NBA All-Star'da smac yar?smas?na kat?lmayan Oklahomal? Westbrook, bu yondeki tercihinin nedenini cok iddial? bir sekilde ac?klad?. Oklahoma City Thunder’?n y?ld?z? Russell Westbrook, Smac Yar?smas? ile ilgili ac?klamalarda bulundu.
Sitemizde yay?nlanan haberlerin telif haklar? haber kaynaklar?na aittir, haberleri kopyalamay?n?z.

Westbrook konuyla ilgili olarak “Ben sadece insanlar?n uzerinden smac yapar?m” seklinde iddial? bir ac?klama yapt?.
That's terrible.Several times during the game last night, the commentators floated over to Greg Olsen on the bench.
He's a notch below Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowksi, but I saw a Phil Simms graphic last night that listed him as the No. Yes, I know they started an un-drafted guy at left tackle last night and he got blown up, but run it to the right then, run it up the middle.In Fantasy Football circles, we all shy away from the Jonathon Stewart, DeAngelo Williams hole of death because at the end of the day, the combination is not working.
I want to see him succeed and do some great things, but every time I think he's turned the corner, he takes two steps backwards.Remember when Jon Gruden asked Newton to describe a college football play and Newton couldn't.

His inaccuracy last night was off the charts.Seems to me like this Carolina team doesn't have an identity.

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