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It's not hard to imagine the sleeves and helmet stripe on the black uniform being glow-in-the-dark. If you're into supporting indie sites with your wallet, you can do so by purchasing one of our t-shirts or shopping Amazon with this link. Comparing mortality rates among North Carolina residents and inmates, the study concluded that inmates were less likely to die of alcohol- and drug-related deaths and some chronic diseases. The findings have reignited the debate on healthcare spending, suggesting prisoners receive better access to care than many Americans can afford.
Researchers say it's not the first time a study has found lower death rates among certain groups of inmates—particularly disadvantaged people, who might get protection against violent injuries and murder.

California, according to their Legislative Analysts Office, annually spends $16,000 per inmate on healthcare.
State Senator Michael Rubio of Bakersfield is fighting for the passage of SB 484, requiring the state to reduce spending on inmate healthcare to the same level as the state's per-patient Medi-Cal spending. TakePart is the digital news and lifestyle magazine from Participant Media, the company behind such acclaimed documentaries as CITIZENFOUR, An Inconvenient Truth and Food, Inc. The Kentucky Division of Forestry and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources have jointly acquired 6,732 acres in Union and Crittenden counties at the confluence of the Ohio and Tradewater rivers.
Map of Big Rivers Wildlife Management Area and State ForestBig Rivers WMA and State Forest will provide public recreational opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking, canoeing, wildlife viewing and other activities as a wildlife management area.

As an independent site, we're committed to delivering Buckeye fans the news and analysis they deserve, all while remaining free. A study in the Annals of Epidemiology found that African American males in North Carolina are likely to live longer if they are in prison. Purchase of the property - known locally as the Alcoa Property, or more recently as the Kimball Property - was possible only through the cooperation of private, public and nonprofit agencies.

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