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Turns Out It's Worth $100 Millionon Aug 25, 2016 David Copperfield Breaks Real Estate Records With New Home Purchaseon Aug 25, 2016 Lindsay Lohan Has An Outlandish List Of Demands In Exchange For An Interview On Russian Televisionon Aug 26, 2016 Looking Through Deutsche Bank's $10 Billion Mirror Trade Scandalon Aug 26, 2016 Why On Earth Would Katie Ledecky Be Turning Down A $5 Million Yearly Payday?on Aug 26, 2016 Who are the highest paid college basketball coaches? A successful college basketball program can bring millions of dollars worth of revenue to a school.

Last year the University of Louisville took in more than $40 million in revenue thanks to its basketball program. Duke made close to $30 million, Arizona made $21 million, North Carolina made $19 million and Ohio State made $17 million, just to name a few. In order to have a basketball team that is highly successful both on the court and in the bank, you need spend some serious money on a great coach. The right coach will attract the top talent which in turn will make the team win games which will encourage more alumni donations, TV revenues and ticket sales. If a coach is truly great, he will inundated with NBA job offers, so colleges need to make sure their salaries are competitive.

In fact, the top people on this list make more money than the majority of their NBA counterparts! Before that, Brian attended Georgetown University where he double majored in finance and marketing. Follow him on Google+.Did we make a mistake?Submit a correction suggestion and help us fix it!

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