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The University of Phoenix has pledged to maintain some degree of physical presence in existing markets for its current students after announcing earlier this month that it would close 115 locations.
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Owners of certain snakes and dangerous wild animals in Ohio must have a permit to keep their creatures beginning Wednesday, though the state has issued none. Just seven applications returned to the state had been completed as of Tuesday, while another 30 are in progress, according to Ohio's Department of Agriculture.Watch this storyThe permits are among the last pieces of the state's exotic animal crackdown to take effect, following the 2011 release of dozens of wild animals by a suicidal owner at his eastern Ohio farm. Authorities killed most of the animals, including black bears, African lions and Bengal tigers, fearing for the public's safety.While the law allows for state officials to seize animals that are kept without a permit, that's unlikely to start immediately in the new year. The agriculture department expects to receive applications into the new year, said agency spokeswoman Erica Hawkins."It's not like we can show up and take the animals," Hawkins said in an interview. And Hawkins said the department is eager to work with owners who want to comply with the law.The new restrictions are being challenged by several animal owners, who have asked a federal appeals court in Cincinnati to strike down the law.

They are suing the state's agriculture department and its director over the rules, claiming they infringe on their constitutional rights. Their appeal comes after a federal judge in Columbus upheld the law.Several of the owners in the case believed they were exempt from the law, only to be notified recently by the state that they are not, said Polly Britton, a lobbyist for the Ohio Association of Animal Owners.
They also had to register their animals with the state.Ohio has 888 dangerous wild animals registered by 150 entities. That includes creatures kept at zoos, sanctuaries and other facilities that are exempted from the law. It's our position they don't make good pets, we don't want them in houses as pets, we prefer they be sent down to a sanctuary where they belong and we think we're doing the right thing) BUT UNDER OHIO'S NEW LAW, THIS WILDLIFE REHABILITATOR SAYS HIS GROUP---ARROWHE AD RESCUE---WILL NO LONGER BE ALLOWED TO RESCUE GATORS AND OTHER ANIMALS THAT ARE NOT NATIVE TO OHIO. But the agriculture department believes the majority of those registered belong to the zoos and other exempted facilities.Still, some owners have not notified the state about their animals. Others have transferred their critters to another home without contacting the state, in violation of Ohio's new law.

And officials do not know how many owners fall into those categories.The agriculture department has two full-time staffers dedicated to enforcing the law, along with four others that split time between the program and another.
Hawkins said the agency believes that's enough people to enforce the law."If there's a huge influx (of permits), we'll bring more people on," Hawkins said. OWNERS NOW APPLYING FOR PERMITS MUST PASS BACKGROUND CHECKS, PAY FEES, GET INSURANCE, AND PROVE THEN CAN PROPERLY CONTAIN AND CARE FOR THE ANIMAL. Certainly a cheaper penalty than it is to go through the permitting process and try to do so legally) (karin johnson: and there are other pieces to the law, such as a ban on buying any new exotic animals but that part of the law has been in effect since last year.

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