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Looking for its 20th win of the season, the Ohio State women’s volleyball team is set to play Minnesota in its final home game of the year Wednesday night. There are four seniors on this year’s women’s volleyball team: middle blocker Anna Faul, outside hitter Erin Sekinger, setter Taylor Sherwin and defensive specialist Alyssa Winner. Freshman outside hitter Ashley Wenz also wants to send the seniors out on a positive note, but said she realizes that this isn’t the Buckeyes’ only game this week.
Wenz has also learned a lot this year, she said, as she is one of five freshmen on the women’s volleyball team, and one of two freshmen from Ohio. Freshman outside hitter Luisa Schirmer, said that her first season playing for the Scarlet and Gray has been a great experience. OSU is set to find out if it will compete in the 2014 NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball tournament.
Ohio State WR Michael Thomas (83) runs the ball against Michigan DE Frank Clark (57) Saturday. Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller, left, breaks away from Michigan defenders Thomas Gordon, center, and Jake Ryan during the third quarter of an NCAA college football game in Columbus, Ohio. Meyer put his players and coaches on watch, shifting from the sentimental aftermath of Saturday’s victory over UM to the reality there are holes to fill and room to improve. The answers will flood in this winter when Meyer examines every aspect of the entire program.
WELCOME BACK: Meyer plans to retain all nine assistant coaches, but acknowledged some of them could be targeted by other schools. Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem? Redshirt sophomore Christine Peng-Peng Lee swept the individual awards in all three apparatuses in which she competed, including the uneven bars.
Redshirt senior Samantha Peszek said UCLA’s gymnasts were able to build off of one another’s successes at the regional, which helped them perform to the best of their abilities as a team. In addition to achieving its goal of punching a ticket to the national championship at Fort Worth, Texas, UCLA also managed to rake in the individual awards at the regional.
The highlight of the night, however was the performance by redshirt sophomore Christine Peng-Peng Lee, who managed to sweep the individual awards in all three apparatuses she competed in.
With qualifications officially in the bag, UCLA will now have slightly less than two weeks before making the trip to Texas for the home stretch on April 17. BH family looking for a smart, fun & reliable part-time after school driver & babysitter for a smart, creative 15 year old girl.

Boutique bicoastal tutoring agency is SEEKING TUTORS for students in grades 6-12 in ALL SUBJECTS AND SATs! Last Monday, the California State Assembly passed a bill requiring all single-occupancy restrooms be open to people of any gender. Lawmakers should continue to advance the bill swiftly because of its clear benefits for the transgender community. This bill is unnecessary and businesses should be able to choose how they designate their bathrooms. The California State Assembly should do more to decrease discrimination against transgender people. Flashing forward to 1996, Phil Knight and Oregon Ducks Football Coach Mike Bellotti had establish a great relationship together to the point of even knocking back a few brews in their time. Colorado had just buried the Ducks 38-6 in the 1996 Cotton Bowl, and Knight, the founder and chairman of Nike who ran track for Oregon in the late 1950s, had a question for Bellotti. So Knight kicked in almost $10 million to build a facility that protected the Ducks from the elements in rainy Eugene. Nike, originally named Blue Ribbon Sports back in 1964, was founded to create superior products for superior athletes.
Since then Phil Knight has grown attached to the program so much so that he continues to help in anyway possible.
The money has been critical to build facilities for the following estimated price tags: $70 million for a football performance facility, $60 million toward the renovation of the football stadium, $60 million for an academic center and $100 million for a basketball arena. Another major player in the new era of the Ducks was Tinker Hatfield, Nike’s vice president for design and special projects. New facilities, new jerseys, and a new attitude lead to the creation of the dominate program we know as the University of Oregon Ducks today. That being said, I’m rooting for the Ducks to beat FSU this week and take the natl championship, as well.
Funny, back in the day we thought dude’s name was Phil Nike, when I was on my young ni*%a sh!t!!!!! Oregon has to win the whole thing because they got there duck ass handed to them against auburn a couple years ago. 20 Buckeyes (19-11, 10-8) are looking to send their senior class out with a win against the Golden Gophers (18-11, 8-10). At Bowling Green State University, Utah, and Florida, bitter losses in his debut season helped kindle the Year 2 phenomenon with which he is associated — including a national title in his second year at Florida.

Meyer said his biggest concern is at linebacker, where sophomore star Ryan Shazier is the only returning starter, but he stressed all players and assistants will be placed under scrutiny.
Sophomore Braxton Miller at times dazzled, officially setting a single-season school record with 3,310 total yards of offense.
Meyer said he has not had discussions with any players looking to leave early for the NFL draft, though he acknowledged those will likely come. John Arena in Columbus, Ohio to compete for one of two spots in the NCAA women’s gymnastics championships offered at the NCAA Columbus Regional. 7 Bruins finished the meet with a season second-best score of 197.500, but another of the team’s achievements that wasn’t directly shown on the scoreboard was its consistency – namely how the gymnasts managed to hit all 24 routines on Saturday. Junior Danusia Francis matched Peszek’s 9.950 beam score to share the apparatus accolade with Peszek. This strong relationship would eventually lead Phil Knight and Nike to help rebuild Oregon’s football program into the powerhouse it is today. He also contributed about $10 million toward a lacrosse field and weight room and has given generously to the university at large.
He has taken an active role in the construction of facilities and consulted with athletic department officials on other matters. They had a great wrestling team a few years ago (Chael Sonnen was an All-American for the Ducks), then went and cut the team saying they couldn’t afford the team, and wanted to make more money by adding a baseball team.
Two names to watch are junior defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins, a projected top-20 pick, and third-year sophomore cornerback Bradley Roby. When you think of the Oregon Ducks today, you think about their futuristic jerseys first, then how great they play. To put that into perspective, the best Div1 wrestling programs cost about 750k-1.25M a year.
I guess if phil knight spent some of his dough to help in building some of the athletic facilities, then he can get that.
So why is arizona still kicking the dogsh!t outta errbody in the pac-12 And why is UCLA getting alot of the prized blue chippers out west ?
But if you recruit tomato cans to play football instead of Gatorade all-americans that can compete for natl championships, new facilities or wearing 19 diff uniforms wont matter a damn thing.

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