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CELINA — For more than 50 years, the Western Ohio Educational Foundation (WOEF) has responded to the educational needs of residents in Auglaize, Darke, Mercer, and Van Wert counties by providing the resources to allow residents access to college instruction.
For the 2015-16 academic year, the WOEF scholarship program offered eligible applicants the opportunity to apply for over 270 academic scholarships, grants, and loans worth over $290,000. The accomplishments of the Western Ohio Educational Foundation (WOEF) are a reflection of a community that stands behind higher education. The WOEF scholarship program and other special projects that benefit students would not be continuing and prospering today without the generous funding received from private citizens, businesses, and organizations. Communications major and future script writer and director, Sarah Gibson shares with us and you, her HBCU Experience thus far at Central State University. I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana and I was introduced to HBCU’s through a Black College Club in my city.
I chose an HBCU over a PWI because I felt it would be a place where the staff and faculty cared about me succeeding as much as I did. What professors at Central State University are leaving the most impression upon you as a person and student? He left the most impression upon me as a person and student because he endeavored to explore what I really wanted to do and gave me assignments in regards to it. What is the story of your “experience” to date at Central State University given its heralded status as a stellar and prestigious institution? They have all played in integral part in making sure that my college experience would be the best possible. Among many stories, I was honored as a Student Ambassador to escort my President and First Gentleman at the Dayton Classic and stay by them as a personal assistant for that day. It made me feel important to be under the most important person who has the power to make the greatest decisions at my university. The saddest moment at my HBCU was when I went with a bus full of people to Chicago in order to celebrate the homegoing of a fallen Marauder who was on the football team, this happened during my Freshmen year. The most historical place on my campus is the Clock Tower which sits across from our Sunken Garden. I have had my First Job Interview at college and my First D on a test, but it was brought up to an A. What is your process when you are going through a hardship that you have never faced before? When going through a hardship I have never faced, I face it with previously gained knowledge. Graduate of an HBCU and true believer in HBCUs being the best at giving a well-rounded education academically and personally. Today ETSU offers over 100 undergraduate majors and concentrations from these colleges:  College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business and Technology, College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences, College of Education, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, College of Public Health, Honors College, School of Continuing Studies, and School of Graduate Studies.
To add to ETSU’s long history of providing the area’s top nurses since the College of Nursing’s founding in 1954, ETSU’s Quillen College of Medicine was established in 1978 and is one of two in the state – the other is at UT-Memphis campus. A study published in the June 15, 2010 edition of Annals of Internal Medicine ranked the College of Medicine as the top school in the nation for producing primary care physicians.  For several consecutive years, ETSU has been ranked within the top 10 schools in the country for rural medicine. ETSU’s College of Pharmacy in 2005, rapidly receiving local support to secure the approval.
In December 2007, the College of Public and Allied Health split into two new colleges, the College of Public Health and the College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences. In late 2009, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and the Tennessee Board of Regents authorized the formation of a Ph.D. Why ETSU may be an important factor in considering a career with us:  Many hospitals and health employers are not fortunate to have these resources available, in their backyard, and often in partnership. Stay close to Academics!  Interested in maintaining a relationship on the academic side or personal growth through education? Easy Access:  Because Johnson City isn’t a major metro center, unlike many medical schools and colleges that may be nearby, getting to them may be a challenge with traffic and parking problems, among others. Vice President for Health Affairs and Chief Operating Officer for East Tennessee State University, Dr. Doug is our nationally-known Dean of Admissions at ETSU’s Medical School and welcomes you and your family to Johnson City.
Dean of Admissions Doug Taylor welcomes you to ETSU’s College of Medicine on the VA grounds.
Back to the Historic Southern Conference: With ETSU’s 2015 football program newly-established since it was disbanded in 2003 after 80 years, the Bucs left the Atlantic Sun Conference where ETSU had been since 2005 (A Sun conference members did not field football teams) and re-entered the historic Southern Conference to restore regional rivalries and where it had been previously for 26 years.
Anita DeAngelis discusses the incredible proliferation of Arts and Entertainment programs made available to the community due to the generous 2009 endowment which founded and supports the Mary B Martin School of the Arts. A faculty member in ETSU’s Department of Art and Design since 1994, Anita DeAngelis was appointed as Director of East Tennessee State University’s new Mary B.
ETSU and Jonesborough are the “destinations of choice” in the world for contemporary storytelling and Dr. The ETSU Center for Appalachian Studies and Services embraces our resource-rich culture, and continues to guide our spirit and way of life, and attracts newcomers to our region.  Dr. The Department houses the Bachelor of Arts in Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music Studies, along with three minors (Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Country Music Studies, Appalachian Studies, and Environmental Studies). In addition to its undergraduate programs, the Department offers a Graduate Certificate in Appalachian Studies and a Master of Arts in Appalachian Studies, which is a natural fit for ETSU, with its strong history of service to Appalachia and a mission that embraces its Southern Appalachian identity and setting. Under the umbrella of CASS are also the Reece Museum, Archives of Appalachia, and Now and Then, a department periodical featuring art and stories, as well as historical articles focused on Appalachia. ETSU Director of Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music Studies, Daniel Boner is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who has toured internationally and his music can be heard on more than fifty recordings, including his 2007 solo album, The Gospel Way. A Scotch-tasting fundraiser featuring the finest scotch whiskeys from Scotland was held at the Carnegie Hotel to benefit the Thomas G.

An ETSU student quartet from the Center for Appalachian Studies and Services department performs during the event. Born and raised in Jerusalem, Noa Baum offers a unique approach to storytelling in communities and organizations. What started as a filmmaker’s 2010 documentary about plastic bags evolved into a wholesale investigation into plastics and their effect on our waterways, oceans, and even our bodies.  The film begins by Jeb Berrier exploring the effects of plastic bags, opting to stop using them as his wife enters pregnancy and then turns into an investigation of the pollution and negative impact of plastic bags.
The Philadelphia Dance Company (also known as Philadanco) is a professional dance company based in Philadelphia that specializes in modern contemporary dance.  The organization was founded in 1970 by Artistic Director Joan Myers Brown. Theresa Hammons welcomes you to Reece Museum on ETSU’s campus, one of just 700AAM-accredited museums in America, and shares interesting treasures from the museum’s sole permanent exhibit featuring the area’s Country Music history. The Gray Fossil Museum, located in the town of Grey on a geologic dig that was first discovered during a state road expansion project, is officially known as the East Tennessee State University and General Shale Brick Natural History Museum and Visitor Center, displays some of the fossil finds from the Gray Fossil Site. Jim reviews the premier Mountain Empire Model Railroad exhibit, built in modules by his organization to portray the classic “Appalachian railroad countryside” that would have been typical in the region in the 20th Century. Jim shares a unique wood-carved train that was made over more than a decade by an inmate in a regional federal prison.
Accounting and Business Programs at ETSU are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The Department of Computer and Information Sciences programs in computer science, information technology and information systems are each accredited by ABET. ETSU’s College of Public Health is one of only 4 sites in the nation chosen by the National Association of County and City Health Officials to host a training center, called “Survive and Thrive,” that provides education and professional development for newly-appointed health department officials in the Southeast. The ETSU Grey Fossil Site, discovered in 2000, has earned the distinction of being the home to the greatest number of tapir at any single fossil location in the world.  More than 35,000 guests visited the museum last year. Along with its $100,000,000 endowment, according to a report released by the university in 2012 using a methodology developed by the U.S.
ETSU is growing – a lot.  A study using the same methodology in 2001 showed the total economic impact ETSU had was $328 million, an increase of approximately 90 percent in the 2000s.
Supporting Innovation: The ETSU Innovation Lab is full service incubator designed to support entrepreneurs and investors to affect the successful establishment of technology start-up and spin-off businesses in order to achieve technology transfer, create jobs, and enhance economic development within the region (website below).
Downtown Presence: Northeast State Community College renovated the old Courthouse building in the Downtown Center and now has a presence Downtown offering numerous classes, while ETSU will move its Bluegrass program there, creating a compelling “buzz” about our Economic Development Council’s aggressive plans to attract businesses, but also residents and students to Downtown – learn more in Economy Review.
Acknowledging the Top Students: Honors College at East Tennessee State University provides numerous opportunities and benefits to students, including The University Honors Scholars Program which offers incoming freshmen a specially-designed curriculum.
This four-year program provides full scholarship support and the atmosphere of a small liberal arts college within the larger university community. Numerous Honors-in-Discipline Programs are offered in a variety of degree programs at ETSU. The Midway Honors Scholars Program recognizes exceptional students who wish to transfer to ETSU. The Fine & Performing Arts Scholars Program is a unique interdisciplinary program designed to acknowledge and reward students who excel in the arts and wish to work closely with exceptional faculty artists in a variety of areas. Due to its high demand, while preference is given to Washington County residents, there is an annual lottery system that is administered to determine new student enrollment (Reviewed in Schools and Colleges). Big-Time Thanks: to Joe Smith, ETSU Director of Media Relations, for your help in coordinating our visit to campus and with all of these ETSU personnel.  We really appreciate you, Joe!
The Online Accelerated MBA from Cleveland State University is one of the first online, one-year MBAs that is AACSB accredited. Live and Learn - on the go or at home: learn and study on your own schedule from anywhere, all course requirements are completed online. The foundation secured the funding to build and operate an institution of higher education, and, since 1962, WOEF has remained strongly committed to the success of the Lake Campus. Since 1965, WOEF has awarded more than $3.4 million in scholarships to more than 2,600 new and continuing students. For over 50 years, WOEF board members, as well as many regional donors, have remained committed to providing higher education opportunities to the residents of west central Ohio.
To this day, what he’s done that means so much to me goes beyond me, but also what he has done with other students in the classroom. I had a plan when I came in to be done a semester early, pledging will divert me from that goal. I am a Student Ambassador, NABJ Member and Secretary, the new Student Activities Senator, in the Honors Program, I served as a Marauder Fellow, Student Activities Committee Member and Secretary, Student Affairs Committee Member, Sophomore Class Secretary, Wesley Village Hall Council Member, English Tutor, and I am now also a Tour Guide as well. In 1943, East Tennessee State Teacher’s College was expanded into a college with a range of liberal arts offerings, becoming East Tennessee State College. The American Academy of Family Physicians recognized Quillen as one of the top 10 schools in the nation for producing family physicians.  Primary care physicians who choose to stay here and practice are among America’s best and follow Mountain States Health Alliance’s mission to “Bring Loving Care to Health Care” as well as do a phenomenal job supporting our specialists. Full accreditation was granted in June 2010, shortly after the first class of the College of Pharmacy graduated.
Are your other employment options next to a major university and medical school with numerous Health Science programs? ETSU offers tremendous resources and a wide variety of options to start a new degree program or obtain an advanced degree. Martin Eason gives instruction in a class laboratory to medical students Anushri Desai (4th year, will attend Yale Medical School next year) and Tori Hale (3rd year) – both with interests in anesthesiology residencies, using a human patient simulator at the ETSU Quillen College of Medicine. Olsen demonstrates a Google Glass device in conjunction with Surgical Chloe – a patented, surgical simulator developed with Gaumard Scientific. In 2011 the Quillen College of Medicine completed an alumni-funded medical student center and commons and in this video Doug opens its doors to visit this impressive facility that provides a “home away from home” for the college’s future physicians.
Sander welcomes you to the Athletic facilities and discusses ETSU’s decision to change conferences and “go back to its roots;” to the Southern Conference and to historic regional rivalries, and rejuvenation of ETSU’s football program. Sherri White are featured community leaders and they are interviewed in Neighbor Perspectives.

Martin School of the Arts, explains its founding, mission, and the wide variety of programs it sponsors and brings to our region.
Martin School of the Arts was implemented in January 2009 following a generous endowment to name the school for Mary B.
Martin School of the Arts is to provide a focal point for the arts at ETSU that will create a new level of awareness of the visual and performing arts among faculty, staff, students and the general public, and to bring to the region a program of public performances and exhibitions that will bring greater distinction to both the University and the region. Martin School of the Arts in 2009, which has launched a “new era” of Performing Arts at ETSU and for our community. Joseph Sobol welcomes you to ETSU’s unique Storytelling masters degree program, explaining its founding and how the program interacts with education, medicine, theater, ministry, and business.
Sobol discusses the relationship between storytelling and medicine at ETSU and the medical school here in Johnson City, which comes from the compelling rural culture of our region. Roberta Herrin contemplates why most people come to the region with a preconception but come to adore it; similarly with Bluegrass music, what is often considered a “simple” genre is genuinely respected after learning about it. The Department is also home home to the study-abroad program in Appalachian, Scottish, and Irish Studies (ASIS). Daniel talks about his upbringing, the importance of “the music” to the people of our region, and it’s in the fabric of Southern Appalachia.
Since 1982, she has inspired and educated audiences of all ages with her performances, keynotes, and workshops. Fossils on exhibit include a sabor-toothed cat, short-faced bear, ground sloth, the largest known collection of tapir bones on earth, and a red panda.  The museum opened on August 31, 2007. Wallace through part of the museum: he explains the different compositions of the exhibits, including a cast of one of the original Rhinoceros skeletons which actually may be a new species, as well as a quote on the museum wall in Dr. Irwin is now working with Washington County Archives and is featured in Neighbor Perspectives – he contributes a video interview on the compelling History of Washington County in his profile.
These prestigious dual accreditations are held by only 1% of business and accounting programs worldwide. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the combination of student spending, employment opportunities and activities in the community offered by East Tennessee State University contributes close to $683 million to the regional economy.  The impact on household income is $253 million and ETSU helped create 5,261 full-time jobs and the average pay of those jobs is $48,218.
Over that time ETSU’s enrollment grew 25% the fall 2001 of 11,576 to 15,536 in the fall of 2011. These programs are designed to provide students specially designed, in-depth, and hands-on experiences in a chosen area of study.
The program looks for students that have excelled at a different university or have graduated from a Tennessee Community College and wish to pursue an enriched honors opportunity at ETSU. The program involves sharing your artistic endeavors and part of your coursework with students in your class.
When clicked on, YouTube® links open on its own server and may contain offensive language or advertising. You'll receive Apple's iPad 4G to access your course materials so you can study on your own schedule from anywhere. The Ohio Grocers Association event featured regional winners from Ohio supermarkets and was hosted at the Buehler’s Milltown location in Wooster. This program, the first of its kind in the United States, will focus on sports science and physiology in athletics. Bishop, DPA, BSN, MPA, MSEd, MSN is one of the most respected and recognizable figures at ETSU.
Stanford is the only other known medical school incorporating Google Glass into its instruction, which includes placing them on the manikin so students can see their work from the patient’s perspective. The availability of entertainment channeled through the School of the Arts has improved the quality of life for all of us.  There is a list of brochures below which show the diversity of arts that the Mary B.
The program’s roots are in the National Storytelling Festival which was founded in Jonesborough. She discusses America’s fascination with it, and how physicians and healthcare professionals adjust to working in our region after sometimes arriving with a negative stereotype. This year’s event will feature single-malt selections from Scotland’s Highlands and Islands, plus a special surprise Scotch to conclude the evening.  Wellington’s restaurant provided heavy hors d’oeuvres. Through a unique Roving Artist’s program, scholars are challenged to assist in projects across the university campus and region.
When you click on any YouTube link what opens is not on the same server which hosts this Online Job Tour.
Long beat 14 competitors to win the title, which comes with a $1,000 check and a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the National Grocers Association Best Bagger Championship in February 2017. It will feature concentrations in sport physiology and sport performance, and is expected to start in 2010. She has been instrumental along with the core senior executive leadership of Health Sciences  that has grown them significantly in the 2000s and up to the present. Guests enjoyed music by the ETSU Celtic Pride Band and the gift of a Glencairn Whisky glass. She is also a featured community leader in Neighbor Perspectives and we also share a link to her page on ETSU below, under ETSU-related Websites. She has presented at hundreds of venues including: The World Bank, The Mayo Clinic, The Kennedy Center, The US Defense Department, GWU Law School, Brandies and Stanford Universities, and Hebrew University. Thomas Burton, who initiated and developed the Appalachian, Scottish and Irish Studies Program.  It financially assists student participants in the ASIS study abroad course in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Her one-woman show for adults, A Land Twice Promised, received a grant from the National Storytelling Network.

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