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Cleveland State University inaugurated its new Honors Program fall 2004 with a class of 40 highly motivated, academically talented first-year students. All new students admitted to the program as freshmen receive scholarships covering their tuition, academic fees and books. Honors students enroll in at least four honors core courses during their freshman and sophomore years at CSU.
Teaching assistantships are provided to assist department in carrying out their undergraduate instructional programs. Please note that we are a state university and we do not offer any federal financial aid to international students. Established as a state-assisted university in 1964, Cleveland State University (CSU) is located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio along the shores of Lake Erie. Cleveland State University offers six undergraduate colleges: Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Sciences, Education & Social Services, Business, Urban Affairs, and Engineering. The English as a Second Language Program at Cleveland State University offers a variety of courses.
Cleveland State University is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The entire CSU campus community, including students, faculty, and staff are provided a wide array of campus-wide programs throughout the year. I would like periodically to receive free the EuroEducation Newsletter with information on course opportunities, new developments in the field of education and special offers reserved for the EuroEducation Newsletter subscribers. Youngstown state university, Youngstown state university is an ohio urban research university with a wide variety higher education programs and majors.

Honors students accept the challenge of participating in intensive and specialized versions of general education classes, and are granted special consideration in several areas including preference in registration and extended university library borrowing privileges. These courses offer greater breadth or depth than standard university general education classes. Teaching assistants aid faculty members in assembling classroom materials, leading discussion groups, supervising laboratory sessions, evaluating student performance, and carrying out other related instructional activities. However you do have the option of applying for a graduate assistantship or tuition waiver along with your application or after you have been formally admitted to the university. Cleveland boasts of many cultural attractions, leading medical centers, and large multinational companies. Graduate work is offered through the College of Graduate Studies and the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Our university policy is that we consider students with the following scores - 50% or higher in the Analytical and Quantitative section. We have approximately 650 MBA students and another 400 students in our other graduate business degree programs. Research Assistantships are provided to assist faculty and staff members in conducting research. CSU is a dynamic urban campus situated on 85 acres with 40 buildings used for teaching, research, housing, and recreation.
The graduate courses, while designed to assist International Teaching Assistants with communication skills, are open to all graduate students. These organizations invite students to join and participate in academic, social, professional, and recreational activities.

International students have many opportunities for both academic and personal growth at CSU. Students transferring from another college or university are not required to submit these results.
Required scores usually depends on the department however the verbal score needs to be at least 5% or higher. Whenever possible, research assistants are assigned to individuals working in a variety of areas in order to extend the research experience and professional development of the graduate students. There is also an Intensive English Language Program that provides 20 hours of instruction per week in all of the language skills. The Center for International Services and Programs (CISP) is designed to help international students transition into the campus both academically and personally.
Administrative assistantships are provided to assist departments, divisions, institutes, colleges, and other offices of the University in managing their respective units.
Completion of the Intensive English Language Program is another option for those students who have not yet fulfilled their English proficiency requirement.
Administrative assistants are exposed to a variety of administrative experiences and tasks to prepare them for future professional roles.

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