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An online master’s degree in criminal justice – corrections may sound like an unusually specific choice for graduate school, and you may be worried that it will limit your career choices after graduation.
Taking all the necessary steps to enroll in graduate school can seem daunting – especially if your time is already occupied with a full-time job, familial commitments, or community obligations. Albertus Magus College offers a holistic masters in criminal justice online at affordable rates.
An online master’s degree in criminal justice – corrections from Albertus Magnus College offers a “holistic” approach to law enforcement education. South University allows students of many educational backgrounds enroll and get an online masters in criminal justice directly from any computer that has access to the internet. One appeal of South University’s Criminal Justice program is that it allows students of many educational backgrounds to enroll. Work towards a career in criminal justice with a masters in criminal justice online at Kent State University.
Kent State University’s Criminal Justice Program is perfect for current criminology professionals at all levels of experience. Enter the online masters criminal justice program at Colorado University at an affordable rate. Colorado University is a reputable public school in the West, offering courses at multiple campuses as well as through distance education. Eastern Kentucky University offers an online masters in criminal justice online for students who want to earn their masters degree from any computer. Eastern Kentucky University’s accredited online master’s degree in criminal justice – corrections is actually quite unique. The University of Oklahoma offers a comprehensive and affordable online criminal justice masters degree. University of Oklahoma’s College of Liberal Studies offers a comprehensive, affordable online master’s degree in criminal justice – corrections.
Work towards a masters in criminal justice online from any state at a cheap rate at Columbia College. Columbia College is an online institution that also offers programs at numerous campuses around the country, offering students unparalleled flexibility when it comes to choosing when and where to take courses.
Kaplan University has masters in criminal justice program for students who want work towards a career in law or government. Kaplan University is a ubiquitous name in the education industry, offering everything from college courses to private tutoring services.
Saint Leo University is an accredited affordable university that offers an online criminal justice masters degree.
Saint Leo University stands in front of a long history of stellar education, offering reputable, useful programs since 1889. Grand Canyon University is one of the least expensive institutions that offers a masters in criminal justice online program for students on a budget.
Grand Canyon University may be the least expensive institution on the list, but that doesn’t mean its programs are also the least impressive.
Iris Stone began her writing career when she started working as a freelance writer and researcher in 2011. You will spend the second year of graduate study on the Bowling Green campus in Bowling Green, Ohio.
A minimum of 50 semester hours evenly divided between the two disciplines is required for the Dual Degree program.
A special feature of the department is the writer-in-residence program, sponsored by the Max Kade Foundation, which brings an Austrian or German writer to campus each fall semester.

You can take part in the German Drama Workshop in the spring semester, You will be able to participate in activities, such as the German Club, the weekly Stammtisch, and the International Film Series. There are also many opportunities to become acquainted with German and Austrian exchange students who are on the Bowling Green campus each year. But truthfully, such programs are actually quite flexible, combining general, theoretical education in criminology with specialized classes that allow students to pursue work in law enforcement, investigative work, community assistance, offender rehabilitation, or even politics. Chances are, you’re looking for a school that’s high quality, accredited, accessible, will accept your transfer credits, and is affordable. These online schools offer classes to students almost anywhere in the country, only asking that you own a computer and have regular internet access. Faculty encourage students to take a head-on approach to some of the biggest challenges currently facing the industry, from administration to the youth justice system. Students with bachelor’s degrees in sociology, political science, criminology, anthropology, public administration, psychology, and business are all eligible for the program.
Those who want to move into leadership positions at work benefit from classes covering everything from victim advocacy to global security. One of the few online schools to provide a graduate corrections degree as more than simply a supplementary concentration, EKU’s entire program is dedicated to Adult, Juvenile, and Community Corrections. All classes are held online, and are accessible from any computer with access to the internet.
Organized mainly as a Criminology degree, students can then pursue a certificate that both allows them to explore their unique interests and prepares them for more specialized careers. Their Criminal Justice program primarily focuses on preparing current professionals for management positions, which is why it’s master’s degree in criminal justice corrections online also has an administrative focus. Its university programs cover nearly every level of study – often at a lower price point than traditional schools. Its top online master’s degree in criminal justice – corrections, divided into core criminal justice classes and specialty corrections courses, prepares numerous graduates for advanced law enforcement work every year. Her freelance business soon took off and she now owns and operates a writing and editing firm that works with clients all across the country. At Bowling Green, you will take courses within the department and in related fields to complete your credit requirements (a minimum of 32 semester hours is required for the M.A. Dual Degree students pursuing the thesis plan write one thesis on a subject relevant to both fields. In addition to public readings, the writer ordinarily teaches a course on contemporary literature for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Most importantly, graduate programs often emphasize leadership tactics, allowing current professionals to propel their careers into coveted management roles.
In order to truly prepare for successful future careers, students must also complete an internship and write a final thesis paper. The degree itself is also quite diverse, allowing learners to explore specializations in Homeland Security, Corrections, or Cybercrime as their interests dictate.
The online graduate degree in criminal justice – corrections concentration focuses specifically on issues of parole, probation, and institutional treatment. News current ranks CU as the 9th top graduate school in criminal justice in the entire country. The optional Graduate Certificate in either Corrections Leadership or Juvenile Justice Leadership provides additional training for students who aspire to management positions. The Corrections Certificate includes courses in Correctional Leadership, Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System, and Collateral Effects of Incarceration. The core courses cover the basics of criminal justice, policy development, research analysis and design, and ethics.

The cheap online master’s degree in criminal justice corrections is no exception, available for a total investment of about $20,000. Although the school’s emphasis is on law enforcement rather than corrections, the program closely resembles many other corrections degrees. Despite the time it takes to run a business she still does much of the writing herself, and her work has included a variety of content related to education policy, colleges and universities, academic programs, and graduates’ careers. News and offer undebatable evidence of their quality, and their affordability is all in the numbers. A school that takes “flexibility” to a new level, Albertus Magnus allows learners to explore completely online, blended, or even FLEX courses, giving students the opportunity to choose whatever format suits them from class to class.
The online master’s degree in Criminal Justice – Corrections offers courses in Theory and Practice of Institutional Corrections, Community Corrections and Re-entry Programs, and more. Dedicated faculty deliver all 10+ classes via Blackboard and other online platforms, utilizing PowerPoint presentations, video chats, discussion groups, and other novel resources. Its highly customizable program allows students to create their own speciality out of a long list of electives.
Other certificate options cover advanced study in either Drug Abuse Policy and Management, Restorative Justice, or Administration and Leadership. Veterans, active duty military members and spouses, and international students enjoy steep discounts as well. Students learn about investigative procedures, restorative justice, ethics, and research methodologies.
Her interests actually span far beyond writing, and she is currently studying to be a physicist!
In addition, you must either write a thesis (plan I) or pass comprehensive exams (plan II) to complete your M.A.
As the ten cheapest online master’s degrees in criminal justice corrections in the entire country, these schools’ tuition rates are all below the cost of a standard college education.
92% of South graduates deem the education “valuable,” and nearly as many speak highly of the meaningful online courses. The Carnegie Foundation lists Kent as one of the top research universities in the country, while Times Higher Education labeled it one of the Top 200 institutions in the world in 2010. As one of the best online master’s degree programs in criminal justice corrections, qualified graduates can easily find work as FBI and CIA agents, criminal investigators, and corrections professionals.
News, Forbes, and Military Times EDGE magazine have recognized EKU for its top online programs, commitment to community engagement, and special programs for veterans. Diemer, a distinguished professor with almost three decades of experience in investigative fields.
This graduate program also overlaps with online master’s degrees in criminal justice – corrections in its focus on leadership and management practices.
News currently ranks AMC as #115 for Regional Universities (North) and #42 for Best Colleges for Veterans. Colorado is full of police chiefs who are also CU alumni, while others have even gone on to become mayors or work in research. After completing 18 required classes, those with a special interest in Corrections can study treatment methodology, corrections leadership, contemporary issues and trends, and more. In addition, the Shanghai Jiao Tong University international ranking listed 301st in the world, tied with many other well-known “Big 12” schools.

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