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A chiller plant consists of myriad mechanical equipment situated behind an enclosure, meaning that the architecture can be just about anything. At each stage of the design we try to find diametrically opposite concepts that answer the program requirements and then evaluate and analyze their strengths. How does the building compare to other projects in your office, be it the same or other building types? We do believe in Client types however and find that Universities like Ohio State often seek and profit by innovative design. How does the building relate to contemporary architectural trends, be it sustainability, technology, etc.?
What we learned a lot about glass and precast concrete that will influence future projects. Ohio Wesleyan University is held in high regards to Ohio natives, as it was one of the original liberal arts colleges in the state. The school is located just outside of Columbus, on a beautiful 200 acre Delaware landscape.
The long history of community service and encouragement of civility shows in the achievements of the students. With 80% of students actively volunteering for community and school oriented services, the campus life at Ohio Wesleyan University provides a strong supportive atmosphere for students and faculty. Despite where you are standing on the Ohio Wesleyan University campus, you are bound to be amidst deep rooted greatness – many of the buildings located throughout the campus are nationally recognized as historic landmarks.
Students can enjoy hands-on learning experiences outside the classroom by taking part in the student operated greenhouses located on campus, as well as the wildlife preserve! Ohio Wesleyan University faculty members are readily available for all students to assist with the financial aid aspect of college life.
Proudly, over 95% of students that attend Ohio Wesleyan University receive merit-based financial aid that helps alleviate some or in some cases all, of the financial aspects of the college experience.
The Princeton Review – Ohio Wesleyan University focuses on education and relationship building - showcased by the study abroad program. Forbes’ List of America’s Top Colleges – For its strong ethics and devotion to education, Ohio Wesleyan University ranks in at #170 overall for national colleges and #139 for the private sector. Note: Facts compiled from school website as well as various data sources, such as US Department of Education, US News and World Report, IPEDS, Forbes, College Board and NCES.

We promote the value of a liberal arts degree to students, parents, and high-school counselors, and gives liberal arts schools the opportunity to highlight their unique characteristics.
One example is Helmut Jahn's glassy enclosure (featured previously) at the University of Chicago, which puts the pipes and machinery on display. We believe that the best solutions are the ones that integrate ideas from all the project stakeholders and work hard to maintain a free flow of ideas among the team members. For example, we studied a 10 story chiller and we also studied burying the chiller plant under a park. Generally we have observed that the most innovative designs are often the first of a building type by that designer.
The school was opened and still operates under the core values of mentorship and close bonded relationships to strengthen education.
The serene yet active community located on and off campus provide a well balanced atmosphere for students to study and still maintain active social lives. The college honors the Methodist Founders with its everlasting bond with the United Methodist Church – however, the school encourages and welcomes students of all faiths.
Ohio Wesleyan students have dedicated themselves to building medical clinics in Africa, developed national research networks for diseases and have taken stood up for their beliefs against community aspects such as poverty, homelessness and the overall well being of citizens. The campus grounds provide a balanced mix of rustic historical architecture of the resident halls with the modern day creativity of buildings such as the science center ad Founders Hall. The prestigious Beeghlye Library is located in the very heart of the campus grounds, filled with over 500,000 books available to students. These programs are available to enable students the freedom they need to grow while learning new skills and career paths.
From finding the right opportunities to submitting the correct paperwork – Financial Advisers are available to answer your questions during the process.
Ohio Wesleyan also offers individual work study programs that place students in positions on and off campus, building character, knowledge and relationships, while helping with the bills! One more interesting precast note: The University was not pleased with earlier precast installations on campus because of staining and streaking. The metallic layer changes the wave length and therefore the color of light passing through. The design was so cost effective when bid that the Owner was able to upgrade the Chiller design.

This school offers a strong foundation for students to build bright and well-rounded futures that incorporate a passion for the arts with an open mind.
Students can also choose from a wide variety of major and minor programs outside the liberal arts focus. Built on the foundation of community service, prosperity and unity in 1842, Ohio Wesleyan University strives to carry out the mission of the Founders. In addition, the library is also nationally recognized for having the nations’ oldest and largest depository for federal documents. Providing this type of strong, diverse environment also enables students to use critical thinking and decision making skills regularly.
Whether you are looking for traditional forms of financial aid such as the FAFSA loan or want to venture into the grant and scholarship sectors – staff and faculty members work diligently to help you find the right fit for your needs. Further, strategic openings reveal some of the plant's inner workings, yet without putting unduly heat loads on the interior spaces. Since the metal is also reflective the dichroic produces different reflected and transmitted colors. The University has already installed an additional four chillers that they originally thought would come online at a future date. Ohio Wesleyan University is highly selective in their acceptance process for this very reason.
The college has a strong reputation for community service as many of the early graduates went on to serve as missionaries and members of the Peace Corps. Offering diverse coeducational programs that can be cultivated in this interscholastic community is the mission of Ohio Wesleyan and it shows in their structure, design and curriculum. In fact, Ohio Wesleyan University was once known as the West Point of Missions due to the large amount of graduates that displayed such service.

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