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Around 30 farmers from across Northwest Ohio are learning more about making their small farm acreage more profitable. Branch office of Ohio State University, it combines the needs of local citizens and communities, with new research and technical information. Site contains information on the political history of Crawford County, cemeteries and memorial sites in the county. We changed venue today to fit some late arriving participants, which is great to know that you are gaining people as you go instead of the other way around. The group is also starting to get more involved in the material, especially in the afternoon when we started the first group activities.
Interestingly, I wanted to film such heated interactions in Amharic (the official language), but as soon as I pointed the camera, silence.
In any case, I believe they are enjoying the course, especially because at the end of the day I received several requests for pictures.
I am not sure about you, but I do not have a lot of pictures requests from my students when I finish a class!
The mountains surrounding the city are mainly composed of basalt volcanic rock, which are several millions of years old.
As one of my hosts indicated to me, “When you see such rocks in a building, you know you are in Gondar!” In short the rock is a symbol of the Gondar region. If the person greeting you already knows you, then you will get a full hug, which again last several seconds.
Today we started the training, and the phrase “play by ear” perfectly describes the morning. The key in this type of extension and outreach training programs is to expect the unexpected and take it easy. Finally, they gave us the Conference Room at the Dean’s suite reserved only for special occasions (which my courses always fit that description!!). A former dean and a chair are among the faculty attending the training program, which is a very different crowd from two years ago, as all of the people attending today are faculty.
Also very important to know is that no matter what happens to the schedule, never, never, never, never, ever skip the coffee break.
Ethiopia is claimed to be the birth place of coffee, so the coffee tradition is millenarian, and the “ceremony of coffee” is very important and a great opportunity to socialize. It has been wonderful working with all the Ohio State and Ethiopian faculty and students during the One Health Summer activity that run from June 7th to this week. The commitments from both student trainees and partner administrators has been unsurpassed.
Importantly, personally, I also learned few more things about Ethiopia and partnership along the way. As we move forward, the Ohio State Health Sciences task force will resume its activity in full force. Destaya and colleagues are clearly altruistic, focused on the larger community and the optometric profession.
I was voluntary and happy when requested to be part of the Rabies Knowledge Attitudes and Practice assessment in and around Gondar. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UOG, Welcoming Ohio State students at Hotel Lamergeyer.
The next step was to start the job– interviewing various individuals and professionals as per the project proposal. Because, it is cultivation season, the periurban community leaders and communities were super busy plowing. The UOG–OSU rabies project team members after successful interviews of various target groups of the study at Debark, 105 km from Gondar, where UOG is located. Dr.Baye Molla and the OSU students (Laura Binkely, Karissa Magnuson, Korbin Smith and Allyson Sterman) before getting to attend the graduation ceremony of the UoG on July 6, 2013. I had the privilege of facilitating a 1.5 day workshop for stakeholders committed to the control and eradication of rabies in Ethiopia.
While not everyone could make it for all of the sessions on both days, we had 45-60 participants in each session which demonstrated the importance of rabies control in Ethiopia.
Tamiru Berhanu, a partner for the rabies collaborations between the University of Gondar and Ohio State, and Mary Jo Burkhard.

We had four main topics to cover in the workshop: surveillance and reporting, how to identify people exposed to rabies and develop standards for immediate care of bite wounds, controlling rabies in the dogs and other animals, and education for both urban and rural areas.
Even though I spent nearly all of my time in the workshop rooms, I learned a lot about Ethiopian culture just from listening to the discussions and hearing the recommendations.
Ohio State student Korbin Smith helps interview a farmer in the South Gondar region of Ethiopia. The content of this site is published by the site owner(s) and is not a statement of advice, opinion, or information pertaining to The Ohio State University. Isian Bowersock, Kelsey Brenneman, Kollan Dull, and Jordan Fetzer, members of the Lincolnview Industrial Technology Cub made eight plyometric jump boxes for Lincolnview’s weight training classes and athletic programs. Our dental team and our families are involved throughout Waverly, Piketon and Pike Counties. They became really enthusiastic, and strong discussions and conversations occurred throughout the afternoon. During one of them we had the opportunity to enjoy Ethiopian donuts and learn more about our families and jobs (pay attention to the order of topics discussed). Here it is customary to salute you with at least an extended handshake and a soft touch of shoulder to shoulder (you incline forward and gently touch your peer’s shoulder and stay there for a few seconds sharing pleasantries).
And finally, if they have great respect for you, then the hug will be accompanied by three touches of the cheek , first right, then left and then right again.
The process is very social and very beautiful because of the protocol that is followed: grass spread around for the green color that mean peace and calm, to the placement of flowers, to the accommodation of all the utensils in the short table, to the hot coals (see in the background) where the coffee is carefully reheat before serve, etc. Everyone from the Buckeye nation (Ohio State) showed wonderful professionalism throughout the Summer Institute.
Students and faculty from five of our seven health science colleges and also School of Environment and Natural Resources have all been great to work with.
I am sure all my colleagues tasted the ultimate hospitality and motivation both in classrooms and social settings and learned a great deal of variations in traditions.
It gives me a great pleasure seeing the trainees’ eyes wide open in the various lectures, sharing the Ohio State students’ excitement for service learning (even some requested opportunities for next year before leaving Ethiopia), and reading all the blog posts from our students and faculty members. On behalf of the Ohio State Health Sciences One Health task force, thank you to all those who participated in the Summer institute! Seleshe Nigatu of the University of Gondar as I opened the research ethics class in the Summer Institute with a discussion of the Tuskegee Study.
Tomorrow, the class tackles animal care and use in research and biorepositories (thanks to Donna McCarthy and Mark Merrick and their lecture materials).
Jodi Ford from the College of Nursing, who taught research methods at the University of Gondar earlier in July. They had a clear “vision” of the future of optometry in the country and all of Africa, and envision themselves as leaders in public health as it relates to eye care in east Africa.
The University of Gondar team was established ahead of the arrival of Ohio State teams, and was made up of lecturers and assistant professors from College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM). Wassie Molla, coordinator of the project from UOG, held a meeting to allow the teams from Ohio State and UOG to meet and discuss the interview questions, recording on the ipad, and consent of interviewees at the meeting hall of FVM. At this critical time, it was necessary for us to meet this group of people for the interview. I am having an immense experience working in a team, appreciate  learning about a different culture, and developing more friendships among the Ohio State team and from the University of Gondar as well. The program was made successful due to the significant contribution of Ohio State professors. We had approximately 70 registrants including representatives from a number of agencies such as the Ethiopian Health and National Research Institute (EHNRI), Federal Ministries, Center for Disease Control (CDC); partners including conservation, environmental, research and vaccine development groups, as well as a host of faculty and students from the University of Gondor, Addis Ababa University, and The Ohio State University. Particularly when you consider that the session was held on a regional campus approximately 23 km outside of downtown Addis Ababa that required navigation through substantial traffic! Debasue Damtie (at right, taking notes on participant responses), a professor from the University of Gondor, leads one of the breakout sessions.
However, I am also looking forward to seeing more of Addis Ababa over the next couple of days now that the conference is over and personally experiencing more of the Ethiopian culture!
Neither text, nor links to other websites, is reviewed or endorsed by The Ohio State University.
The snow plows will be used in local parades during the summer, and the service of next winter’s snow plowing.

The program is run through the Ohio State University Extension office and is ideally suited for students as the near graduation. From sponsoring baseball teams to school plays, we realize the value of giving back to the community in which we live. Learn more about our town, the residents of our town and the activities that make us happy to call Waverly, Ohio home.
The sessions will be held at the Putnam County Extension Office on Monday night's through March 28th. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. And as I mentioned before, you become a good jazz player in improvising and adjusting the timing and rhythm to be able to still produce a good melody. Some of the upcoming activities will include visits by the Ethiopia partner universities delegation; continued pilot projects on cervical cancer screen-and-treat, rabies intervention, electronic capacity-building, and service-learning clinical activities by neurosurgery and nursing teams. Andrew Emch made their way to the Department of Optometry housed in the International Fistula Training Center at the University of Gondar. The mission of our team in these different places was to contact responsible government bodies and to discuss and debrief the rabies project objective in Gondar particularly, as well as Ethiopia at large, before beginning work. Dr.Molla (Ohio State professor) with two of the first batch of MPH-VPH graduates on June 6, 2013. Wondwossen Gebreyes from OSU, two of the meeting organizers working on details before the start of the session. Tamiru Berhanu, a veterinarian and lecturer at the University of Gondor (UOG), served as one of our small group facilitators. One of the strongest themes that arose in all of the sessions was the need to include traditional Ethiopian healers in the process by combining culturally-accepted, traditional methods of treatment and training of traditional healers with rabies vaccination programs and current medical treatments for bite wound care.
The following students shown in the photo worked hard on their blue and yellow design this year of the abominable snow man: Lauren Leatherman, Logan Jewel, Kelsey Pavel, Michaela Campbell, and Gwen Burdette.
Real Money, Real World is an interactive spending simulation that provides the opportunity to make lifestyle and budget choices similar to those made by adults. She is currently the Head of the Make-Up Committee for Piketon K-6 and Piketon High School Musical Department. The class of almost 60 people from the University of Gondar and Addis Ababa University, along with other Ethiopian institutions of higher learning, had expertise ranging across medicine, veterinary medicine, economics, and pharmacy.
The Department’s mission statement reads, “The profession of optometry offers comprehensive eye care services to all mankind. They return tomorrow to tour the clinical facilities and discuss strategies for advanced contact lens fitting instruction and practice in the UoG clinic. Students have three preparatory class sessions where they are given a career, monthly salary and life situation such as number of children. The training program has the philosophy of producing skilled manpower equipped with adequate knowledge, skills and attitude to deliver such eye care services in the most ethical manner, both on the national and international level.” What institution wouldn’t aspire to that? Dean found that the optometry bond ran deep, declaring the faculty at UoG “more similar than different to us,” and he was struck by the faculty’s honesty and candor and that they truly held nothing back.
As we continued on, I began to see how important the issue of rabies is, and how much it affects my country. Tamiru Berhanu is one of the partners for the rabies collaborations between the University of Gondar and Ohio State. Once the classroom sessions end, the class meets with volunteers from local businesses to make budget management and lifestyle decisions. Everywhere we went people stopped their daily activities to meet with us, allowing our groups to finish interviews more quickly than originally anticipated. Andrew declared the faculty, “Enthusiastic and proud, yet self-aware.” Unusual characteristics for faculty members, don’t you think? Due to our efficiency, our teams were asked to take on the challenge of an additional city and we did so in stride. Once I figured out the Ethiopian way of addressing people, it became a lot less confusing to sort through our excel spreadsheets of the participant list!

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