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If you have trouble accessing this page and need to request an alternate format, contact the Webmaster. The Eastern Kentucky Colonels men's basketball team is a college basketball team at Eastern Kentucky University, located in Richmond, Kentucky.
A blog for dorms, apartments, and other various forms of student housing, both on and off campus.
I was pretty excited to shoot some shots of my friend’s apartment for a newspaper assignment.
After a busy week of class, studying and tests a break away from the books is necessary on the weekends. North Market is a public market with over 30 merchants offering a wide variety of local foods and crafts.  Plan on coming with an empty stomach because there are plenty of dining options available. Arena District is one of the most popular in downtown Columbus and known for the Nationwide Arena, music venues, bars and restaurants.
As a college student, the theater may not be your first choice, but don’t brush it off so quickly! Okay, there are surely lots of great eats available to students living off campus at Ohio State University, but for you noobs or those of you that are looking to branch out of the norms we have a few suggestions. I’m not sure if we saved the best for the last, but Adriatico’s is located on the south end of campus and it has to be a go-to. Imagine this: you’re walking down a seemingly endless street of houses, jealous of your friend for having rented (but in your mind, lucked out) the very last 1 bedroom vacancy.
Familiarize yourself with the apartment, and make sure everything’s what you wanted it to be in the first place. Olentangy Village Apartments and Condominiums is a unique apartment community close to Ohio State University. Riverwatch Tower is located across the street from the French Field House, the Schottenstein Center and within walking distance to restaurants, bars, shopping and all the activities on the Ohio State University campus.
If you are looking for an apartment in the heart of downtown Columbus then Annex West is a great option. Townley Court Apartments is a converted downtown hotel that still holds its original charm with crown molding, high ceiling and large windows.
The Elite 100 is proud to have the 2016 NCAA Division I, II and III National Championship teams to Camp. The Elite 100 Lacrosse Camp provides players with advanced training and playing opportunities that can be used to take their game to new heights and is open to any and all participants. All coaches at Elite 100 are top Division I, II and III coaches from the premier programs in the country. Campers will also benefit from the recruiting opportunities offered through our in-camp college recruiting seminar and our network of college coaches who work on staff at The Elite 100. All campers should be Rising 9th (2021), Rising 10th (2020), Rising 11th (2019) or Rising 12th (2018) graders. While at Elite 100, players will reside in Stoneride and Marblehead Halls conveniently located near the lacrosse fields.

The Elite 100 Recruiting Seminar for Parents is an opportunity for parents to learn more about the college recruiting, admission and financial aid process.
The Elite 100 Staff: The following institutions will be coaching a team at the Elite 100 camp! If you are a new student at Ohio State University or just haven’t had the chance to check these places out, we recommend you step away from your schoolwork and enjoy these areas and activities near campus.
You can enjoy the tastes of Holy Smoke BBQ, Best of the Wurst and Pastaria along with many others. The Ohio Theater is host to more than 100 CAPA shows a year including performances by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, BalletMet and Broadway Across America. Outside, you’re not treated any better: it’s a blizzard of a storm, icicles violently flying about, stinging you upon contact. In fact, we won’t let this happen—one, because no such weather exists in Ohio (or at least hopefully), and two, because we’re about to arm you with the knowledge you need to make sure this doesn’t  happen, and that you’re actually able to live your life with comfort. At the end of every year, new graduate students flood into the job market, but also the housing market.
Who knows, your neighbors might all be drummers, or worse, maybe the water takes eons to get hot.
It’s a somber time when you are forced to trade in lake days and TV marathons for school books and late night studying. So, we are helping you out and making the process a whole lot easier. Below you will find our top apartment picks for any student on any budget at Ohio State University. The complex offers on site laundry, free off-site parking, a fitness center and furnished units along with 24-7 emergency maintenance.
If you have a fear of missing out on anything Buckeye or simply want a short walk to class then this may be a good choice. Annex West is a luxury apartment complex offering premium 1 & 2 bedroom apartments with granite counter tops, hardwood floors, rooftop terraces and washer and dryers.
The University of Denver, Limestone and Tufts University will be on the Elite 100 Staff along with 100 other colleges and universities.
Whether you are looking to compete at the NCAA Division I, II or III level, the Elite 100 Lacrosse Camp will help you reach your goals. One All Star game for Rising seniors (2018) and one for Rising Sophomores (2020) and Rising Juniors (2019). When you register you can pick the college coach (college) that you would like to play for at the Elite 100.
We will have a represented coach from a NCAA Division I, II and III institution on the panel.
The Colonels appeared in the NAIA Men's Tournament two years in 1945 and 1946 with a combined tournament total of 3-2. If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to check out Pure Imagination Chocolatier or pick up a treat from one of the local bakeries. Spend the day walking the brick laid streets, admiring the unique architecture and reading in one of the beautiful parks in the area. The thick and piling snow slows your every move, and at the same time gets in the way of your eyes, making the thought of having a roof under your head ever so distant.

Most of them have 12 month leases, and as those are coming to a close (as summer’s almost over), you can see why it’s about to get hectic. I’d also check up on the customer and maintenance services—those are significant factors to your happiness at your prospect apartment, after all.
Follow these 5 tips, and not only will you be way ahead in the apartment hunt, but you’ll also be guaranteed a happy, and worry-free lease.
If you are looking for an apartment with historic charm and an easy walk to campus, these are worth checking out. If you are a student on a budget or someone who appreciates old charm then this is a great option. The camp features a staff of coaches who have the experience and dedication necessary to help you develop on and off the field. If you have no preference for which college (coach) you want to play for that is fine, we will put you on a team. The zip rush tour is a 1 to 1.5 hour tour that has you flying over two sky bridges and a choice of a free fall experience or a rappel.
No kidding, you’re thinking to yourself as yet another sharp icicle jabs you in the side, “Man, if only I had a studio to myself. Also, prepare some extra cash—lower priced apartments don’t tend to provide utilities, for instance. If you knew that the person who rented this unit before you paid less than the 450 a month deal, then why can’t you?
Class schedule – check, purchasing books – check, digging out pens and notebooks – check, finding your apartment for next year – wait, what? Each team at Elite 100 will have a maximum of 20 college bound players which will provide you with a ton of playing time and exposure to the college coaches. Meals provide a variety of youth-friendly and healthy selections, including vegetarian options. The Colonels are currently coached by Jeff Neubauer, who came to EKU at the start of the 2005-2006 season. Also, if neighboring apartments have lower expenses, then use that to your advantage and offer a cheaper price. Nothing’s worse than searching last minute, and having to deal with a housing market that’s almost rented out.
Keep in mind that landlords are more willing to rent if you choose a 12 month lease, work, or attend summer school—not just the regular school year.
It may seem crazy, but yes, it’s time to start thinking about where you will live next year.
Finding off campus housing in Columbus is tough – especially if you wait until the winter or spring, so start early and get “find an apartment for next school year” checked off your to do list.

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