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Orton Hall on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus houses the Department of Geology, which includes offices for several researchers affiliated with the Byrd Polar Research Center, including Terry Wilson and Larry Krissek.
But Mike Willis knew about the extraordinary work scientists at Byrd Polar have been doing in Antarctica and the Arctic, as well as in high alpine regions throughout the world.
That was while Willis was still living in his native Scotland, attesting to the center’s international reputation. The center’s history dates back to the International Geophysical Year (IGY), a coordinated scientific campaign that began in 1957 to study the world in unprecedented detail, with particular focus on the polar regions. In 1960, Goldthwait helped establish the Institute of Polar Studies and became its first director. More than just the name has changed in the last five decades, according to BPRC’s current director, Berry Lyons. The concept of climate change may seem relatively new given the long-term memory lapses of today’s culture, but scientists at BPRC took notice of the changes at the poles at least 40 years ago. Located in Columbus, Ohio, the Ohio State University’s School of Communication is located on the university’s main campus.
Listed in “The Public Ivies: America’s Flagship Public Universities,” OSU has been a member of the exclusive Association of American Universities.

According to their official website, OSU’s School of Communication aims to help students understand the “processes, role and power of communication.” The program focuses on fostering practical as well as analytical communication skills, with a thorough grounding in established principles of communication.
Undergraduate communication degrees are available with emphasis on Communication Analysis and Practice, New Media and Communication Technology, Strategic Communication and Public Affairs Journalism. As one of the top three graduate communication programs in the United States, with many top-ranked areas of specialty, OSU emphasizes flexible, individualized study with an emphasis on empiricism. Ohio State University has a strong tradition of emphasizing empiricism, and research from the School of Communication is often published in prestigious industry journals. Richard Goldthwait, a geologist from OSU, had conducted research in Antarctica since the 1930s and participated in IGY. In 1987, after the institute acquired the papers and memorabilia of famed polar explorer Adm. That’s when John Mercer, a glaciologist at OSU, first suggested that the West Antarctic ice sheet might be unstable.
Larry Krissek, an associate professor of earth sciences, arrived at OSU in 1982 before the polar institute changed its name.
OSU is considered a more selective school, and students must first complete a pre-journalism or pre-communication major before applying to the undergraduate communication program.

OSU offers both Master of Fine Arts degrees and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in communications that are research-oriented. However, OSU doctoral graduates have also gone on to work as media research directors or as communications specialists with the government. From November of 2010 through August of 2011, the OSU School of Communication faculty had 50 research articles accepted for publication to peer-reviewed academic journals, 52 research articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals and seven awards for top papers.
News & World Report has ranked OSU as number 55 in America and as number 18 among American public universities.
OSU enjoys a stellar reputation across the world, as well, and was ranked 111th in the world in “QS World University Rankings” in 2011. Two editorships were awarded and eight grants, including two external grants, were awarded to faculty and students.Be Sociable, Share!

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