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Texans love Texas football, according to data released by Facebook on Friday—and so do New Mexicans, Coloradans, Missourians, and North Dakotans. Florida, meanwhile, not only dominates its own state in Facebook likes, but counties strewn across Tennessee, North Carolina, and much of New England. The map makes good fodder for trash-talk as the college football season kicks off this weekend. In any case, Facebook likes don't count for much on the field, as the San Francisco 49ers found out earlier this year.
Another distortion comes from the fact that Facebook only looked at fans of the nation’s top 25 teams. Finally, the use of counties as the unit of measurement is misleading, since some counties are far more populous than others. The Longhorns, in fact, have the most Facebook fans of any current top-25 college football team in 543 different counties around the country.

Ohio State captures every county in Ohio, plus Northern Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, much of West Virginia, and pockets of Arizona and Nevada. On the other end of the spectrum are three teams that do not have the most Facebook likes in any counties—not even their own.
So your team’s poor showing may have as much to do with a weak social-media strategy than a true dearth of support.
That enabled Oregon, for instance, to sweep the state of Washington, since neither Washington nor Washington State was eligible.
Los Angeles County, for instance, has nearly five times as many people as the entire state of New Mexico.
In each case, the former team carries scores of counties spanning multiple states while the latter holds just one or two. And Texas and Nebraska would not have been able to divide up Colorado had the Buffaloes been in play.

My Neighbor Says Ia€™m a€?Exposing Her Son to Lewd Behaviora€? by Having Sex in My Own Home. By the same token, the formula disadvantaged SEC teams, since they all have close neighbors in the top 25. The region is in play partly thanks to Boston College’s absence from the rankings, but do New Englanders really not have a better alternative than faraway Florida?

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