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Matt Schmitz, a fourth-year in welding engineering at Ohio State, has had more than a little bad luck when it comes to renting in the off-campus area. His dissatisfaction with his experience is shared among many students who choose to live off-campus, but OSU is working to implement a program that aims to help students avoid situations like Schmitz’s.
After his landlord was unresponsive about fixing the problems, Schmitz and his roommates met with OSU Student Legal Services, a law office that provides legal advice to students, and decided to put their rent in escrow, meaning have a third-party service hold the money, rather than paying their landlord until the issues were addressed.
Schmitz and his roommates are still in the process of trying to collect all the court-ordered money their former landlord owes them, although they moved out of the residence in August when their one-year lease was up.
The Off-Campus Housing Excellence Program was recently established by the Office of Student Life as a response to “landlord requests for increased collaboration with the university, and parent and student requests for additional information about off-campus housing and off-campus living,” said Neighborhood Services and Collaboration program coordinator Alex Sanchez. Undergraduate Student Government President Taylor Stepp said all students should know what they’re getting into before they sign a lease, part of the goal driving OSU’s new program. Stepp, a fourth-year in public affairs, has had his own issues during his off-campus living experience. Stepp said hearing situations of students being taken advantage of by landlords led him to envision what OSU could do to help. The new OSU program consists of three components: home visits, education, and eventually, enhanced rental property information.
Landlords can elect to participate in the home visits, which entail Sanchez and a representative from Columbus Fire visiting all units of said landlord or company. Registration forms for landlords to sign up to participate in the home visits were made available last week, Sanchez said in an email, and he expects owners and property managers to return those soon, allowing him to begin scheduling home visits.
In a statement from Student Life Vice President Javaune Adams-Gaston emailed to The Lantern, Adams-Gaston said the Off-Campus Housing Excellence Program reflects the mission of the Office of Student Life. Some students’ concerns about off-campus living were elevated after a house of 15 people in OSU’s off-campus area discovered Aug. Derek Vickers, a fourth-year in chemical engineering, said he has had a generally positive experience renting in the off-campus area, as any maintenance requests he’s had to make for his “really old, over 100-year-old” house have been remedied by his landlord. Not all students were keen on the idea of having university intervention on rental information though. Cory Sharkey, a second-year in exploration who lives off-campus, said students should be responsible for gathering their own information when looking for a place to live.

The Ohio State University Mansfield Campus offers the reputation and academic excellence of one of the world's finest universities, but with the size and friendliness of a small town.
Select a learning community, if you are interested in living in specially designed group housing.
As such, Student Life University Housing supports the academic and social success of all its residents. Staff will not ask for any more information than is required to meet the student’s housing needs, and all disclosed information will be kept strictly confidential. By being a member of the residence hall community, you accept the responsibility to maintain a spirit of mutual respect and understanding, and to abide by the OSU community standards. An earlier version of this story stated 5,000 students responded to the email about off-campus housing.
We demand excellence in design, accuracy in budgeting, quality in products, and uncompromising skill in construction practices. In Schmitz’s current off-campus home, his roommates are dealing with another kind of pest — a cockroach infestation. Sanchez said the education component has already been implemented through outreach programs like the first-year success series and Second-year Transformational Experience Program safety workshop, and home visits should start within the next few weeks. During the visits, Sanchez plans to use a checklist “developed in collaboration with the Office of Student Life, parents, students and landlords and the Columbus Fire Department” to assess the properties. Residents will be alerted when the visits are set to happen, and can reschedule for times they will be home, between 9 a.m. He noted, however, that when he originally began his off-campus housing search, he did not think there was adequate rental information available to him, which he said would have been helpful to him considering how old his house is. This complex is not owned by the University, and the University does not endorse any off campus properties. These lists are not complete, and we know there are a number of apartment communities and rental properties in the Mansfield area that may be willing to consider student renters.
This web site will guide you through the steps you need to take to complete your online housing contract.
Use the interactive Campus Map to see the location of specific buildings, then click on Residence Halls for more details.

Within our diverse community of residence halls, University Housing affirms that one's dignity and uniqueness should be recognized and respected regardless of distinctions in identity.
These include respecting others’ privacy, respecting difference and behaving in ways that support a learning, inclusive, safe and supportive environment. It highlighted what it called areas of excellence such as building the community and improving housing infrastructure. Schmitz said, however, his new landlord has had an exterminator come to combat the problem. Information gathered during the home visits will eventually be posted on Student Life’s Neighborhood Services and Collaboration website to provide current and future students the information to “make informed decisions about future housing needs,” Sanchez said. The residents, who live on 13th Avenue and are OSU students, thought a locked door in the basement led to a utility closet. Read the information carefully to become familiar with the questions you will need to answer during the online contract process. One of the ways we achieve this goal is by offering a wide range of on-campus housing options for undergraduate and graduate students. Before requesting changes based on cultural, sexual or religious orientation or social media profiles, please know that our cornerstones will always first dictate that you are encouraged to meet your roommate(s) and get to know them better. In fact,in a recent survey, The Summit was the only off-campus housing to receive an A+ ranking by students. When one of the house’s residents opened the door, they found a bedroom complete with framed photographs and textbooks.
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