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Grass Lake's Theresa Rankin and Lumen Christi's Dustin Hueber wrestle during Wrestling Division 3 District 182 Championship at Lumen Christi High School Wednesday, February 5, 2014. There are so many great college football rivalries throughout the nation and so much history that make college football great.
Most memorable moment in flag & touch football:Being named the MVP on Defense at the 1996 USFTL National Touch Football Championships! LeBron and the Cavaliers are on the cusp of giving Cleveland fans their first championship in more than 50 years.
LeBron James is one step away from delivering on his promise to those ring-starved fans in Cleveland. Cleveland is making its second finals appearance and first since 2007, when it was swept by the San Antonio Spurs.
In order to end that drought they'll have to beat a Warriors team that finished the regular season with a league-best 67 wins.
Olympic gold medalist Dominique Moceanu was only 14 years-old when she captured the world’s heart (and the gold medal!) at the 1996 Atlanta Games in the field of gymnastics.
Being the youngest member of the team was extremely special for me because I was the last 14 year-old ever to make the Olympic cut-off date. In many ways, I felt like an adult trapped in a 70 pound body, but in many other ways, I felt young and innocent. I was an all-around gymnast, meaning that I competed in every event, although balance beam and floor were my favorites. After the Olympics, enrollment to join our sport dramatically increased across the country. There was no greater sense of accomplishment than what we did in Atlanta — and watching our flag being raised for the first time gave me a sense that we really accomplished our goal and made a difference in our sport!
The very first thing I did after my team and I got off of the podium was meet the President of the United States with his family, and then we went to the surprise party Bruce Willis and Demi Moore threw for us at Planet Hollywood.
After that, when all of the competition days were over, some of my teammates and I raided the fridge! There’s a lot of controversy about how gymnasts, especially girls, are trained, and the dietary restrictions placed upon them.
Today, I try to work with up-and-coming athletes and their parents to make sure that they realize the importance of a complete healthy diet. We met so many fans on tour, and it was special to see how meaningful our victory had been to the people in the United States. I am also an ambassador of the sport of gymnastics through the camps, clinics, and private lessons I teach across the country.
After a while, the distance became difficult and all I wanted to do was be closer to Mike, so I thought, “I’m young once; let’s take a chance on this!” So I moved to Ohio, where Mike is now a foot and ankle surgeon, and we’ve been together ever since. With both parents as gymnasts, it would be surprising if the baby doesn’t show gymnastic potential! If she likes it, that would be great to be both her mom and her coach some day, but I would never force the sport on her. If you were a Magnificent 7 fan, be sure to watch the Today show on Saturday morning — the whole team will be reunited for a segment!
It’s hard for me to believe that tiny little gold medalist I remember from 1996 is married and soon to be a mama!

I am sorry, but I am really not a fan of some pictures, especially the first one with the medal. Dominique, I want to say congratulations to you both on the marriage and the new baby soon to come. Michigan State, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Minnesota all claim rivalries against the Wolverines.
These rivalries are also tension filled because they often determine conference and national championships. With players coming and going every year the teams are different, but the tension and the excitement of the rivalry games is always there.
Smith added 18 points off the bench as the Cavaliers routed the Atlanta Hawks 118-88 to complete the series sweep and secure a spot in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.
The Cavs have never won an NBA title in their 45 seasons, and the city hasn't even celebrated a title in any sport since the Browns won the NFL championship in 1964. Today, Dominique, 26, is all grown up, married and expecting her first baby, a girl, on January 3rd.
She chatted with us about the pressures of being a young athlete, how she’s having a healthy pregnancy, and of course, winning Olympic Gold. Anything that they had to do, they were willing to do, including bringing me to the gym at 6 a.m.
I was at the gym early in the morning, then I went to school, and then after school I was back at the gym again. It was only when I was interviewed at nine and labeled as an “Olympic hopeful” that I realized that I really did want it.Meanwhile, I was doing very well at the gymnastics competitions. You can no longer be 14 and go to the Olympics; you must be 15 turning 16 within the Olympic year. As I walked up to the podium with my teammates, I felt so proud and honored that our team won in front of our own country in the centennial Olympic Games.
And in retrospect, I can look back and see that some of the training and restrictions on diet are not so healthy.
We exchanged a few words, and I remember telling him, “Just hang in there!” and he looked at me like, “Who is this little kid?” Little did he know that I had just won the Junior National title!
I had a rough first trimester, complete with all-day morning sickness and two bouts with the flu! I do a lot of walking and stretching now, and I’ll work out in a healthy, normal way to lose the weight once the baby comes.
She has been through quite some ups and downs growing up, and it’s great to see that she succeeded in creating a happy, healthy life after all. Because of Michigan’s on-again-off-again dominance over the last century they have many enemies. In the last 10 years either Oklahoma or Texas has played in the national championship game 5 times. I was the odd European child with immigrant parents who ate weird foods, had a bowl cut hairdo. It was truly something magical!  What my teammates and I did made history and we influenced the lives of many children. At the time, it was really hard for me being on a restricted diet, but it was all part of what it took to accomplish my goals. I should graduate by the spring of 2009, since I will be taking the spring 2008 semester off to spend time being a new mom.

By this point, we were both retired gymnasts and I was finally old enough to think about dating.
The fundamentals you learn in gymnastics help prepare you for any sport that you choose later in life and overall physical health. As far as work, 2008 is an Olympic year, so I definitely want to be involved with anything that’s going on in the gymnastics world. I always wondered what she was up to nowadays and I was so happy to hear that she was married and pregnant.
With those genes there’s no doubt that adorable baby is going to grow up to be BEAUTIFUL. Since I was an Elite level gymnast, I was dedicated to eating healthy and being physically fit. Everyone represented something truly special and we each brought a spark to the collective group through our individual talents and personalities. I stayed focused on that and then ate a little more freely when the competitions were over. I was constantly dieting and preparing myself to be in the best shape that I could be in physically.
I was living in Texas, and Mike was in Cleveland, so we did the long-distance dating thing. It’s great to see her turn into a beautiful and talented woman and excited that her daughter may someday want to do gymnastics as well. I was only 8 years old, but I still remember jumping up and down on the bed when they won the medal. I can’t wait to see you and the rest of The Magnificent Seven tomorrow on the Today show. Anyway, I wish her and her family the very best in life and hope that she continues her inspiring presence in the world. That dominance has generated some angry enemies who have been caught in the wake of their football dominance. Michigan leads all time, but the last 10 years has been largely Ohio State leading to more tension and excitement when the two meet each year. Tensions run high and schools, students, and communities are put on alert and come together for these big games.
Most of the teams are in the same conference which adds to the drama of the game since the teams are often competing for a conference championship. For instance, BYU and Utah Utes football teams used to be in the same conference for years, but in 2011 both left the Mountain West.
The teams have continued the rivalry game although it now happens earlier in the season and lost some of the hype because it is a non-conference game. But at BYU the statues and landmarks are still wrapped in plastic to avoid damage from Ute Students the week leading up to the big game indicating that the rivalry is still alive.

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