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I used my tried and true vodka jello shot recipe and poured half of the jello mixture into scooped-out lemon halves, chilled them overnight, and sliced them up before the party. My dad got into the classy football party spirit as well and served Cable Car Cocktails - a drink made up of Captain Morgan, orange curacao, and homemade lemon sour.
Three big football games occurred yesterday to capture the attention of everyone in my household. My sister' school Florida lost to Florida State, my dad's alma matter Penn State lost to my mom's Wisconsin, and at the end of the day, it was best to be a Wolverine!! For home football games, bars open early, like 7am early, and students dress up as if it’s Halloween. The Purdue Grand Prix is a go-kart race held annually on Purdue University’s West Lafayette, Indiana campus since 1958. Sigma Alpha Epsilon at UMICH takes to the front of their fraternity house to challenge others in the Greek system to a game of football – and it gets crazy.

Students jump into the lake on campus around midnight on the Tuesday night prior to the annual football game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines. If you need a memory kick, re-visit My Very First Blog Post, where I highlighted these cookies.
The cocktail glasses get rimmed with cinnamon sugar, and the mixed up liquid gets poured into the glass in a circular motion.
People start dropping early enough to go back out in the evening, if they’re true warriors. A campus of 40,000+ students celebrate a seemingly ordinary bike race by engaging in a week of mind-blowing, wasted beyond your wildest dreams, non-stop parties. We put scarlet and gray paper and other OSU items on all the doors of our faculty who earned a degree from our rivals. Class shuts down and drunken students stumble from bar to bar, frat to frat, street to street, drinking everything in sight and no amount of alcohol poisoning can stop them.

OSU patriots have been seen turning Michigan flags upside-down when the UM faithful have their backs turned.
And one year, a rather enthusiastic OSU grad student took down the Michigan decorations as they were being put up, not understanding the concept of a shared celebration. We even make it known to faculty candidates and the dean candidates when we conducted a dean search years ago. Barrett used to have a full-size cutout of Brutus, which Bronson stole during Michigan Week 1998.

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