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At the Moe's Southwest Grill Lacrosse Classic, the UMass Minutemen lacrosse team hosted the 14th ranked Ohio State Buckeyes.
Nike Lacrosse uploaded pictures of the 2013 Nike Vapor Elite Gloves that some of the best teams in the country will be sporting this spring. The Lacrosse Network brings you the second stop on the 2012 LXM Pro Tour, LXM 619, on Coronado Island. There are very few videos that you watch in life, which create an immediate and lasting impression. These are the home versions of the digs these teams will wear in the Rose, Sugar, and championship games.

As ESPN points out, 14 of the 16 BCS titles were won by Nike schools, so the all-Nike playoff lineup isn't unusual. 6 Notre Dame men's lacrosse team captured an 8-7 win over Ohio State on Wednesday afternoon at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium.
The new three-quarter design allows for maximum protection in crucial areas and lower profile then other armguards.
The direct inject impact ribs add increased slash protection on fingers, back of hand, and wrist.
For the most part, all of the teams' uniforms look pretty close to their normal get-ups, with the addition of that diamond swoosh.

Alabama has a base layer (aka undershirt) with "mantras, quotes, and team inspirations" that also happens to look like an elephant's skin. Ohio State's base layer and gloves include handwritten notes from former head coach Woody Hayes.

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