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Online colleges schools & classes university phoenix, University of phoenix offers campus and online degree programs certificate courses and individual online classes. Online college & university devry university, In new york devry university operates as devry college of new york. Uei college career training education california , Uei and uei college are career training schools with colleges in california and georgia. These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Graduation Attire" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here.
Hone in on the hemline: Graduation is a time when students really take a step into the world of adulthood, and the length of your dress should reflect that. Strut your stuff: During the ceremony, the only thing people will be able to see are your shoes, so make sure you can walk in them.

College graduation is a symbol of all the hard work you put into four years of classes preparing you for the real world. After four years of fashion hits and misses, every fashionista is bound to want to look like perfection on a day that celebrates what is sure to be one of her proudest accomplishments. No matter what color dress you choose, think about what type of sleeve you’re looking for. Try to avoid anything super flouncy or short if you plan on taking pictures outside since the Ohio wind is notorious for having Marilyn Monroe-like effects. Avoid pumps with skinny heels and sky-high wedges that would risk you taking a tumble on the field. Keeping it classy while staying true to who you are after four whirlwind years will keep you confident all the way across the 50-yard line. I recommend something strapless or sleeveless that would allow you to easily layer a cardigan without any unwanted shoulder padding.

If you prefer shorter dresses, look for something that hits just above the knee to avoid shortening the look of your legs while maintaining some modesty. You’re likely to be standing in the procession line for a while so two- to three-inch wedges will probably be your most comfortable high-heel option.
Wearing something that you feel comfortable and confident in will ensure that you are ready to take the next steps into the rest of your life. If white isn’t totally your thing, you have plenty of other options including floral patterns, nautical stripes or pretty pastels. You can also opt for a tea-length dress that will hit just below the knee if you feel comfortable more covered up.

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