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The rival Red Sox, meanwhile, dominate New England while also maintaining social-media strongholds in distant states such as Idaho and Utah. But before you Yankees fans get carried away, there are a few things the rest of us would like you to keep in mind about this map. Those who are into this sort of thing might also enjoy Facebook's map of NFL fandom, which is at least as flattering to the Dallas Cowboys as this one is to the Yankees.
Update: Facebook has helpfully provided Slate with some additional data showing not only which teams carried the most counties but which have the most Facebook fans overall. The Big Ten is the most recent team to receive the Simpsons treatment, after the ACC and the Big 12 earned some satirical glory themselves. As a Wisconsin alum, this humble blogger isn’t quite sure how to feel about being depicted as Barney from the Simpsons. Again, with Madison so close to our heart, the joke is on Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan here, no question (well, Purdue too, but that’s whatever). We have no idea here what to make of Iowa, and it looks like Bumblebee man looks a little confused himself. Then again, maybe he’s just wondering what Grandpa Simpson and a turtle are doing there in the first place.

They command a plurality of Facebook-likers not only in their home state but across swaths of the mid-Atlantic, the Bayou, the Great Plains, and the Far West, including big chunks of Hawaii and Alaska.
The fan bases of the Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers, meanwhile, are more geographically cohesive, though still sprawling in their own rights. With just four counties, the White Sox appear as a tiny enclave on this map, making their fan base look relatively pathetic. There's also a Facebook map of college-football fandom, which looks good for the Texas Longhorns. We would describe why, but that’s just even more mean than the fact they got either the little brother or the Evil Empire treatment. This site is NOT an official website, nor affiliate, for any universities, colleges, professional sports organizations, corporate entities, or the NCAA.
The map also makes the Minnesota Twins, Seattle Mariners, and Colorado Rockies appear surprisingly popular. Not even their own, where they’re overshadowed by the San Francisco Giants and Yankees, respectively. But one of those happens to be Cook County—the second-largest in America by population, with more than 5 million people.

My Neighbor Says Ia€™m a€?Exposing Her Son to Lewd Behaviora€? by Having Sex in My Own Home. The Miami Marlins fare only slightly better, holding just Miami-Dade county and one other (Okeechobee, I believe) while ceding the bulk of south Florida to a team based more than 1,000 miles away. At the risk of stating the obvious, the map over-represents the sort of fan who goes around liking things on Facebook (cough, San Francisco Giants). That’s as many as all the counties in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Nebraska combined. That goes double for the Dodgers, whose geographically modest Southern California fan base is almost certainly one of the country’s largest if you count people instead of counties. The seemingly lowly Mets almost certainly have more Facebook fans overall than a team like the Kansas City Royals, even if they don't constitute a plurality in any one county.

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