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With football season fast approaching, some Ohio State freshmen have been looking for ways to learn Buckeye traditions.
A Saturday OSU Student Life Welcome Week event called Buckeye Kick-Off featuring multiple speakers and an OSU marching band performance helped get them riled up. First-year in health sciences Brian Giannetti said Buckeye Kick-Off was a great start to his first OSU football season as a student. When the gates to Ohio Stadium opened, the fans were seated in the west stands as highlights of the 2012 football season flashed on the scoreboard. Attendees were shown a message from two-time Heisman Trophy winner and President and CEO of the OSU Alumni Association, Archie Griffin.
The Block “O” director of football operations Jake Bradley unveiled the new banner that will be unfurled at every home game in the student section that reads, “The People.

Then came the entrance of the OSU marching band, which performed what director Jon Waters described as “the greatest tradition in college band history,” Script Ohio.
The band then went through many of the different songs and chants that are heard during a football game, including “Hang On Sloopy” and Stadium O-H-I-O. Anthony Schlegel, former Buckeye linebacker and the team’s assistant strength and conditioning coach, told attendees sitting down at football games will not be permitted. Some students who haven’t memorized the words of “Carmen Ohio” felt they got much needed extra practice. Students in attendance were already predicting perfection for the upcoming season before a ball has even been snapped — neither Giannetti nor Matt Groves, a first-year in biology, hesitated to say they expect the Buckeyes to go undefeated for the second year in a row.
Sharp is a recent OSU graduate in industrial engineering who was the recipient of several scholarships and was involved in Greek life, the OSU Spirit Program and served as a student ambassador during his time at OSU.

He implored students to support all Buckeye athletic teams and to take advantage of the numerous opportunities afforded them at OSU. He told everyone to “(turn) up the juice” and teaching everyone how to perform the pregame “quick cals,” a tradition Meyer started last season.

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