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The Royal Proclamation by King George III on October 7, 1763 prompted the organization and control of the newly acquired French Territory in North America at the conclusion of the Seven Years’ War, or as American colonists would dub it, the French and Indian War. Aside from the immediate task of regulating the colonial expansion, the royal proclamation also influenced the management of other ceded French colonies, namely Quebec, Grenada, East and West Florida.
One of the biggest problems that faced the British efforts was dealing with land speculators in the European and British colonies. The Royal Proclamation of 1763 had already been in the works before the events of Pontiac’s rebellion, but the formal outbreak of the violent conflict only hastened its completion.
The resulting action of the proclamation had created the boundary line that identified British colonies mostly on the Atlantic coasts, and the American Indian Lands (also referred to as the Indian reserve) that plied west of the Appalachian Mountains. All of a sudden, most of the colonists including land speculators had strongly objected to this boundary created by the proclamation, as settlements were already setup beyond the line. The Royal Proclamation of 1763 also had influenced the coming of the American Revolution, and it officially ceased to exist at the launch of the revolutionary war as Great Britain finally ceded her conquered lands to the United States.
Copperhead snakes are pit vipers or crotalids (family Crotalidae); poisonous snakes that are named for the two heat sensing pits used to locate prey that are positioned between the eyes and the nostrils. Their venom is hemolytic; it destroys the red corpuscles of the blood and releases the hemoglobin into the surrounding fluid. Found in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. It prefers to live in wooded areas, among rocks, or near streams or ponds because prey is more plentiful in such locations. In October the Copperhead retreats to its underground den to hibernate until late February or early March.
This common snake accounts for the largest number of snake bites in the US every year, thousands of documented cases of people injured every year, and many more pets that are bitten often many of these going unreported. Copperheads are very common in many districts, Throughout the South Eastern states in particular; North Carolina holds the dubious title of the state with the most snakebite cases each year. With such high numbers of Copperhead snakes in the places we live in, being the main reason for the great number of injuries.
The Copperhead comes in several color variations, depending on the location, from bright copper and light through to very dark brown shades. Newborn Copperheads are colored and patterned like adults, excepting the last inch of so of the tail which will be a bright, sulfur yellow color. When adult they are moderately sized snakes, normally reaching 2–4 feet, with thick, heavy bodies. The copperhead bite is not usually fatal in adults, but very painful and often lasting discomfort is the result. Parents who have seen their children go through the pain and suffering a copperhead bite can cause; it is something nobody would wish to experience again.
About 5,000 to 8,000 snakebites are reported in the United States annually out of an estimated 55,000 that occur with a large proportion of these attributed to Copperhead snakes. As Copperheads coloration and patterning is very effective for camouflage in dead leaves on the forest floor. The young are often confused with the much more aggressive and potentially deadly Cottonmouth (Water Moccasin). To lessen the risk of injury from these snakes, have a clean up around the yard, remove any trash and replace anyvegative garden mulch with gravel mulch, which will stop the snakes hiding in it. There is another snake repellent out there that works on a pulse sent through the ground Snakes actually sense the vibration right throughout their bodies (-not through their heads,) via their spine, this is termed somatic hearing, where the vibration is picked up and transferred along the spinal cords to the ear bone. Small prey animals are injected with venom through the snakes hollow fangs, to immobilse it then the prey is swallowed whole, the toxins in the venom start to break down the tissue of the prey from the inside; the snakes stomach possesses very powerful enzymes that quickly start to break down the tissue of the prey from the outside when it is swallowed allowing for a quick and complete digestion.

It is a myth to assume that a snake with a lump in it will not attack or will not eat again for some time; they have been caught many times with several prey animals in varying states of digestion through their system. If you suspect that your pet has been bitten by a Copperhead snake, keep the animal calm - carry to the car if possible, and dive to the veterinarian's. Copperhead Snakes a beautiful but dangerous creature, be aware they are there where we live. Information has been published in medical journals for almost a decade, about the cancer-fighting properties of the Southern Copperheads venom. There are some terrific matchups happening in Week 14 of the 2013 college football season, as we preview two NCAAF predictions games for you to sink your teeth into on this Thanksgiving weekend.
It takes all but a quick glance at this week’s schedule to realize we have some of the best intrastate matchups and rivalries of the year. Let’s kick things off with not only the biggest rivalry of the week, but one that could have BCS NCAA expert predictions implications. College football oddsmakers list the Buckeyes as -16-point favorites against Michigan (+16), with both teams valued at -110 in the ATS department.
Currently, 64% of the betting population believes OSU is a better bet at -16, while the rest, 36% likes the underdogs at home.
The Buckeyes come in edging out the Wolverines in every single statistical category I use to determine a winner, which includes: points per game, yards gained, yards allowed, time of possession, Red Zone, kicking and penalties.
Next up, the game we will look at definitely could have a huge impact on the landscape of both, the AP Poll and BCS standings. Looking to close out the regular season with a bang, the Alabama Crimson Tide travel to Auburn to take on the fourth-ranked Tigers.
As expected, the top-ranked Tide bests the betting underdogs in five of the seven major statistical categories. However, the two things Auburn does better than Bama could prove to be a determining factor in covering an 11-point college football odds spread.
If you’re looking for the inside edge, subscribe to our free sports picks newsletter and get the insight you need to make an informed decision from the top 2013 college football Week 14 predictions experts before every sports wager!
Bringing this new empire into the fold and stabilizing relationships with the natives was of vital importance. Their activities proved unhealthy, as it led to different frontier conflicts with which the royal proclamation was hoping to resolve. The war itself told so many horrible tales of vicious ruthlessness; it prompted Britons to successfully reconcile with the natives and incorporate them into British rule to prevent further and future hostilities from ever happening again. The line was never intended to become a permanent boundary between the two lands and the inhabitants living on the other side, but only as a temporary boundary that could always be extended further west in lawful ways.
Favorite hiding places include stone walls, sawdust, garden mulch or compost piles, and under decaying stumps, in wood piles, under abandoned building debris, and under large flat stones. Damage can occur to muscle and bone tissue, especially when the bite occurs in the outer extremities such as the hands and feet, areas in which there is not a large muscle mass to absorb the venom. They are capable of breeding every year, and give birth to live young from late summer to early fall. The size and coloration being very similar, certainly it is better to err on the side of safety, if you are not absolutely certain. Be very careful when lifting any old logs or other trash that no snakes are lurking beneath them, a good pair of thick gloves, boots and thick jeans are a good precaution also.
Unfortunately with copperheads or any other snakes they do not appear to work very well; if at all. The snakesperceive a danger zone and leave; it does work very well at clearing out infestations of snakes (any) from their dens and at keeping away virtually all snakes from the areas it covers.

If you have you have small birds, finches or the like, in an aviary you do not want an adult Copperhead in there with them you could loose many of them in one visit. Looking to remain unbeaten in the Urban Meyer era, the (11-0) Ohio State Buckeyes travel to the “Big House” to take on the (7-4) Michigan Wolverines Saturday at Noon. Early betting action is already underway for this much-anticipated game, and according to the latest statistics, bettors are very decisive in their approach. While this may easily be the most heated rivalry in college football history, the way these teams matchup this year makes for a one-sided pounding.
College football oddsmakers have the Tide listed as only an 11-point favorite versus AU Tigers (+11) and with good reason. Specifically, Saban’s team is superior in points per game, yards allowed, time of possession, special teams and penalties.
According to my calculations, the Tigers come in with an edge in yards gained and most importantly, Red Zone efficiency. Among the main activities that were planned included settlement, regulation of trade, and various land purchases of the new Western frontier.
Many of the natives, especially those coming from the Great Lakes Region, had strong ties with the defeated French. Adding to the confusion was the granting of land to British soldiers who participated on the great Seven Year’s War. They are often associated with rock outcroppings and ledges, but are also found in low-lying swampy regions. When danger is perceived, Copperheads will usually freeze in place and remain motionless for the threat to pass.
As few as 3 or as many as 18 young are produced, but the typical littersize is 10-12 young.
Obviously, this means that only 47% of the betting action has been for the road team in this one. This royal proclamation proves to be of legal importance to the First Nations of Canada, and affected the status of indigenous peoples throughout the United States. They were generally dismayed with the fact that they were already considered as conquered peoples under the sovereignty of Britain.
The result in all this was the further extension of the line with a series of treaties between the Native Indians. Remaining Agkistrodon subspecies are found in Asia and the Asian islands and include the Himalayan Viper, Okinawan Habu and Siberian Moccasin. In late summer through mid-October, between 1 and 14 young are born alive rather than hatched from eggs. CN is effective in retarding the spread of tumor cells because it inhibits their adhesion to and invasion of normal cells in the surrounding tissue. It spawned Pontiac’s Rebellion, which was an unsuccessful effort by the Native Americans to stop the British from occupying French-claimed lands.
The three known Australian Copperhead subspecies, although similarly named, are members of the Elapidae family of snakes and not related. Unless a person steps on them, grasps them, or otherwise comes very close to them, however, then bite will be readily used as a last defense. The abundance of Copperheads and their occurrences near human habitations is the reason bites from Copperheads are at the top of venomous snakebite statistics in the eastern US.

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