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A look at the uniforms the Ohio State baseball team will be wearing for the entirety of the 2014 season. While the latest uniform technology is all the rage in football and basketball, the Ohio State baseball team is not afforded the same luxury that the revenue sports are.
Ohio State will wear a total of six different uniforms throughout the 2014 baseball season, all to be paired with a solid scarlet hat featuring a gray Block "O". When the Buckeyes play a three game set at Bill Davis Stadium, the scarlet home jersey will be worn at least once. For the second-consecutive season, Ohio State will wear a digital camouflage uniform for select games. Outside of their trips to Florida and North Carolina, where the Buckeyes may be designated the home squad, the team will break out their road gray uniforms.
In any case, Oregon started getting more and more creative with their uniforms, and now almost every program in the country is following suit. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the most interesting new helmets of the 2013 college football season. The Longhorns will still have their iconic steer silhouette   on the sides of their helmets this season.
Boise State did not alter the basic design of the helmet this year, and that’s a good thing because they have one of the best modern designs in college football. The Memphis Tigers new uniform combinations were chosen by alumni, and I must say they did a great job—especially with that chrome helmet with the tiger print M. I have no idea if the Red Raiders are really going with a ridiculous six different helmets this year, or if, when this pic was snapped, they just hadn’t decided yet.

Some how, by simply inverting the color scheme of their existing helmet, Southern Miss (who went 0-12 last year…wow) stumbled upon a really awesome retro look that will really stand out amongst all the chrome and matt paint.
The new golden Baylor helmet wouldn’t impress me at all if not for the golden face mask. The logo and basic design haven’t changed very much, but by going with gray-on-white the WolfPack have given themselves a more modern look. The UCF Knights may not be a college football powerhouse, but they’re going to look like a bunch of badasses in these gold and black helmets this year. Despite being a football team named after a combative chicken, the Gamecocks are going to look pretty sharp this year. Congrats to the Southwestern Oklahoma State Bulldogs—now everyone has actually heard of your D-II program. While teams like Oregon and Maryland push the envelope with their uniform designs in every sport, the Buckeyes stand by a more traditional look. The white uniform with "Buckeyes" across the chest will be worn over a red long or short sleeve shirt. Like all other home uniforms, this look will be paired with white pants that feature a scarlet-gray-scarlet stripe down the side. Originally planned for a rained-out game against Akron following the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, the Buckeyes wore this gray-tinted uniform in a 3-1 victory over Penn State. This uniform, which features "Ohio State" written across the chest in scarlet cursive lettering, will be paired with gray pants that feature a scarlet-gray-scarlet stripe down the side, similar to that of the home set. A scarlet road uniform, inverted from the standard road uniform, features "Ohio State" written across the chest in gray cursive lettering.

This uniform features "Ohio State" across the chest, but with a font similar to that of the basketball team's uniforms. What they did do, however, is add a more traditional royal blue version…which we assume they will not wear at home, or else nobody will be able to see them against the backdrop of that blue turf.
I will say, however, that I’m particularly fond of the all-black helmet with the chrome raider in the middle of the left row. It takes balls for a small program with little name recognition to go with a dichromatic scheme and no logo, so give these guys some credit.
With these sharp helmets they’ve created the perfect marriage of old school and new school. Unlike the revenue sports, the Ohio State baseball team lacks brand consistency from one uniform to another.
This year there is an unprecedented number of new college football uniforms, and the most drastic changes you’ll see are the helmets. The uniforms you wear don’t affect whether you win or lose or wind up making millions of dollars in the NFL.
I guarantee you, though, that they are all going to get noticed—and that’s pretty much the whole point. But if I remember my own high school days correctly, high school kids aren’t always that rational.

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