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Though some Ohio State students think the amount of reading assignments they’re given per week is overwhelming, some professors insist that learning to read effectively is an important skill to have. While some students might feel burdened by the amount of readings given per week, some professors said it is important to learn how to fully read assigned articles before resorting to skimming through them.
Keiber, who teaches an international terrorism course, said he typically assigns his students about 50 to 75 pages a week.
For Cassidy Anderson, a second-year in photography and marketing, skimming through readings isn’t a major concern.
Communication professor William Eveland said some complex articles assigned to students are better off being browsed through than thoroughly read. Director of the OSU Dennis Learning Center Christopher Wolters said when given extended readings, undergraduate students can struggle with understanding what is important. Wolters said the Dennis Learning Center, located at the Younkin Success Center on campus, provides academic workshops that help students learn skills such as reading in an efficient manner.
Although he said he sometimes assigns an abundance of reading, Wolters said it is important for students to develop strategies in being able to understand and read through assignments. Depending on the assignment, Ruby said she reads about 200 pages per week, which takes about three to fours for her to complete. Keiber said the ability to learn to read assignments thoroughly is be a long-term skill that would be beneficial for students to learn.

The University of North Alabama (abbreviated UNA) is a coeducational university located in Florence, Alabama, and the state's oldest four-year public university. The Erie Times-News reports that Albert Celec of Boardman, Ohio, is suing the state-owned university and its life insurance provider, Cigna Corp. Celec claims Cigna refused to pay him $100,000 even though he was listed as beneficiary on a policy held by Philip Ginnetti, the school’s provost and vice president of academic affairs when he died in 2012. Cigna wouldn’t comment on the lawsuit, and attorneys for the State System of Higher Education have yet to respond to it. Celec claims Cigna paid the money to Celec’s mother, even though she also wanted Celec to receive the money as her son wished. The next Appalachian institution of higher learning we’d like to feature is one that people don’t usually think of when it comes to the Appalachian region. At one time, Kent was one of the few northern college teams to have African American players.
The tragic shooting at KSU in 1970 resulting in the deaths of four students led to the opening of The Center for Peaceful Change. Over 300 degree programs are offered by KSU, this includes 23 doctoral programs, 50 master’s, 250 bachelor’s and 40 associate’s. So learning to read itself is a skill that continues to be developed in one’s life,” Keiber said.

The more practice, the better you will get, (or) should I say, the better you will get at skimming,” Keiber said. Occupying a 130-acre (0.5 km2) campus in a residential section of Florence, UNA is located within a four-city area that also includes Tuscumbia, Sheffield and Muscle Shoals.
However, of the eight campus system that makes up Kent State, only the main campus in Kent and the Geauga and the Stark branches are outside of the Appalachian region of Ohio. Oscar Ritchie, professor of sociology from 1947 to 1967, was the first African American to be appointed to a faculty position in any field at any state university in Ohio. The Ashtabula, East Liverpool, Salem, Trumbull and Tuscarawas campuses are all in Appalachian counties.
In 1935, Kent opened a school of business administration, began graduate programs and officially became Kent State University.
1959 was the year that the Ohio state senate passed the bill that gave Kent the authority to offer doctoral-level classes.
Originally founded as LaGrange College in 1830, it was reestablished in 1872 as the first state-supported teachers college south of the Ohio River.

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