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We move from football to basketball where we pay homage to Ohio State's flying jumpman, Sam Thompson.
What else is there to say about the state of Ohio State baskeball besides "second scorer second scorer second scorer second scorer?" Fortunately, this is not one of those columns. But as we close 2012 and remember the year that was, we continue our look at the best Ohio State GIFs of the past calendar year. There were a few murmurs that we hadn't done enough to idolize Sam Thompson and his proverbial acrobatics.
Sam Thompson wasn't the only one to ask "which way to the Beach?" He went ahead and created one with this landscape altering slam.

And if you thought you could just guard the inbound pass and not account for Sam Thompson Long Beach State, you were sorely mistaken. May 2013 be the year you break a backboard, the sound barrier, or pretty much anything other than our hearts. But that didn't stop Sam Thompson for having something to say about the outcome of the game. More like UNC Ashes-ville, at least after Sam Thompson went all scorched earth on this hapless transition defense. Weatherspoon set our imaginations adrift last season helping us to wonder which one of them would some day become the first man to dunk a basketball in a Redbull sponsored event from outside the stratosphere.

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