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Your Asda is where you can find out what's new at Asda, share your ideas and views, and hear what we're doing about our customers and colleagues feedback. Asda Colleague Handbook Our 50th birthday is a great opportunity to not only thank our customers and colleagues for their support over the years, but also to show.
A Colleagues 'holiday top up hours' will also increase or decrease accordingly where their holiday entitlement changes due to any changes to their contracted hours during the holiday year.
Raspberry ketones trials exposed on bbc watchdog, In an upcoming episode of the consumer affairs programme bbc watchdog, anne robinson and her team of investigators are planning on exposing the raspberry ketone free. Home theater lg ht303su – youtube, Aparelho basico, sem saidas hdmi, mas com design bonito e boa qualidade sonora. Tweet[MENDOCINO, CA]  On Monday, September 15, 2014, in a crass marketing exercise, —shoddily enveloped in deniability— Urban Outfitters made available on their website, a sweatshirt, with a Kent State University insignia, appearing to be tattered and blood spattered. Perhaps the most disturbing moment in the exchange came on Tuesday September 16, 2014 when Urban Outfitters CEO Richard Hayne refused to speak to Laurel Krause, sister of slain Kent State University student Allison Krause, presumably because he was busy conjuring up this email to UO staff about how the sale was a mistake.
The memorial parking stalls should have been forced upon the government and the school decades ago. Its routine for government to boast about everything they do on a daily basis through their self glorifying press conferences… and routine for them to try and cover up their crimes against the public. George Goodman, You, sir, are an internet troll merely seeking attention by espousing reprehensible views. The Kent State shootings of May 4, 1970 is my generation’s Columbine, Newtown, and Virginia Tech shootings. Urban Outfitter’s CEO Richard Hayne should be ashamed of himself – has he no humanity? There can be no comparison of the killings at Kent State made in relation to Columbine and the other mass shootings you’ve mentioned here. I think a much more effective way to eulogize those that were lost in this tragedy than using it as a marketing ploy. It is not about forgetting but respecting that making a costume of this sort as a tribute is a disrespect to those who lost their lives.
The fact the suburban outfitters marketing team thought it was a good idea to market such a shock and awe product really does not surprise me. Mike and Dean Thompson, a father and son duo from our Clayton Green store, have really gone above and beyond to be crowned worthy winners of the Colleague of the Year Award at the Asda Awards. The Handbook states: "To ensure that all Colleagues can take at least their statutory minimum entitlement to paid leave in any holiday year, at or around the beginning of each holiday year Asda (or it's payroll provider) will calculate the total number of potential additional hours paid holiday any affected colleagues would have a statutory entitlement to take if they had no paid time off during the holiday year in question on a Customary Holiday they are contracted to work but not required to work. Colleagues who are not potentially affected by the increases in statutory minimum holiday entitlements will not have 'holiday top up hours' line shown on their payslip. It brought back the horror of May 4, 1970 and the death of my sister, murdered in a Kent State campus parking lot on that day.

Urban Outfitters should turn this disturbing event into an opportunity to educate their customers and greater community about the Kent State Massacre and the lessons that can be learned from it. We strongly encourage Urban Outfitters to take a meaningful step in the right direction by returning our phone calls so that we may work together to rectify this insult and injury. I will be surprised if the corporate, insensitive mindset of UO acknowledges the atrocity of their actions. But it wasn’t, there was card or information provided with the shirt to express the event, it was simply sold as a pop culture shock item and as such, was completely insensitive. Consider yourself rewarded with our attention, but also know that such pathological behavior reflects your disturbed and damaged psyche. Why don’t you wear this sweatshirt on Monday, the Columbine one on Tuesday, the Virginia Tech one on Wednesday, the Sandy Hook sweatshirt on Thursday, and the Oikos sweatshirt on Friday! I would not purchase this shirt or wear it in rememberance as you think it suggests as I would not dress up as a Columbine student, Shandy hook etc.
The problem comes that UO’s intent was make a profit off of other peoples misery, and that is what is offensive. The family of one of the victims has clearly expressed that they are highly offended and hurt by it! The family’s of the four kids killed at Kent State had to deal with a lot after words including having people calling them telling them that their children deserved to be killed.
First they make our children and young adults feel that they must be bone thin in order to be classified as beautiful and now they turn to another tragedy to profit of off. We as a culture have gotten to the point were we don’t distinguish between good and bad taste. Said to be purchased at a garage sale, and faded by the sun, it was put up for sale as a one-off item. He denied that he had intended to offend anyone, and pathetically, he denied having seen any connection between the garment and the tragic events at Kent State.
Any potential additional hours resulting from this calculation will be shown on the payslip as 'holiday top up hours' and will decrease during the holiday year if the colleague has any paid time off on a Customary Holiday that they are contracted to work but not required to work. You put profit above people when you sought to make money with this horribly offensive garment and online marketing stunt.
It would be as if they sold shirts with ku klux klan emblems, or pictures of lynchings, or neck shackles.
There is much wrong with this world, and you, sir, seem to be an integral part of that disease.
This is a calice move on their part and they should just admit that they didn’t think people would be upset about it.
If you have any compassion, or even the slightest interest in not traumatizing the family any further, then no concocted argument can supersede that reality.

All that has to happen is to see a name or brand over and over agin, I think people that work in advertising see this work on a less desisting scale work very well (this is a Ploy for free advertising) makes it easy to cross a line, there are a ton of face book posts condemning it, aka free advertising! They endured extreme weather conditions and terrain whilst carrying their equipment and supplies, all with the aim of raising money for Rosemere, a local cancer charity close to many colleagues’ hearts. Colleagues are not allowed to book or take any hours shown on their payslip as 'holiday hours top up' until after the second Sunday in January in any holiday year. The victims of this injustice have their rightful place, albeit horrific, in the history of this nation. Show all the families of victims of school massacres what a man you are and that you feel for their pain by reopening their wounds of traumatic loss? Nixon never served a day in prison for these murders, or as much as had his hand slapped for making the phone call on that horrific day. This is a case of a perverse profitism at the expense of family, friends, and loved ones in the Kent state tragedy and that is a price far too high to ever be able to justify the mass production of a product like this.
I agree that if there had been a sincere apology indicating that he learned something from this and that he cares and feels responsible, that most people would drop the matter and move on.
That they should quietly be forgotten through some regulatory control of the impact their deaths made, out of convenience to their descendants, rings of absurdity to me. BTW Jim roads isn’t the only Ohio governor to do shady shit worth the national guard. If we identify how fucked up it was we wouldn’t buy there products, but we do(fact!) that is why this is a successful campaign.
They’ve apologized, and that means people should get on with their lives, lest they be accused of harping like Jackson, Sharpton and others often are.
Milking any opportunity to take offense, likewise, is an affront to their suffering of those that actually died.
This company steals flat out designs from etsy, jacking independent artist that don’t have the money to beat these jerks in court. Admittedly, the image of a Kent State jersey, spattered with blood, may well be disturbing (and damned well ought to) to many, perhaps, even all but, a tyrant should never have his eyes pointed at, rather than poked outright. They donate money to bigoted cases that are the compleat opisit of there customer base beliefs, paid for by the same customer base, Google the leaked internal documents from the CEO of this company, she broke down the demographics of her customers like they were mindless cattle, and we are if we play in to this simple game, this very article is a urban outfitters advertisement, plan and simple. I feel deeply for this young lady loss and the salt that is rubbed in the never healing wound.

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