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Latest Stories Vote Happy 4th Of July: Latinos Who Have Honored The US National Anthem00 You Won't Believe This! Friday was the last full practice the Giants will have before their game Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, but there is still a chance for him to show something during their walk through Sunday.
Eli Manning showed that he can manufacture a drive with backups, as he led most of the fourth quarter comeback with Dwayne Harris as his top receiver with Myles White, who has been with the team a little more than a week, and rookie Geremy Davis.
This will be something to keep an eye on throughout the weekend as the Giants know how important of a game they have on Monday night, but they also know that there is 10 games left in the season after the one Monday night.
Nice, the shadow fonts should be closer to the original fonts to give it that mirror image, practice you can only get better. Now, the backstory: It came on the first play of the second quarter of Sunday night's game between the Giants and the visiting Cowboys. Immediately, Beckham received praise from the likes of LeBron James, Victor Cruz and just about everyone else in America on Twitter.
He finished with 10 receptions for 146 yards and the two scores, but he had to watch counterpart Dez Bryant haul in a pair of second-half touchdowns, including the game-winner with 61 seconds left, as the Cowboys escaped with a 31-28 win. He has quickly ascended up the wide receiver ranks in the NFL, as he is only 17 games into his NFL career but is looked at as one of the top pass catchers in the league.
But it would be unrealistic to expect any of that trio to step up and carry a passing offense the way Beckham Jr.

No matter, turns out slo-mo replays showed Beckham only needed three fingers to bring in the 43-yard score.
Beckham did his part, getting open for what looked a sure-fire TD in the 90-yard range, only Eli Manning didn't see him — or was under too much pressure to let it go.
He is an important part of the New York Giants offense, and it would pose a big problem if he was to miss any games. As long as he is on the field, the Eagles will have to pay attention to him even if the Giants aren’t planning on throwing him the ball. Every Day.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox.
Despite missing a large chunk of the season with a hamstring injury, Beckham has exploded since early October. Awesome Memes In this creative meme, Odell Beckham Jr.'s catch becomes the logo for the infamous "Air Jordan" sneaker line. He has done some work on the side, but not participating with his teammates is never a good sign.
It is hard to say one game means more than 10, but we will see where the Giants are at this weekend leading up to Monday Night. With Victor Cruz already out, and Rueben Randle also battling a hamstring injury, the Giants could be woefully undermanned in an important game.

In this spoof of her Paper Magazine shoot, ODB makes his remarkable catch while balancing himself on Kim's big booty. ODB takes the roll of Jordan as he extends his arm in the Warner Brothers animated universe to score the winning point. Catches the "football bouquet" thrown by a bride before it reaches her bridesmaids and other single female wedding guests. The original photo was made famous by a frog being blasted into orbit, this time, it's none other than ODB.
Meme's, the Giants receiver spoofs Michaelangelo's famous "hand of god" mural on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
Take a look at the top 20 memes that came from the NFL's greatest catch.  Tags: WOW Share on Facebook Share on TwitterNext WTF!

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