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Please click on the evolution of the Giants uniform poster above for a close-up version of the poster.
1929On August 1, 1925, Timothy James Mara helped purchase the All-Collegian Professional Football Club, Inc. 1956The Giants moved to Yankee Stadium this year and in the process captured their 3rd NFL championship (the first was in 1934, the second in 1938).
1986The Giants win their first Super Bowl, and fourth NFL Championship (previous wins came in 1934, 1938 and 1956)! 19991999 marked the 75th anniversary of Giants’ football, an occasion honored by the special commemorative patch worn on the left shoulder on the 1999 jersey. 2004Following the 2003 season, a season in which the Giants appeared to quit midway through, head coach Jim Fassel was fired. Celebrate the Giants' uniform history by owning a piece of history:If you love the New York Giants and the history of the Giants franchise, you might really love to own an original piece of artwork celebrating the team's historic uniforms as seen in the poster at the top of this blog - you can actually own one of those original pieces of art!
Captain ZorikhJune 4, 2012 at 4:32 PMExcellent writeup on the history of the team and the uniforms. If you are looking for the 12 Part blog "An Insider's Guide to the World of Licensed Sports Products: Practical lessons from the Trenches", please click here.
New York’s traditional home blues with white blocked numerals and gray pants with corresponding stripes have been in place since 1954 and are still being worn today. In 1961, striped gray pants made their debut along with a white road jersey with red numerals — similar to the ones being worn today. New York’s modern helmets are a metallic blue as well as opposed to an almost navy shade in the past. Join the discussion about the design of football uniforms in the comments below or send us your opinion on social media. Beckham says NFL players should get paid more than baseball or basketball players because football is a more dangerous game. The truth, however, is that the danger inherent to a profession has little to do with the pay within that profession. In reality, NFL players make less money than baseball and basketball players primarily because baseball and basketball have smaller rosters. As a result, it’s unlikely that NFL players will ever make as much, on average, as MLB or NBA players. If you feel that the percentage of revenue shared with the players is not adequate, you have a players’ union that negotiates the CBA on a periodic basis, so you can let your voice be heard there. I agree with hin, they deserve more money but the economics and the large rosters won’t allow it.
It is truly inspiring that he is willing to continue at such a dangerous job for such little pay. Please find me a profession where someone in that profession thinks they are paid too much. Odell you gotta meet with your HR rep and your boss and then come to a number that everyone can agree on.

No, actually soldiers, EMT’s, firemen, police officers, nurses and teachers should get paid more. Ticket prices for all professional sports have greatly outpaced the ability of average fans to afford them. Please, don’t ever loop migrant workers in the same sentence with SOLDIERS, never, never, never. The Giants of this era were a great team, but they came up short in the championship game on more than one occasion.
This classic white short-sleeved jersey with blue numbers and red & blue cuffs is yet another Giants classic - simple yet beautiful. You’ll notice that the uniform numbers are now on top of the shoulders, not on the sleeves. The team then began a major off season shake-up that also saw them trade up in the draft to obtain the top overall pick, which they used on QB Eli Manning, the son of New Orleans Saint legend Archie Manning, and brother to Peyton, the Colt’s MVP QB. We have 5 football uniforms in our database for the New York Giants and are working to add more to Uniform Critics. You’d have to go back to the 1942 season to see it on a regular basis, a look that the Giants brought back as an alternate during a four-year stretch in the mid 2000s. The franchise dropped sleeve numbers the same season and instead placed them on tops of shoulders during the television era. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, logging is America’s most dangerous profession. That said, I certainly don’t begrudge them for taking the money, because if they are people stupid enough to pay them that much they SHOULD take it.
I’m sure all 127 D-1 football programs and the NCAA as a whole generate of a lot more money than the NFL.
That’s the number one thing that the vast majority of people would change about their job. This guy may be the most talented of a big bunch of talented receivers, but if I were a Giant fan I would be concerned. Makes me wonder if DeMaurice Smith doesn’t have some kind of under the table arrangement with the owners. He rather be a gangsta and do life in prison than have millions of dollars and a luxurious life. He arranged to rent the Polo Grounds to host the team’s games, and named his club the New York Giants after the baseball club that shared the same field. Abe Cohen, a tailor who helped the Giants out on Sundays, scrambled around town and was able to borrow nine pairs of basketball shoes from Manhattan College during halftime. The cherry red front number and neckline against the blue yoke and white jersey is very simple, yet elegant. They made it to the NFL Championship game 5 times in the 6 year period 1958-1963 but lost each time. The pants still have blue and red stripes and the helmet’s front numbers have been dropped.

This is the first instance of a special Super Bowl patch worn by both teams during the Super Bowl, a pattern which will be continued sporadically throughout the 1990’s.
If people were paid according to the risks associated with their jobs, lumberjacks would make more than NFL players. I mean outside looking in it’s either that or the guy is the worst negotiating lawyer of all time. This is a somewhat surprising move by today’s standards because you would never be allowed to name one team after another without being sued. Note how the blue yoke matches the vertical panels under the arms as well as the blue on the helmet - a similar design to the 1934 helmet with a bit more reinforcement.
Their traditional blue was found in the helmet – blue with red stripes from front to back (still no face mask on most helmets). Notice also that this helmet has a single faceguard bar for protection - facemasks began to be used in the 1940’s and by 1956 most players were wearing face masks. The helmet: a blue & white mix with reinforced leather offered greater protection than earlier designs. Another subtle difference is seen in the pants, which are a darker, gray-blue khaki with white belt and lacing.
The helmet itself is solid blue with a red stripe down the center – a basic style the Giants kept for many years to follow.
We believe the powers that be deemed the mesh too revealing – and subsequent jersey designs across the league have used a denser material. The jersey has a white number with red trim set against a blue body, with a thick white yoke that extends down each arm.
For road games against teams whose home jersey was also red, New York wore a blue jersey with a tan helmet.
Note that white numbers now appear on both the front of the jersey and on the upper sleeves. Note also that the sleeves of this particular jersey are elasticized – so defenders can’t grab excess material and use it to their advantage! Our research shows that the jersey had RED stripes down the sides of the body – whereas other sources portrayed those stripes as being white. The jersey lacks any sort of striping, although the pants have red and blue stripes.This helmet has what is considered to be one of the best helmet logos ever! I have tried to ensure the accuracy of the information, but I am human and can make mistakes. If anybody out there has an actual jersey, or color photograph of this jersey – we would love to hear from you!

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