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MascotopiaThis musical crib mobile features your favorite adorable plush team mascot and plays an MLB lullaby respective to each San Francisco Giants' current cheer. The Scribblers are holding our heads in shame this week after one terrible week of prognostication. After the early games Feind was in the lead but it was quite the pathetic one at just 3 wins to Cult's even worse 2 wins.

Yeah, good thing we weren't in Vegas this week or we might be in some back alley looking for a cardboard box big enough to fit our fat asses in. However we fared a little better in the late games making it look a little more respectable than it actually was but barely.
Next week is the big turkey day so I'll probably get stuck watching a game whether I want to or not.

Anyone out there other than Cult's mom think he'll escape his fate to give us an epic review of something wonderful Feind picks out for him?

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