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This is one of the few state parks with dry (air filled) caves and is the only Florida state park to offer cave tours to the public. SwimmingLocated near the campground, a river vent rises to create the Blue Hole swimming area. American Holly Delaware designated American holly (Ilex opaca Aiton) as the official state tree in 1939. The Virginia opossum has gnarly, sharp teeth and looks like something out of a scary movie rather than a real-life creature. When an opossum feels threatened, it may hiss, growl or make clicking sounds to scare away predators.
The cave has dazzling formations of limestone stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, flowstones, and draperies. This favorite warm weather attraction provides a great way to cool down during the hot summer months. Also called Christmas holly or evergreen holly, American holly is regarded as one of Delaware's most important forest trees. However, they do use their tail as a fifth leg to help support their weight while climbing trees and limbs.
Florida Caverns is also popular for camping, swimming, fishing, picnicking, canoeing, boating, hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding (The park does not rent horses.). When an opossum is scared, its body shuts down and the animal goes stiff, with its teeth bared, and saliva drips from its open mouth. Click to enlarge the image, then print and keep it with you while searching for animal tracks so you can identify Florida wildlife. A retaining wall is located on the West Side of the swimming area with a beach while the East Side of the swimming area offers a wooden platform.
Opossums do not dig burrows but live in hollowed-out stumps or in homes of other animals, such as gopher tortoise burrows. Two bridges on the North & South end of the swimming area are good locations to view wildlife and enjoy the surrounding scenery. The river vent, located directly adjacent to the swimming area has been measured at 97.6 feet deep and during periods of heavy rain, flood waters may rise more than 10 feet above normal levels.

An audiovisual program, touring the cave and other natural areas of the park, is available in the visitor center. There are No Lifeguards on Duty, Swim at your own Risk.CanoeingCanoeing & KayakingCanoeing is available up the scenic Chipola River. Take a leisurely tour up this Florida Outstanding Waterway and experience more of the " Real Florida" . Contact the ranger station for shelter reservations and dates.TrailsHorseback riding, bicycling, and walking are just some ways to view the beautiful scenery of Florida Caverns State Park. Tour several miles of multiuse trails while viewing natural wonders such as floodplains, sinkholes, rivers and Karst topography. Herons & Egrets, Alligators, Beavers, and snakes are just a few common sites you will see as you travel upstream through this wonderful natural community.
View a wide variety of plants and animals as you journey through these unchanged natural areas. A trail map is available at the designated entrances to these trails as well as the ranger station. This area has 2 toilets, 1 cold shower, 1 water faucet, picnic tables, and 2 large fire pits. The Upper Chipola Recreational Trail system has been established through a cooperative effort between Northwest Florida Water Management District and Florida Caverns State Park.
BoatingA boat ramp is located between the park entrance station and the family camping area.
Volunteers and staff maintain the trails and invite you to ride horses, bicycle, and walk while enjoying the Real Florida.
Only small boats are recommended to launch from this area due to water levels and possible underwater hazards along the Chipola River.
Please remember that flowers are for everyone, insects bite, trails have wet areas and moving water is dangerous!Horse TrailsAn Equestrian Facility is Located in the center of the multiuse trail system. Boaters can take a leisurely tour along the river and can also fish and view a variety of wildlife. Join us for a day of exploration and environmental awareness with displays and activities to include: reptile interpretation, wildflower walks, native animal exhibit, and interpretive hikes featuring native flora and fauna.

Traveling south under the bridge at the boat ramp is not recommended.FishingFishing is available at the boat ramp located on Blue Hole Drive. A wash rack is located directly behind these stables to clean and cool the horses after a hard days work.
Three RV sites are located adjacent to the stables and are available for campers bringing horses. A unique river sink is located here, where the Chipola River sinks 90 feet below the surface and finally reappears ?-mile downstream. To make reservatins please call the Florida State Parks Toll Free Reservation Line at 1-800-326-3521.
Prior to the early 1900s a ?-mile natural land bridge existed where the Chipola River disappeared into a sinkhole. Evidently at that time a " log run" was created across the natural land bridge for the purpose of floating felled timber downstream to a nearby sawmill. To reserve stable space, please call the park with your campsite reservation # after you have made your camping reservations with the Florida State Parks Toll Free Reservation Line.
Please be sure to know your limits and follow all rules and regulations while fishing at Florida Caverns State Park.
Horses are restricted to trails.Nature ProgramsGuided tours of the cave are offered every day of the year except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Reservations are available for groups of 25 or more that pre-pay Monday through Friday except for state holidays.
The tour last for about 45 minutes and takes you along a path about 1600 feet long where you can view a number of beautiful formations as they are explained by your tour guide.
The park is decked out in all of the finery of the season to bring an awareness of the less fortunate in our area.

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