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In other words, the runner-up in each tournament has gone on to win it all in the following logo tournament.
Had the Preds faced the Wild instead of the Avalanche I think the Wild would have had a place in the Semis. I am not from Minnesota nor am I a huge fan of the team but the wild logo is one of the most interesting and creative logos I have ever come across.
I agree with most of the comments here that I dont like the Hawks logo either, and still somehow it made it to the end. Winnipeg Free Press: The Winnipeg Free Press has the Winnipeg Jets finishing last in the Central Division.

After three months and almost 40,000 votes, Icethetics readers have selected this logo as their favorite. But there is still a huge validity when the readers of an aesthetics-driven website rates it the best logo in hockey. I don't think its the worst in the league, but I definitely would put it in the bototm 5 along with their jerseys that everyone loves. 2 Original 6 teams, the Blues, who I believe won the NHLToL last year, and the Predators, somewhat surprisingly, giving the Central 3 of the final 4 teams.
It's like a commercial brand logo that everybody has seen thousands of times over the years, we jsut get used to it.

Same for Bruins and Wings (and Montreal, that won in 2007, though surprinsingly didnt even made it to the top16 this year). Before that, the first ever NHLToL took place in 2007 with the Montreal Canadiens logo victorious — over the St.

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