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Seattle Seahawks is my teamI didn’t follow them before but I went to visit my family for my 1st trip off the island and it was to Washington, it was so beautiful and I enjoyed myself so much there, I just loved everything about the State, the people, the places, the food and their awesome Football team. It’s my way of adding to the hoopla, When Alex and LaTanya got the chance to attend the November 9th, 2014, game against the New York Giants here in Seattle, they were thrilled! The headband was the inspiration for the crochet headband pattern I created for LaTanya and the signs are painted on wood and stenciled before a sticker is added.

Then as the game begins, everyone disappears into homes, restaurants, and pubs, anywhere where a large TV is available, to watch their team try for another winning season.
With four colors, you’ll be able to make 8-10 headbands depending on your striping pattern and final length of the headband. Blue and green machine embroidery on a pale gray towel – at least you can wipe your tears away in style! You could recreate this look with a stencil and paint or purchase a embroidered logo and letters and sew or use fabric glue to attach. Plus it allows her to style her hair several ways without it going flat from wearing a hat – a girl’s dream!

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