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A word that most New York sports fans can’t use when talking about their favorite sports teams. For the first time in a long time, New Yorkers finally have one team that they can all root for.
New Yorkers will have a special opportunity starting in 2015 that we should all be excited for.

Whether it’s the MLB, NFL, NHL and most recently the NBA, New Yorkers have always needed to choose a side. With the additions of world class stars such as David Villa and Frank Lampard, the team and its fans will be tested in whether or not New York City deserves a team. As sports fans we¬†always hear about the great teams with an incredible fan base and as a New Yorker born and raised, I have never witnessed or felt an entire city get behind one team before.

With MLS exponentially growing and gaining the popularity it deserves, New York sports fans can confidently say that they are all in on one team.

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