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I am a dyed-in-the-blue New York Giants football fan, having been “baptized” into the faith in 1956. After big blue’s first-game loss to the Washington Redskins, I thought they’d be a 7-9 team. With little more than two minutes remaining in the first half, the Giants trailed 7-3 and had the ball at their own one-yard line. Watching that game I was rocked by the San Francisco defense, which sacked Eli Manning six times. When he’s not thinking about what play the Giants will run next, Michael Givant writes this paper’s birding column. Tight end Jason Witten #82 of the Dallas Cowboys looks on prior to playing against the New York Giants during the 2012 NFL season opener at MetLife Stadium on September 5, 2012 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Back judge Greg Steed (12) (left) tries to intervene as New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. With playoffs a longshot, where do the Giants go from here after ugly loss to Carolina Panthers? Odell Beckham Jr.: How often has NFL overturned suspensions for on-field actions in recent years? Wearing what appear to be Charlie Brown and Snoopy cleats - New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. WATCH: Did Washington Redskins' DeSean Jackson taunt Giants with reference to 2010 punt return?
Last season any hopes I had for the Giants making a deep run into the playoffs ended in training camp when they lost a host of defensive players to injuries.
Until the next to the last game of the regular season they were a .500 team essentially going nowhere.

On third and 10 Giants quarterback Eli Manning passed from his own end zone to Victor Cruz at the 11-yard line. 8 in the first round of the NFC playoffs, Atlanta scored a safety on an intentional grounding penalty for the game’s first points. At the game’s end I wasn’t sure that the better team, had won but the team that had made the biggest plays did. A season of constant ups and downs and the rock and roller coaster ride of the playoffs, especially tonight, had simply worn on me. Chiarella: I hope everyone reads this and comes to the same conclusion I did when I walked the site. That game was Christmas Eve against the New York Jets with whom they share MetLife stadium in New Jersey. It looked like Cruz would be tackled around the 18-yard line, but he was off to the races and stopped only after he was in the Jets’ end zone. The difference in the Giants 20-17 overtime victory were two big plays on special teams, one of which set up a Lawrence Tynes’ winning field goal in overtime. Somewhere I’d read that the team that scored first in the Super bowl had a high percentage chance of winning. Eli’s throw to Manningham was a drop dead gorgeous masterful throw and terrific catch from Manningham. With significant defensive injures, I wondered if the Giants would be more than a 9-7 team with little chance of making the postseason tournament.
It was a “home” game for the Jets, which meant that the stands would be filled with their fans. The following week my wife and I went to our friends Sy and Shelly’s house to watch the next game against Green Bay.

Eli Manning looked realer than real, and the grass was so sharp and clear I felt as if I were on the sidelines.
I realized all too well the similarities to David Tyree’s “helmet catch” in the Super Bowl four years ago.
The Giants won the game 29-14 and would face the Dallas Cowboys the following week at home. With a little less than two minutes remaining in the second quarter the score was tied 10-10. On the last play of the quarter Eli Manning put up a Hail Mary and Hakeem Nicks out jumped the Packers’ defense in the end zone for the ball. After the Giants scored I was so buoyed that I wasn’t worried about Tom Brady having the ball for 57 more long seconds. When Justin Tuck sacked him I couldn’t help but think of a similar play at the game’s end four years before by a different Giants defensive lineman.
I remember feeling that giving up those points in quick succession would be a psychological blow from which Green Bay wouldn’t rebound.
The Giants won 37-20 and would play the following week for the NFC Conference Championship in San Francisco.

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